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Part 132: Episode CXXII: Our Dream's End

New Music: Ending Theme

Previously on Final Fantasy X, we defeated Yu Yevon, the giant space tick at the center of the candy shell of Sin. Along the way, Auron kicked the farm for good, as did all of our aeons. Except err... they are all back for this last CGI scene because... look Square likes to order these things long before the actual game details are locked down.

Spoilers from fourteen years in the future: they do not learn their lesson that this is a poor idea that leads to glaring inconsistencies. Indeed, they double down by the time the next console generational skip occurs. Look, how were they to know that expensive CGI cutscene they ordered would feature a character that had been dead for 20 hours and would be on another planet from where the party was when they designed it? Who could have predicted development would have taken that course? Planning is hard when you have art assets pumping at alarming rates with an unchecked budget.

And locking down a consistent size for Sin in all the CGI scene? Ehh... Maybe he's the size of a ten story building? Maybe he's three or four times the size of our airship? Maybe he's like here and the size of a fucking mountain! Doom whale scale is hard to lock down, alright? Also hard? Trying to depict Agnes Anima floating in mid-air. Pfft! Hahahaha. Holy shit look at that goofy thing. Look at it! Why did they animate its bottom half doing a muscle man pose? Why stick in the bottom half at all?

And now Sin is roughly 20x the size of our airship between cuts... Or maybe the Fahrenheit shrunk? It's been sitting in said Doom Whale's stomach for 3-4 hours. Maybe some weird shit went down. I mean it's not like I'm even questioning how the party teleported back and rode out of Sin prior to its inner pocket dimension collapsing. Questioning details of anything is a lost cause...

So enjoy the nuclear fallout from Sin exploding, citizens of Besaid Island. Yep... Turns out Sin was lousy with radiation from all those pyreflies. Ugh... Now Spira is going to have to think up a name for Fantasy Cancer like Final Fantasy VII's Geostigma bollocks.

Oh wait. Nevermind! Sin teleported and exploded over the middle of the Calm Lands between cuts! False alarm, Besaid. You get another mulligan on disasters befalling your island. Bevelle's citizens that weren't crushed or swarmed by Sinspawn falling off when Sin crashed a metro borough, all those poor fools evacuating Macalania Temple as it sinks into the lake, and the surviving handful of Ronso on Gagazet are all getting a healthy face full of Sin fallout. I mean unless it teleports to the Moonflow or over Luca during the next cut.

Oh wait! Hold the phone. Sin didn't quite explode again. False alarm! What is going ON with the spastic editing of this cutscene?! Good grief!

Nora Shiva is looking fabulous with that sweet cape she always immediately tosses off in battle because they couldn't animate her wearing it and nixed the design in the concept phase. Shhh... Nobody told the CGI crew she discards that cape 99% of the time she's in-game.

And anyway, don't worry about it! Shiva and Trogdor Bahamut are all double-plus triple dead now. Yes, we killed them in-game. And they died in the post-battle cutscene. But now even their CGI Asian Stunt Doubles are dead and that's finality as far as Final Fantasy X is concerned.

Indeed all of our faithful aeons fade away a final time in the realm of CGI. Well except for PayToWin Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters because they were added in later in the development. Yes, they were optional. But so was Anima and she's here to party too. Maybe Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters are actually over in Bevelle trying to stop Maester Mika from uploading himself to Spira's equivalent of the Internet.

Alright here we are! Now Sin explodes for realsies! Brilliant fireworks display as millions of pyreflies scatter across the skies. The property value in the Farplane is about to bottom out here soon.

Meanwhile, on Mount Gagazet...

Hey remember the Fayth Scar?

Yep. That whole thing is done. We're going to assume Ghost Kid was the speaker for the dead on all the fayth in existence and not just the Yevon temple fayth who were fed up with their 9-5 job aiding teenagers on suicide missions. Would be a real dick move if Ghost Kid and friends weren't on the same page as the Fayth Scar guys. But that would be a moral dilemma a bit too advanced for anything presented in Final Fantasy X.

Speaking of moral dilemmas, sucks to be you if you happened to be any of the tens of thousands people living their life in Dream Zanarkand. We know from Tidus and Jecht that all the dream folks are fully functional people that happen to be born from the dreams of a dead civilization of summoners. And that this is the essentially the equivalent of having a server full of sapient AI only to pull the plug and format the hard drives. It's a kind of fucked up thing to do if you think about it!

But ehh... we didn't know any of those people, except for the one... Let's see how he's holding up now that we've deactivated the whole thing powering his existence in this reality.

Well, he seems fi—

Sweet fancy Moses! Why are you so completely off model in all these end of game airship cutscenes, CGI Wakka?! What is up with your faaaaaace?!

Oh yeah, Tidus is beginning to fade away in Back to the Future-esque fashion. I somehow don't think a rock concert and helping his dad prevent an attempted rape on his mom by the school bully will fix Tidus' situation here, sadly...

*shakes head* “No...”

Asian Stunt Double Tidus, I understand. If CGI Wakka was eyeing me like that, I'd want to skip town as well.

*shakes head*

”You know, MY Zanarkand... Auron knew where it was, I think. But well... That's out... Also umm... I think we might have just wiped it out of existence... So there's that too...” *frown*
*quickly walks off*

“We're gonna see you again...?”

Yuna is not having a good time here. Meanwhile, holy shit CGI Kimahri is terrifying. It's like someone stretched him out horizontally or something.

Yuna runs to Tidus. Meanwhile, here is the only line Kimahri gets in the entire ending. Also it's actually said as soon as the camera cuts. What did you think they were going to rig bones to CGI Kimahri's horrid squat face to animate it speaking a single line? You ought to know better by now.

