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Part 127: Episode CXVII: Our Farewell to a Mid-Boss

Alright, folks. This is it! All loose ends are tied up. All optional content worth a damn sorted out. Here on out it is a straight line to the ending credits of Final Fantasy X. Who'd a thunk we'd ever get here? Or that it would take this long to do so?

Music: Those Who Come Closer

So here we are Within Sin. Which one of the party was brave enough to set foot on an endless expanse of water suspended above an eternal void to confirm it was solid ground? Hmm... Who am I kidding? It was Auron. Auron would not give the first fuck about shuffling into the alternate dimension housed in Sin's stomach.

Welcome to the first segment of the innards of Sin: The Sea of Sorrow. The game's menu gives titles to each segment of this rather lengthy dungeon. Where it conjures them up from is anyone's guess. Within Sin has a gimmick similar to the Omega Ruins in that the mini-map is only filled in as we progress through the area. Unlike the fully lit caverns and volcano adjacent pathways of that dungeon, having the mini-map being a mystery as we navigate an endless ethereal sea in a pocket dimension within a doom whale makes a bit more sense.

Not that it isn't a pain to navigate. Good luck getting any treasure. It's all located in roundabout loops across the area and frankly, it's all crap compared to what has come before.

Inside Sin, of course, is full of all kinds of nasty critters wandering its barely tangible seas. The encounter rate is just a touch lower than the absurd clusterfuck of creatures flooding the Omega Ruins. But still enough to make the commute a bitch.

Though, given our earlier visit to the Omega Ruins, the random mobs present Within Sin are largely repeats of fellows we encountered back there. Indeed, there isn't quite as many types of fiends running around inside Sin compared to that random volcanic island with the hate monster and his son.

The only creature unique to Sin's dungeon is the Behemoth King. Which operates exactly like a Behemoth with buffed stats (67,500 HP for starters) but with one key difference:

When it is slain, it automatically casts Meteor, one of the strongest non-elemental magic attack in the game. Indeed, King Behemoth is the ONLY creature in the game that can cast Meteor. Quite a party trick as a final “fuck you!” for beating it. Meteor can be avoided by draining all of King Behemoth's MP with Osmosis or Provoking it. Or just avoid fighting King Behemoths in general is a decent policy if we're just bee-lining for the ending.

Eventually, the twisting and turning path of the Sea of Sorrow comes to an end at the far north, where a save point and a set of stairs awaits us to the second segment of Sin's dungeon.

New Music: The Deceased Laugh

Welcome to the Garden of Pain. Yeah... Not seeing the garden part. But the pain? Specifically in the ass? Boy oh boy... Feeling that part already. Would you look who is just hanging out at the top of the stairs waiting for us?

Seymour... How in the flying fuck did you manage to make it into the airship accessibly only pocket dimension inside Sin while he's been hovering at 20,000 feet this whole time? Bleh... You know what? Don't even answer that. I know it's going to be another stupid, barely coherent ass-pull filled with delusions of grandeur and ignoring the fact you've had your ass handed to you three times already. You are 0-3 against the party. You haven't even come close to a victory!

“Hehe ha ha!”

"Sin has chosen me. I am part of Sin. I am one with Sin, forever. Immortal!"
"Sin just absorbed you."
”Nevermind the fact you are already literally dead. Like, you've died three times now. Maybe more. I dunno. I've never seen you win against anyone. Ever. Give it a rest, dude!”

”No... No no you don't. Seymour, we're just gonna kill you again. And even if we didn't, you know there's some 1,000 year old wizard guy somewhere in here already piloting Sin, right? Preeeeetty sure he'd take issue with you backseat driving here.”
“Minor details!”
“Pfft... Whatever, man.”

“...the only means of destroying Sin is forever gone.”

I dunno, Tidus. I think this, attempt number four, in which Seymour has been hoovered up while Sin was out taking a stroll and is winging a bugfuck crazy plan of taking control of Sin while hanging out staring off into space really hard is the time chief Guado here will finally come out victorious.

“You should thank me! Your death means your father's life!"

New Music: Seymour Battle
(Recommended Listening)
Alternate Music: Fight With Seymour (HD Remaster Version)

If you cannot tell by the unique battle theme, this is the final battle against Seymour Guado: Seymour Omnis. Not the final battle of the game, of course. Fittingly, Seymour's last stand is just the mid-boss of the Sin dungeon.

Also fittingly, it has a big dumb gimmick to it. Seymour Omnis is surrounded by four of the newest Morti-sidekick incarnations: the Mortiphasms. Each work like a game show wheel containing all four main elements. Most all of Seymour's attacks during this battle are dictated by which of the wheel's symbols are pointed in his direction during his next turn.

