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Part 65: Part Sixty-Five: Trabia Garden, Supplemental

Part Sixty-Five: Trabia Garden, Supplemental

Last time, we learned that everyone except Rinoa spent about a year living in an orphanage together in the care of Edea (a.k.a. the sorceress we're gonna murder) and decided to go check out that orphanage.

At this point, we're booted back to the Garden, where we can talk to Quistis about the orphanage.

Xu: Well, I thought there was a lighthouse on the tip of Centra. It's on the southern edge of the World Map.

Thankfully, Xu knows a weird amount about geography.

...Xu, you've been using too many GFs.

Anyway, as is my wont, we're not going straight to the story. First stop: Trabia Garden again. There's some stuff to get here.

We can also chat with people to see how happy they are about seeing Selphie.

This girl is very happy about seeing Selphie.

This guy is dating the girl who was happy about seeing Selphie, but does not say anything about Selphie.

This guy is talking about paving and trucks: he has no relation to seeing Selphie.

He's just interested in rebuilding.

In the courtyard, the girl on the left (you can barely see her behind the text box) is looking for donations.

Incorrect. The missiles were launched during the day.

Let's see what happens if we're an asshole to this poor girl.

She don't like it.

Trabia Garden Fundraiser: Wait a minute... You're not from Trabia Garden are you? Fine... Whatever, then. Later.

She eventually works out that Squall isn't from around here.

The Trabians are a proud people.

Or, we can make a donation. Good manners &c.

No problem.

But, once she figures out Squall's not a student...

Trabia Garden Fundraiser: I can't take this.

She won't take his money.

Trabia Garden Fundraiser: Really, thank you, but please take back your donation. We're asking students for donations now. We have to see what we can do on our own. At Trabia Garden, our motto is 'take care of onseself'.

Like I said, they're proud around here.

Now, let's talk to Selphie's friend.

: Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Definitely!

Selphie's excited to make a café date.

I want to play cards with this girl, but I fucking do not want to mix rules. I hate this fuckin' rule-mixing popup and the fact that you have to dismiss it eight fuckin' times before you can just play cards.

Anyway, let's play cards. You can see that they use Random here. It's still a hassle.

But I eventually got the card I wanted.

Now, let's check out the cemetery. A dude's hangin' around here.

Note: this was not always a cemetery.

Back on the Market: Days like this, when it's real cold out, I used to give her my jacket to wear... That's all in the past now... There's nothing I can do. She is no longer......I have to carry on.

So, if you were wondering why that one tombstone is wearing a jacket, there you go (there are actually several jackets here, probably all for similar reasons).

Back in the courtyard, the fundraising girl is trying to raise funds from the faculty.

Trabia Garden Fundraiser: Calling all faculty! Don't even pretend you're not listening!

The faculty guy isn't having it.

Trabian Faculty: Just tell yourself that there are people less fortunate than you are. There are millions of people in the world who are.

Squall is way more fortunate than these guys. For example, the same shit that got Trabia Garden blown up got Squall promoted.

Anyway, we'll leave the girl to fundraise from the selfish dickhead.

Back on the court, the little kid is running around.

He's a member of the 'ChocoKids'.

Member of the 'ChocoKids': You have to get an official approval to become a 'ChocoKids'.

You need official approval for that!

Member of the 'ChocoKids': Sometimes, scouts from the Big Brother team come and watch us practice.

He also got his teeth knocked out by debris.

This guy over here tells us something we already knew.

SeeD Candidate: We already passed the test so we've been permitted to go to Balamb Garden anytime, but... Yeah...I don't care anymore. I'm gonna stay here and work for Trabia.

This guy has given up on being a SeeD because of the disaster.

So has the girl. Which is probably good for them, what with the upcoming final battle and all.

Go for it. I don't think Balamb's doing admissions right now, anyway.

As we're leaving, the patrol comes back in.

The next squad involves that one guy who was sleeping, and maybe the girl who was trying to wake him up.

Lucky he didn't get blown up.

Patrol Squad: If he doesn't get here soon, does that mean I'm on double shift?

That sleeping guy is a real asshole.

We can get some sleeping guy lore from her if we go talk to her.

Trabian Female Student: Well, a couple of days ago I asked him why he looked so happy. He told me he went up 1 rank in his dream. Can you believe that guy?

Well, he probably didn't fight enough battles and got demoted anyway.

This guy also has some sleeping guy lore.

Trabian Male Student: He says he's a top rank SeeD in his dreams. Even if it is a dream, I envy the fact that he gets to be one.

Well, that's all there is to see at Trabia Garden.

There's a bit of other stuff to do with Trabia that we can round up, though, so I'm gonna throw it in here. This includes a new line from Zell, seen here.

Selphie also posted a new entry to her diary after we went.

She's telling everyone about GFs erasing your memory. That's nice of her.

We also get a little bit of insight into Selphie's thought process. She really values being a SeeD, like Squall does, even if she seems a bit frivolous.

And...this is the last entry. Selphie's diary is pretty out of the way, since you have to go back to the study panel to read it, but it's got some good stuff in it.

We also picked up a Timber Maniacs back in the Shumi Village.

Laguna was in a move shot in Trabia.

She's probably right. Laguna doesn't strike me as the actorly type.

Despite the fact that Kiros/Ward aren't in most of the Timber Maniacs, Selphie points it out here. It actually does affect something, and I'll point that out when we get there, but it won't be for a while yet.

And that's all we can do in/around Trabia Garden right now. There are still some errands to run before we hit the orphanage, but that'll have to wait for another day!