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Part 11: Episode IX: Determine My Situation

Well, that was fun and all. But I think we've had enough murky underwater settings for one day.

[We found the airship!]
[The records were right.]
[Now, how to drag it up?]
[Maybe we could go gather a Levistone from the Ice Cave to the north. I hear there's a Evil Eye guarding it, but I figure that new guy could hel—]
[Shut up, Dave!]
[That plan is the absurd and you made half of that up.]
[Which 'Ice Cave', genius? I am pretty sure there is more than one up north. And how would we even get up north on a boat to begin with?!]

Tidus hops up and dries himself by shaking around like a wet dog. Despite the general water theme in this game, by all accounts nobody ever bothered to invent towels.

Figuring he'd earned his keep by banging on a sufficient amount of electronics and killing an above par amount of wildlife, Tidus moseys on toward the cabin with the rest of the Al Bhed.

But he's told to piss off and wait outside. Likely because he's been wearing the same soggy clothes for a few days now and smells like a pile of wet rags.

Some time later that evening...

Our hero spends the passing idle time whining aloud while resting in the douchiest position he could muster.

Fed up with this, someone finally walks over and kicks the jerk in the head.

New Music: Al Bhed Tribe's Chi

Rikku presents Tidus with a tray of what appears to be regurgitated lasagna and half gnawed on bones of something or other.

But Tidus isn't picky and begins shoveling entire handfuls of food into his mouth. I guess table manners weren't a big deal back in Zanarkand...

"Umm... We've got forks, you know. Lemme just go gr--"
*munch* *smack* *belch*
"Uhh huh..."

Tidus almost chokes to death whilst shoving as much slop down his throat as humanly possible. Dunno how he managed that. Rikku tosses him a bottle to wash it down.

I wonder if Zanarkand is in the fantasy equivalent of the Deep South. Cuz Tidus here just needs a mullet and a bit of a beer gut to hit all the bulletin points of an inbred redneck.

Tidus gets up and stretches a bit before turning back to Rikku...

Not to be confused with Sora's love interest from Kingdom Hearts, Riku.

"Wooo hoooo! Hahahaha!"

"I was really starting to think I'd banged my head and couldn't understand speech anymore or something. I heard some guy I rammed out of the blitzball sphere once had cracked his head on a seat and had that happen and I was SO worried. Wooooh! What a relief!"
"I didn't get a chance to! Everyone thought oui were a fiend."
"Oh, 'oui' means 'you.'"
"Well what does 'you' mean?"
"You means you. We're speaking the same language. I just slipped up with my second language."
"Now does 'we're' mean 'we are' or 'you are'...? You know what...? Nevermind. Whatever."

"Who are you guys, anyway?"

Rikku walks over to the railing...

"Wait. You're not an Al Bhed-hater, are you?"
"I don't even know what an Al Bhed is."
"Where are you from?"
"Geography? Snore!"

I think this is our first finalfantasyx.jpg

Also I hope you like the camera lingering on butts. Definitely a lot of butt view cams in this game. Very cinematic.

"Um, you guys hit me."
"Like ALL of you guys. I think the guy with the mohawk was the only one that didn't punch, smack, kick, gunwhip, or pull my hair. Jerks..."
"Oh, right... Do you remember anything before that?"

"... about Zanarkand... About life there, blitzball, and Sin's attack...and about how Auron and I were engulfed in this light. I just said things as they came to mind. But then I started to wonder."

"You were near Sin. Don't worry, you'll be better in no time. They say your head gets funny when Sin is near. Maybe you just had some kind of dream?"

"Because of Sin's toxin, yeah."
"You sure?"
"I feel fine. I mean other than this rash on my d--nevermind. I already had that before Sin came..."
"Yeah, there is no Zanarkand anymore. Sin destroyed it a thousand years ago. one plays blitzball there."
"That does sound kind of weird when you put it that wa--wait, what?!"

"But I saw Sin attack Zanarkand! You're saying that happened a thousand years ago? No way!"
"Maybe like a thousand hours ago. I don't know how long I was knocked out for at that temple. ...Wait. Does 'years' mean something different in your language?"
"...You sure...?"
"I am pretty sure."

"You play blitzball? You know, you should go to Luca. Someone might know who you are, or you might find someone you recognize."
"Is that like the blitzball commissioner or something...?”
"Uhh..." *shakes head and sighs*

"Tch. You'd rather stay here?"
"The Abes are in the finals. I've got to get back. There are dates with fan girls in dark bathro-"

*nods and walks away* "Okay. I'll go tell the others. Wait here."

Rikku stops and turns back...

"Oh, and one thing. Don't tell anyone you're from Zanarkand, okay? Yevon says it's a holy place. You might upset someone."
"'kay... Wouldn't want to tick off... that guy... I think..."

"Since when? Yevon? Sin? Luca? I thought Sin had just taken me to some faraway place, that I could go back in a day or two. But a thousand years into the future?"

Tidus is not taking the revelation that he might have been dumped a millennium into the future particularly well and starts kicking some shit.

The entire ship shakes and violently turns to one side...

I guess Tidus didn't know his own strength.

Music: Enemy Attack

[Sin is come!]

"Hey, dudes. I think there's something out there..."

And in one of the few times water decides to act like water in Final Fantasy X, an giant eruption of water from the sea sweeps across the ship.

And Tidus, apparently having no knowledge whatsoever as to the purpose of guard rails, is the only one swept up in its currents.

Rikku looks on with mild interest as Tidus plummets off the deck into the monster infested ocean. The rest of the Al Bhed don't have the first shit to give though...

And with that our time with the Al Bhed draws to a close as Tidus is flushed down the oceanic toilet to his next destination.

This is just not this guy's day millenium...

Video: Episode 9 Highlight Reel