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Part 101: Episode XCI: Live My Dreams

Seymour is starting to feel an obnoxious reoccurring mid-boss who somehow got promoted to main villain status due to nobody else showing up to the story being told. Anyway, that's the last we're going to see of him for a while. So let's carry on toward Zanarkand.

It's just a very short jog around the corner, past a few ruins, that we get to... Well...

Urgh... What am I looking at here, game? No, not the glowing spectral backside everyone is focusing on. I mean that untextured grey lump behind Tidus' head that's supposed to be the bottom of Lulu's dress. You're lucky Nomura isn't around to witness this laziness. Mostly because it would mean Nomura would be around and fuck that guy.

So nobody mentioned the massive wall of statue people sweating out Mako Energy towards the top of Mt. Gagazet. You'd think that would come up more when talking about the pilgrimage. No summoners ever got to this point and went “naw dawg, this is getting weird. I'm out”?

”You guys seeing this mess? G-Guys?”

Yeah. This FMV was definitely banged out on a Friday afternoon. The rest of the party is on a smoke break.

Oh Christ, someone clogged up the Lifestream again and it's gone all wonky. Anyone got a flower girl to skewer and toss into the drain? Sorts it right out.

"Wh-What are those?"
*gasp* "Those are fayth. A summoning! Someone is using these fayth! Someone is drawing energy from all of them!"
"This many?"
“I don't suppose there's a whole bunch of fayth, like this, in all the Yevon temples.”
“There is just the one fayth at each.”
“Hey, not It if there's a Cloister of Trials thingie to activate these guys or whatever. I'm tapped out after Bevelle mess.”

"Who wields power on this scale, and what could they be calling?"
*runs to Auron* "Hey, you know something, don't you? Spill the beans!"

Auron begins walking off...

"Yunie might die, you know?"
"No... Auron's right.”
“This is our... Hmph. This is my story."
”'Story'? The heck are you talking about? And 'your' story? Who made you the main character of Spira? It's Yunie's pilgrimage. She's kinda been the driving force of everything we've been through.”
“You're at best an outsider point of view character.”
*grunts* “Son of Jecht more C-3PO.”
“What?! C—Kimahri, I thought you were cool! C-3PO?! I am at the *very* least a R2-D2. Man... C-3... How could you even say that?! HOW?! I have gotten a LOT done during this journey! Threepio did DICK! I'm not even gonna ask how you know a Star Wars reference. I'm too upset! Argh!”


Music: Twilight

Welcome back to Zanarkand. I thought that extended dream sequence would never end! Spira? A place full of spheres and circling a spiral of death? Get a more imaginative subconscious, Tidus. Sheesh.

Anyway, after a long night of partying and debauchery after the Abes won the Jecht Cup against those Duggles pricks, it's back yet again to Tidus' house boat home.

Welcome to Tidus' bachelor pad. It's about as much of a garbage heap as you'd expect. Ugh. I don't even want to know how long that Chinese take-out and old coffee cups have been sitting around on that table. Also, it's good to know Tidus' wardrobe is entirely made of the same exact outfit, like he's a cartoon character.

”Sup, Ghost Kid. How's it hangin'?”
“Can't complain.”
“I know I told ya you could crash on the couch any time. But couldn't you clean up the place a little bit?”
“I'm incorporeal.”

"Remember me? We met in Bevelle."
”You flew into Yuna's boobs. I mean, we weren't official back then, so I'll let it slide. But me and her are a thing now. So... keep your hands to yourself, eh?”
“Sorry. You don't get a lot of options when you're on another plane of existence.”
“Alright... I guess.”
“If we are airing grievances, she did rename the mighty Bahamut aeon I granted her... Trogdor. What was up with that?”
“I dunno, man. Yuna just kind of spaces out for a while and stares off shaking her head and whispering to herself something about voting. Then she blurts out some weird name. I thought that was just a thing summoners did...”
“I assure you it is not.”

"But that wasn't the first time we met. I've known about you for a long time. A long, long time."
"I... I feel like I know you, too. Where are we?"
"Hehe. Silly, don't recognize your own home?"

”Kimahri says he's sorry about the Seepeon thing, ya?”

”Do we like hit him? That usually works in battles.”
“Wait... this is a dream.”
“A dream?”

“Are you crazy?! I don't have time to be dreaming now!"
"You're wrong. It's not that you're dreaming. You are a dream."
"Huh? Wait a sec."

