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Part 54: Part Fifty-Four: Going Nowhere

Part Fifty-Four: Going Nowhere

Well, by the grace of God, I managed to make a party.

And now I can drive the Garden around. These are the controls; they're kind of weird, since you need to either use the left stick to steer and directional buttons to move or the left stick to steer and right to move.

Over here is the hole where Garden used to live, and the rental car I ditched on my way back there.

The next story destination is Balamb, so we're not going there today.

Our first stop is FH.

Now that the old guy is gone, I can grab some Full-Lifes. Full-Life is the hot shit for HP junctioning, just behind Ultima. One day I'll probably get 100 for everyone, but today we'll start with 5 for Squall.

This guy has nothing more to say.

But at least someone likes us.

Boatman's got the latest on Edea: she's bad.

But here? It's good.

Also, the Master Fisherman skipped town while we were at the show, I guess.

While we're here, we can get a line on a sidequest from our man Grease Monkey.

Before we leave, let's check this FHorums thread, about a guy who wants to fuck the Sorceress.

Peace out, FH.

Yeah, we do. It's "right here, to talk to the Garden crew."

Well, it's more like it's stopped again.


Congratulations, Benchman.

By visiting the library with Zell in our party, we can get a scene.

The Library Committee... looks like someone's books are overdue.

Whoa, what? I didn't sanction this.

Jesus Christ, just because we drove out the administration doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.

: W-W-What!?

Well, we weren't doing anything important anyway, I guess.

Zell, this isn't a hard question.

...Why is there a dialogue option for this?


They're really shorts, Zell.

It's a good colour.

I'd like to say that pink was canon, but I think I actually went with red.

Question 2 on the Zell pop quiz.

There's more of a canon answer to this one, but you know we're going through all three.

Zell's face tattoo is actually an ancient design that means "I love beef."

If you say fish, these girls tell us about the tasty Balamb fish.

But I mean,

Zell will talk about hot dogs to anyone who'll listen.

Well, I'll tell you right now: Zell hates girls who read.

Just say it, Zell. Say you love girls who are illiterate.

Hey! You can't demote me now, motherfucker!

See ya later.

Well, that was enlightening.

Also, this guy just got here and already wants to leave.

There's one thing left to do around the place.

Dr. Kadowaki: Oh, me...? I have nothing to do with the CC group. I was the CC group King for a long time, but I passed the position over to another girl 4 years ago.

Congratulations on losing, I guess.

Dr. Kadowaki: Oh, you want to know who she is? Sorry, I can't tell you. Look for her yourself. You'll probably find her soon, now that you've defeated the 4-Suits.

Wow, thanks.

Well, after such a big day, I need a nap.

Oh, what the hell is this?


Wait, did you change specifically to tell me this? Or are you only the King when you're wearing the uniform?

: Squall, you really are something. I can't believe how much your game has improved.

I dunno, girls have been breaking into his room in the middle of the night all game.

Oh, you mean cards.

Fuckin'... might as well.

I can't believe you got all dressed up and broke in here to lose.

: Don't get too cocky just yet.

I won, though. I have defeated all CC people.

: I'm always up for a game, but only in the Garden cockpit. See you later, Squall.


Quistis, being a high-ranking member of the CC Group, has a rare card. In this case, it's Gilgamesh, which can be refined into something very useful that we might see way down the road. Stay tuned.

And with that, we'll be off again!