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Part 9: Episode VII-2: Translate My Text

Well, now that we're familiarized with the whole Al Bhed language business, let's go back and see what hidden truths the knowledge of their tongue produces from earlier scenes.

Note: Since I obviously cannot color text bright pink for the LP, translated Al Bhed will be denoted by [Brackets]. Got it? Kuut.

Music: Underground Activities

[What is this?]
[A fiend! In human disguise! Yes! It is so!]

[We kill it?]

[Wait! What if it is human?]
[They are the same in death.]
[I forbid it! We bring it with us.]


Yep. Definitely worth a second playthrough for the chance to see what that all obviously was about!

Let's try the boat scene...

The guard turns around and gun-whips Tidus...

[Sit, captive!]
"Hey, that hurts!"

[No moving, hear?]
"Whoa... Okay."

[Search him!]

*assorted unintelligible caveman grunts while pantomiming*

[Do you not speak?]
"I said I don't understand!"

"He said you can stay if you make yourself useful."

And that's pretty much the scene. Again, this is pretty much how most Al Bhed speak goes. As long as you are even vaguely pay attention, you could probably interpret most of what they're meant to be saying without the cipher decoding their word jumble subtitles. Granted, I'd have probably assumed a lot more swearing was involved. But that's just me.

Last but not least, let's see what the crew on deck had to say. They're pretty much the only thing we can't really parse from context seeing as they're just standing idle on a boat while yammering.

Starting with Chief Mohawk...

[Move it! Get to work, immediately!]

Gaskmask Dick to his left says...

[You afraid of the sea? Weakling!]

And finally the cool dude that gave us three potions...

[If you're near death, really near death, use this!]
*hands over Potion x 3*
[Go on, earn your pay.]

And that's a wrap! From here on out I'll just be auto-translating Al Bhed dialogue for ease of reading. Just bare in mind that even though the player can collect books to better understand the Al Bhed language, Tidus is an idiot and will never ever understand anything they say.

Tet oui naymmo fycda dra desa cdelgehk drec eh yh uhmeha dnyhcmydun du caa fryd E fnuda? Fryd dra ramm yna oui tuehk fedr ouin meva...?