Ghost Kid runs off. Yes, the game has now given him the Proper Noun name of Fayth. But I'm still going to call him Ghost Kid. Just like I'm going to keep referring to this fictional blitzball player shaped construct of the subconscious imagination as Tidus.

Err... wait. Wanna elaborate on what the hell “Tidus is a dream” is all about, Ghost Kid...?

Ghost Kid has relocated to the bow of Tidus' boat. What do you think is the name of Tidus' boat? Well... I mean I suppose it was Jecht and Tidus' unnamed mom's boat originally. Adjust your name guesses accordingly. So... Ghost Kid... About the dream thing...

"Yeah, with machina, right?"
"Yes. A war between Zanarkand and Bevelle. Bevelle's machina assured their victory from the start. Spira had never seen such power.”
”They built this immense locust... dragon... organ thing machina that could, no joke, blow up all of Spira.”
“Organ? Like your guts or...”
“No, I mean it was controlled by a pipe organ.”

“The summoners of Zanarkand didn't stand a chance. Zanarkand was doomed to oblivion. That's why we tried to save it -- if only in a memory."
"What did you do?"
"The remaining summoners and the townspeople that survived the war... They all became fayth -- fayth for the summoning."
”Wait anyone can just... do that?”
“Yes. It's surprisingly simple. It's not unlike becoming an unsent. You just sort of will it and pop! You're a fayth like me.”
“Huh... So...”

"The summoning... You mean Sin?"
"No. I mean this place.”

"The dreams of the fayth summoned the memories of the city. They summoned all the buildings, all the people who lived there."
”Before you ask, yes fayth can do that. They're not just limited to summoning a monster for fighting like the aeons. During the war, a summoner from Zanarkand was captured by Bevelle and while imprisoned he became a fayth. A fayth that could only summon a slightly overpriced hot dog stand. Everything it sold was just pricey enough so the usual carry around money wouldn't cover the cost of anything more than a soft drink and you'd have to use your credit card.”
“Look, it's rude to question other fayth's summonings. We cannot all call forth sick dragon aeons.”

"The people... What, they're all dreams?”
”Me, too?"

“You, your father, your mother, everyone. All dreams.”
“...Even the fangirls?”
“Especially the fangirls.”

“And if the fayth stop dreaming..."


“So what if I'm a dream! I... I like being here."
”I like being with Yuna. Wait... Yuna's not a dream, right?”
“No. Just you and everyone from the Zanarkand you knew.”
“Wait. So was I... technically a virgin up until Yuna if every girl I'd been with was a dream...?”
“Honestly, I am really not the one to ask such metaphysical questions. If we wanted to get technical, we could say that your Yuna has never been with a real man.”
“Hey! That's a low blow dude!”
“You started it.”
“Why are you telling me all this out of nowhere. I was already kinda dealing with a lot. We just fought this Seymour guy. Again. You know him?”
“The unsent waif fool with the absurd hair and the delusions of grandeur?”
“That's the one.”

"We've been dreaming so long... we're tired.”

Ghost Kid teleports away as Tidus attempts to approach him...

“Both you and your father have been touched by Sin. Sin, the one whom all Spira -- the spiral -- revolves."
"What are you saying?"

Ghost Kid gives another teleportation monologue hop...

”Esuna is not working. I am out of ideas. Auron is just glaring daggers at everyone. Please, wake up.”
"Just a little more, and maybe...”

”Kimahri not carry.”
“We can't just leave him here!”
“Kimahri NOT carry.”
“I don't think we should stay here. What if one of us just passes o—“

Tidus springs to his feet, browning Wakka's pants in the process. He looks around to confirm he's returned to the real world before plopping on the ground to process what in the actual fuck just happened.

"You okay?"
"I... I'm okay."
"What happened?"
"Nothing... I blacked out.”
“And I was a dream... I MEAN!”
“I was dreaming. You called me... and I woke up.”
”And Wakka... you were there... And Rikku. Nothing out of Lulu, though. What's up with that? Kimahri is the silent type and Auron is Auron. You're on no—err... Forget it!”

Tidus gets up and stretches...

Welp. That all happened. Tidus is actually the physical manifestation of a half-remembered construct of a civilization dead for a millennium conjured forth into the physical realm by a bunch of spirits glued to a wall on a mountain top. Likewise, I need to process that it's been nine years today since I started my first LP.

Drakengard! Final Fantasy X!

Video: Episode 91 Highlight Reel

Mt. Gagazet Concept Art

Fayth Scar Concept Art