Well, that would have been an awkward goodbye for Tidus and Yuna. You two hug and maybe smooch before Tidus fa—


The party is simply distraught that Yuna just ate shit so hard. Look at Kimahri. He is simply mortified. Chill at guys. She's fi—

Oh Christ! She fell weird and broke her neck. Oh man... Oh geez... OH GEEZ! Oh... Wait... This is Spira. You can just walk off dying if you're a named character. It's fine. False alarm.

But having your very being dissolving into pyreflies? Now that you cannot walk off... Even if it is indistinguishable from an Unsent dying permanently and someone literally just did that in the previous scene.

Yuna drags herself to her feet and recomposes herself after beefing it getting a hug denial from her magic dream boyfriend. That's always a rough thing to deal with as a teenager.

Tidus was not ready for a serious relationship here minutes before being wiped from reality. Poor Tidus. All those cheering Zanarkand Abes fan-girls has been zapped out of reality too.

Sorry Yuna. The best Tidus can muster is a ghost boyfriend hug.

”Hey, Yuna?”
“Does this count as a quickie before I'm gone?”
“...A what?”

*high pitched whimpering* “...?!”
“...Not a fan, huh? Dang.”

As Tidus walks off into oblivion, the party gives their goodbyes. Wakka scratches his head and looks like he is just done with everything. Rikku cheerfully waves goodbye like an idiot as though she's saying goodbye to someone boarding a bus driving away. Lulu looks annoyed as shit and gives the world's most half-hearted wave. Kimahri barely animates because it's Kimahri.

And with that, Tidus leaps off the edge of the Fahrenheit into the sea of clouds and pyreflies below...

*glares* “I saw what you did with my little girl, son of Jecht. You, I, and your father need to have some words...”
“Uhhhhhhhhh... I'll get back to you. Nice to uhh... meet you? Gotta go!”

“Hmph. I see you did a lot with the world I left you.”
“Yeeeeah... That didn't work out so hot for me...”
“Should I even ask what you're doing here already?”
“Ehh... It's a long story... So umm... you see my uhh...”
*grunt* “The one you want is up ahead...”
“...Thanks, Auron.”
"It would seem not even being sent let's me rest from giving you help."
"Ah. C'mon. You like being a pal..."
"Perhaps... A little..."

“Hahaha! Auron told me what you did with Braska's girl. He is PIIIIISSED!”
“Yeah... Ha ha... Err...”
“Hey, boy?”

“Nice work, son.”

Personally, I would have ended the game right there and rolled the credits. But ehh... Spira doesn't do subtlety and neither does Final Fantasy X.

*whistle* *whistle*

“Yuna, it's time.”

Sometime later, at the Luca Blitzball Stadium. Of course it ends at a blitzball stadium. Where else would it...?

The crowd goes wild for Yuna. She did kind of dunk on her father's meager legacy by one-upping it so hard it annihilated Sin forever. It's a pretty big deal.

“Everybody... Now, Sin is finally dead. Now, Spira is ours again.”

The crowd is stoked! Half of them are also now unemployed since all Yevon and Sin defense related jobs are defunct. Everyone in this crowd is boning when this speech concludes. Spira is about to produce its Baby Boomer generation. Dark times are ahead.

“Now we can make new home for ourselves, and new dreams.”

CGI Lulu, of all people, is the most on-model between high quality and CGI versions. I guess when they try not to render her bottom half 90% of the time, they may as well get the top half right.

Wakka has been stoned for weeks. The Eternal Calm has been awesome for him. And hey! His horrid CGI face transmogrified back to something human-esque from the nightmare visions earlier.

Kimahri is here.

And Rikku is about to go on the most unbelievable, brain cell annihilating bender that Spira has ever seen to celebrate the destruction of Sin. Maechem is going to have an entire exposition monologue about the historic amount of drugs Rikku consumed in the coming weeks.

Yuna looks for approval to her gang. Only Wakka is chill enough to give her a sign of a good job. Everyone else has been standing here all afternoon while Yuna was out whistling on a dock and are completely tuned out.

New Music: Suteki Da Ne (Orchestral Version)

These are the English lyrics of Suteki Da Ne according to Final Fantasy X's wiki. I make no claim to their accuracy in regards to the original moon language.

Wind, and my heart swimming in collected words
Moved by the wind, in through the world.
Clouds, like a voice that we all recognize
Carry the holding future.

Moon, on the sky as a trembling heart
Shown on the glass unsteadily.
Stars, shedding tears in an overflowing stream
I see the night all around me.

Suteki da ne
Being together, all alone walking hand in hand.
And I want to go to your city
To your home, into your arms.

That soul
Inside your body
From those conflicted nights
As from my dreams.

Wind died away, and I feel all the words
Led by a gentle illusion.
Clouds are the future that cannot be attained
Told from impossible distance.

The moon filled with night as it flowed through your heart
Such faraway reflections.
Stars, ripe like tears, like fruit falls from a tree
I wipe my dreams off the nighttime.

Suteki da ne
Being together, all alone walking hand in hand.
And I want to go to your city
To your home, into your arms.

To feel your face
The touch of memory
And now that I awake
As from a dream.

So folks, that it! That's the end of Final Fantasy X! However, this is not the end of the Final Fantasy X LP! There is a post-credits epilogue and another update left. If you REALLY want to, stick to the end of the video at the end of the update to see the post-credits stinger.

Stay tuned for the finale of our long, long journey.

Video: Final Fantasy X Ending
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