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Part 84: Part Eighty-Four: Esthar

Part Eighty-Four: Esthar

Following that final Laguna sequence, it looks like Squall's the last one to wake up. Typical Squall.

: Uh-oh, we got company!

She calls it out a little early, but there are actually people around.

Edea is apparently at least somewhat known around the place. For the record, she never actually appeared on the Timber TV broadcast, so they just know her face.

: Yes. We came here to see Dr. Odine.
Man: ...Please explain what this is regarding.
: Yes, of course.

Before Edea can attend to the diplomacy, Squall decides to interject. He's in a hurry.

The city greeter either doesn't know who Ellone is or won't tell us where she is.

There's a bit of tension in this scene and a few upcoming ones, with Squall in a hurry and Edea trying to keep him from getting nuts on folks.

Man: Please come with us.

Luckily, we don't have to fight our way all through Esthar.

Like the city appearing out of the sky, I think this is also a great location intro. You just drive through the city, getting these panoramas that look totally different from anywhere else you've been in the game.

Once you're in Esthar, you also get the Esthar music (naturally):

I also like the colour blue.

Selphie's excited to be here, of course.

: I hope Dr. Odine is there.

Edea, for her part, is doing something urgent, and she's in a hurry just like Squall is. Unlike him, though, she's not a professional soldier.

After our drive, we end up at this giant building.

And we cut in after Edea explains her problem, presumably.

: I seek the doctor's help. I wish to be free of Sorceress Ultimecia's control.
Doc Odine: Zat will be easy.

Well, well, look who it is.

: I leave everything in your hands.

Man, I fuckin' wouldn't. He can barely dress himself.

Presidential Aide: So you want to see Ellone?

Now for the main order of business.

You can see from his body language in that first shot that he's a bit explosive here, and he immediately starts advancing on the doctor.

To Odine, the threat is immediately clear.

Odine's smart enough to not pick a fight against Squall.

Presidential Aide: ...Very well.

On the other hand, this may be an extremely bad call.

Presidential Aide: ...Well? We would need time to prepare before we take you to Ellone. So, you will leave the girl with us until then?

I get the feeling that the aide is the diplomat here, similar to Edea's role vis-à-vis Squall.

: Accept their offer, Squall.

Speaking of.

We still don't know a lot about Esthar, and Squall has been a direct witness to Odine's science labour camp program. This is a threat.

And now we have control!

Before we leave, let's get some advice on the sights.

Lunar Gate?

Presidential Aide: We have advanced much since the sorceress' reign. I hope you enjoy our city.

We'll take him up on the offer soon enough. I think Esthar has a pretty neat design, there's a lot to see.

Over by Rinoa, Odine's speculating on something, but he's not giving out a lot of information.

There's nothing else to do in here, so let's head out.