Seymour, what the fuck are you even playing at with this goofy set-up?

The Mortiphasms themselves are invulnerable. But they will respond to different types of attacks. Physical attacks, for instance, will rotate the Mortiphasm wheels in a counter-clockwise direction. Physical attacks are only possible to be used by Wakka, as they are considered to be flying out of bounds enemies. Pay no attention to the fact the translucent Seymour is suspended twenty feet in the air. He's considered to be ground level and fair game for everyone to stab.

Striking any of the Mortiphasms with magical attacks will result in a clockwise rotation, naturally. I mean, what else would a spectral game show wheel do when set ablaze or frozen?

Depending on the number of discs with the same element facing Seymour, certain rules apply to him. All four discs of the same element? Seymour absorbs attacks of the same element, but takes double damage against the opposite magic type. Three wheels alike means Seymour can absorb that element, but has no debuff for the opposing type. Two-of-a-kind means Seymour is invincible to that element. And only one elemental match means Seymour takes 50% damage against that magic type.

So basically: Do not use elemental magic against Seymour! How to avoid 95% of his attacks? Just Haste Yuna and have her toss all the Nul-Magic sets while others manipulate the slots. The final Seymour is probably the easiest version of him. Dying three times over and getting his essence vacuumed up Sin's pores has not done wonders for the guy here.

When the Guado halfling gets a turn, he'll cast four magic spells corresponding to the elements of Mortiphasm aligned with his goofy ass. The tier strength of spells will correspond with how many matches are in play. So all different elements? One Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Water for everyone. A pair gets the second tier spells used. Three or more (or if the fight continues to progress and he gets pissed) results in -aga variety of magic.

After being attacked six times, Seymour gets pissed and will Dispel any buffs the party may be using. This also reduces his defenses until the next turn. So good time to unload everyone we've got if I wasn't holding back and couldn't one shot this goober if I wanted while he's weakened.

On Seymour's next turn following Dispel, he'll cast Ultima on the party. That's biggest play in his book. And it's not even an Ultima spell of the usual strength. It's only around 90% as strong as usual Ultima spells, but causes special non-elemental damage instead of magic. Seymour, even your magic is weird and dumb.

After casting Ultima, Seymour Omnis re-aligns all the wheels back to a single element and will blast the party with a four-shot of whatever was the big element winner of the raffle. And... that's pretty all he does. Elemental reels. Getting pissed and casting Dispel. Ultima. It starts cycling from every six attacks to every three after his HP reaches 25% total.

But, you know? I think we've all had enough of Seymour Guado's ineffectual antics. I think it's high time this naughty Guado boy had some choice words from an authority figure.

Oh, Agnes? Could you speak to your son. He's trying to play god again, even though the most he's accomplished is a bunch of team killing and sabotaging his own ranks like an idiot.

I do like there is a comment on summoning Seymour's Mom to come wreck his ass. Especially since there is a non-zero chance that Agnes will likely one-shot school Seymour's ass with even a not particularly well leveled Yuna.

But no half-measures. Seymour, you've done been a naughty boy for far too long. For reference, Seymour Omnis only has 80,000 HP. And that was before I summoned Agnes when he reached 25% HP. Overkill is an understatement here.

Nice try, Seymour Omnis. Let's just jot down your final record as 0-4 against Yuna and Friends. Pitiful. Even by mid-boss standards.

Talk about some meager rewards for finally putting this goofy mad-dog down. One-shotting a palette swapped mini-boss of an optional dungeon was worth more than this fool's final encounter.


Oh Christ, THANK YOU, Wakka! Why didn't you suggest we do this two Seymour battles ago? Seymour at least disintegrated over a cliff and had his pyreflies remains drift away in the wind. There is absolutely no reason why we didn't finish Seymour back in Bevelle. None! Then again there is no reason why Seymour is the only person in existence able to reform after being obliterated multiple times. Final Fantasy X, you're not a particularly consistent little title...

“But even after I am gone, Spira's sorrow will prevail."

And with that, Seymour Guado is finally dead for good. RIP you creepy, weird, batshit crazy asshole. Talk about a hamfisted filler way to slot in one last battle against the only re-occurring villain they had handy. You could have easily just had Seymour eat it at the end of Bevelle and the only change to the plot would have been three named Ronso NPCs would stand at the base of Mt. Gagazet with a few lines saying they're proud of Kimahri and Yuna is a badass summoner. That's it. That is all Seymour's involvement has accomplished since then.

Seymour Guado, you big pile of fruitcake anime filler. Good riddance!

Video: Episode 117 Highlight Reel
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Seymour Omnis Concept Art – Why do you keep thinking that turning your hair into a top-heavy stone tablet is a good idea?! WHY?!