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Part 10: Episode VIII: Salvage My Wreck

So, time to do a bit of deep sea diving. One thing worth mentioning about the people of Final Fantasy X's world (if blitzball wasn't a bit of a clue) is that they can hold their breath a LONG goddamn time. I am talking like over a half hour with no problem long. No, they cannot breath underwater or have gills or any other hocus-pocus. It is directly said to be simply folks holding their breath later on.

For reference, the world record is 19 minutes and 21 seconds and that was by a guy just chilling underwater in a pool. Not swimming in icy ocean waters or sword fighting.

Speaking of deep sea diving... Water pressure? That isn't a thing in Final Fantasy X's world either. People can free-dive several hundred feet into the ocean like it's no big deal. This usually leads to severe health issues and brain damage if done long term (like say this mini-dungeon.) Perhaps this explains why Tidus is kind of an idiot. He's mildly brain damaged!

In any case, our dive today will be taking Tidus and Rikku into some manner of underground techno ruin. Tidus probably ought to have stuck around on the boat briefly to get clued in on what hell he is supposed to be doing right now. But meh... It's not as if he'd make much better decisions even when he's well informed of a situation.

New Music: Underwater Ruins

So upon entering the structure, we come upon a locked door at the end of a submerged corridor. There is a console in front of the barred path. So Tidus takes the initiative and...

Starts punching the shit out of the thing at random until something works. Our hero, folks!

Miraculously, this actually works and the pair is granted access to the inner sanctum of the area.

Rikku takes the lead from here on out, likely hoping Tidus doesn't accidentally punch a self-destruct switch or flip on some electrical currents. Perhaps taking along some random foreign guy they found stranded in an old ruin for a salvage operation wasn't the best of ideas.

And then suddenly piranha fish attack! Wait, what?

Scratch that, piranha fish stocking live hand grenades. Wait, what? Perhaps a military cargo ship filled with crates of explosives went down in these waters and the local wildlife has been using them as a food source. Waters in this world are just bizarre.

In any case, a swarm of (apparently symbiotically connected in trios) piranha plants are no match for our duo.

At least Tidus seems pleased with himself for encroaching on marine animal's habitat and murdering the shit out of them.

Following the thwarted fish feeding frenzy, the pair comes upon some sort of reactor looking device in the center of a large chamber. Tidus closes in to admire the ancient piece of lost technology and...

...he starts punching the shit out of it too. Goddammit, Tidus! Knock that off! Just because smacking stuff worked for building a fire doesn't mean you can go on a power trip banging everything until it works from here on out!

Of course, I'm wasting my breath here because Tidus' liberal application of concussive maintenance somehow works yet again. I give up...

Unfortunately, the reactivated power source also apparently pisses off Id after he took a wrong turn in the Kislev Sewers. And who can blame the guy?

Music: Enemy Attack

On the other hand, maybe it just stirred an angry giant octopus. I suppose that works too.

So meet the boss of the undersea wreck, Tros -- distant cousin of Ultros from Final Fantasy VI, no doubt. Anyone seen that Ultros DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2? Man...some 2D sprites were NOT meant to be rendered in 3D...

Right, back to the boss. Tros is a big giant octopus. As such, there is probably a horrific fanfic of it sticking its tentacles in any and all orifices possessed by Rikku and Tidus both. However, as far as this battle goes, it just kind of whacks our heroes over the head with its tentacles and leaves it at that. Keep it a T Rating, folks.

Tros is not at all a fan of having hand grenades lobbed at its face. Though, like the rest of its aquatic neighbors, it keeps a cache of the ordinance wrapped under its tentacles for re-supplying Rikku if she runs low. Tidus, on the other hand, is still stuck with lamely swiping at things with his dad's sword.

After a bit of getting its shit kicked in, Tros will grow tired of the relentless assault and retreat to the far side of the chamber behind arcs of electricity?! What...?! Does water also not conduct electricity in this world? I'm beginning to think this game's water is just a moist anti-gravity field.

Anyway, at this point Tros is now out of range with our party utterly unable to swim twenty feet over to catch up with him. But fear not. He's doing this for the benefit of another tutorial.

Trigger Commands are another new battle gimmick in Final Fantasy X. Basically, there will occasionally be fights where the party can take scripted actions. I supposed it's meant to make the fight more cinematic or something. Unfortunately, they barely pop up and when they do the game basically puts flashing lights and sirens to get you to use 'em. Right now, all we can have Tidus and Rikku do is "Stand by" for a free 50 HP heal each.

After this, Tros will perform its special Nautilus Charge attack. This is basically just ramming Tidus and Rikku for a decent chunk of damage.

After a couple turns of standard fighting, Tros will once more swim to the far side of the room. But thankfully, the Trigger Command menu has a slightly less worthless counter than "swim in place".

Instead, Tidus will command Rikku to flank Tros so the two can catch it in a Pincer Attack from both sides. With this tactical advatage, they are free to...

...murder the shit out of it with extreme prejudice. Fuck the ocean!

Now with any inhabitants of the wreck slain and power restored, our work here in the undersea wreck comes to its end.

But before we depart and leave the rest of the Al Bhed to salvage the junker, we get one somewhat decent look at the full area. Keep this thing in mind. It miiiiiight crop up again in like thirty hours...

Video: Episode 8 Highlights

Piranha Concept Art

Tros Concept Art