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Part 61: Part Sixty-One: Garden Check-In

Part Sixty-One: Garden Check-In

After all the commotion in Balamb, we're sent back to the Garden to figure out what to do next.

I guess Selphie's done with that nap she was meant to be having.

: What is it?
: Have you decided on a destination?
: Still thinking.

Of course, we have no idea where to go next, especially since Galbadia Garden can move now.

No. We only go to other Gardens to mercilessly crush them.

: It's the mountains, so maybe the sorceress will leave it alone... But maybe... You know?

Why would we go there if Edea won't be there? Come on, Selphie, get your head in the game.

: (Oh, I see... That's why. Of course she'd want to go.)

Yeah, Selphie wants to find out if all her friends were really killed by missiles.

I guess we can find some time.

Yeah, no problem.

Well, see ya.

Fun fact: you don't get healed after all the shit in Balamb.
Another fun fact: this place is still called the Headmaster's office, even though he's not here. In fact, Cid is nowhere to be found in the Garden at this point. I guess he just bailed at FH and left Squall to deal with everything.
Fun fact #3: Cid is a piece of shit.

Xu, we just talked about this. Selphie was here.

: Seems like yesterday that they were part of this Garden.

Well, I mean, it's been what, maybe a few weeks? Something like four days have passed for sure, it hasn't been long. And we found out that Fujin and Raijin were with Galbadia, like, twenty minutes ago.

Quistis is also worried about Selphie. After all, she was an instructor for all three of the other SeeDs in the party (and for Seifer, as well) so it makes sense for her to worry. That's her role.

Anyway, let's get the Garden news.

Here's some: your party members hang around the Garden.

Oh, and some other news: you get a whole SeeD rank () by finding Raijin in Balamb with the dog's help. I think it's 80 SeeD points if you just walk onto the train.

Zell's not doing anything exciting.

But, when I reloaded the save to get something, he had a new line (and he'd changed - your party members sometimes wear their uniforms in the halls. It's the cadet uniform, though, for whatever reason).

Nobody really wants to fight these guys. They were comrades.

Rinoa's hanging out in the library. Haven't heard from her in a while, wonder what's up.

Oh, she's thinkin' about something.

You're not a student here.

: ...What kind of books do I want... ...Hmmmm...

Ah, fuck it, we're probably all going to die anyway.

This guy is after my Occult Fan. Fuck off, dude, find your own.

Leaving the library and coming back, there's a little chat to be had with the Library Committee Member.

It's mostly to do with worries about Squall leavin' her behind in Dollet or whatever.

And here, a hint of unease in the library committee? Say it ain't so...

Upstairs, the guy's sister, who had been sick, shows up.

She's not sick anymore.

I find this tiny subplot that you would never find unless you were specifically looking for it, and which has absolutely nothing to do with anything else, very charming.

Inside the classroom, Irvine and Selphie are hanging out.

As usual, Irvine is talking nonsense about girls, and can go soak his head.

Wearing the cadet's uniform because she likes it is a very Selphie thing to do.

She'll also talk about how much she loves to post on Garden Square.

Speaking of Selphie and computers, there are a couple new things to see on Selphie's site.

First, there are a couple of diary entries. One is about Fujin and Raijin, and how she doesn't really want to fight them. This is kind of a theme around the place at the moment.

The second is about her ambivalence as far as going to see Trabia Garden, which makes sense. Everyone is aware, to some extent, that Trabia Garden is likely destroyed.

On a lighter note, Quistis has put up her entry on Selphie's friends blog.

: Why do I always end up sounding like an instructor? ...Perhaps I'm a little too...serious?

Quistis still hasn't gotten used to just being a regular SeeD. This is the thing she has to grow into, no longer being the precocious youngster.

: (Not at all, Quistis. We really look up to you!)

Her strengths are still strengths, though, and people do like her. Quistis will probably make a better instructor in a couple of years.

While we're looking at Selphie's page, let's check out the new issues of Timber Maniacs we picked up during the sidequests.

: But he lost it all and told how gambling can be. I guess he got in a little over his head.

This issue, from the Dollet pub, is just standard Laguna shit. Dude, you have to make, like, one good decision.

: He tried many different routes, but he eventually ended up in Dollet. There's no way he can make it from Dollet. You sure travel a lot, Sir Laguna!

And, from the Dollet hotel room. Apparently, Laguna decided to go to Esthar. Wonder why.

: You'll still find soldiers there, but this is a little too much, huh? Yes, this is a picture of when Timber was occupied by Galbadia. Sir Laguna tried to stay at this hotel, but it was used to house soldiers. Why are these articles from that period? That's because that was the period when Laguna actually wrote the articles. So, all the magazines with Laguna's articles are all old and worn out. I wonder how old Sir Laguna is now? I betcha he's a dandy old guy!

Laguna is 44.

This one is from the Timber hotel, naturally.

: I'm very happy Sir Laguna made it to Esthar but... Is this real...? This city is soooo cool! But I hear now, there's nothing on the continent where Esthar is...

We grabbed this one in Deling City. It's also the first we've ever seen of Esthar, though we've heard of it. Makes you wonder what happened to the place, eh?

: You see me in the picture? There's a statue of a sorceress and knight. It's kinda nice. Although there are tons of monsters!

You get this one when you go to the Centra Ruins (surprise!). But, how did Selphie get in that picture? She was taking a nap at the time.

Those are all the issues of Timber Maniacs we have to look at right now. I'm sure we've learned a lot.

And that's about it for Garden right now.

So we're setting off again!