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Part 133: Episode CXXIII: Our Story's End

So there is a post-credits scene in Final Fantasy X. It's no Midgar ruins 100 years later with an open to interpretation of a better future where there was no sequels. But it'll have to do. We join Tidus curled up in a fetal position, seemingly floating deep in the sea.

Tidus stretches like he just woke up from a long, relaxing nap. As you do adrift in the depths of the ocean when residing in Spira. You've never napped until you've curled up a few hours on a corral reef.

Tidus looks to the surface and gleefully swims upwards towards it.

Smash cut to the game's title and logo. The end! That's the final shot of the game! Uhh... what was that all about, Square? Did Tidus get reborn into a new world? Did he get resurrected? Is he just having fun with Jecht in the Farplane or wherever dream people end up when their race gets wiped out of existing? I couldn't tell you! That was the end of Final Fantasy X!

It least I couldn't tell you back in 2001. They made a sequel. The “Good” Ending of said sequel picks up literally the second after Final Fantasy X's post-credits stinger concluded.

New Music: Epilogue

”Ooof... Oh god... Why did I think jumping off that airship was a good idea?! I think my everything is gonna bruise.”

“Alright, where did I wash up...? Oh... I'm gonna hate myself if I'm stuck on some nowhere isl—“

“Oh... Wait... Is that Besaid Island...? Huh... Cool!”


”Phew... I was worried for a second there I might get stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere. Heck if I was gonna tame some fiend to ride back to the m—“

“OH SHIT! Wait! I'm washing up back on Besaid again right after dealing with Sin. Is this a time loop?! Am I stuck in a time loop?! Ohnononono!”


“Okay... Okay... Nobody has nearly took my head off with a blitzball. No Wakka... No bad blitzball players... Maybe it's just a coincidence? Calm down... Not a time loop. Just...”

“What the... Hey! HEY! Okay! Right on! The airship! I just fell in the ocean and they're coming to get me! Nice! Oh man, Yuna's gonna be pissed... I thought for sure I was about to disappear. I WAS disappearing! Wait... and I saw her dad, and Auron, and my old man... That happened. So what is going on...?”

“...Wait. Hold up. That is... Not Cid's airship...”

“...And it is NOT slowing down. Oh shiiiii—“

”...What the actual hell is happening?!”

”Uhhhh... Yuna?! What the fu—”

“Are you real?”
“I think so.”
”I guess... the whole fayth... dream... thingie with me didn't pan out... Weird.”

“Do I pass?”
*nods and smiles* “Hmm. You're back...”

“I am back.”
”Did you like... do something to your hair...?”

Tidus hugs Yuna...

“I'm home.”
”Sorry, I jumped off the airship. It... seemed like a rad idea at the time...”
“Before. I was fading away and I thought 'man jumping off the airship before I was gone would be badass' and... well... here we are. Super sorry!”
“Who cares about that?”
“Oh... Phew... I was real worried you were gonna be pissed...”
“Oh course not.”

“Welcome home.”

Yuna hugs Tidus back...

“Yes, home.”

”Is that... Rikku?”
“Is she like... going to the beach or...?”
“...Okay. Is that... Lulu? She looks... real different without the belts and the hair... and the brea—black... magic...?”
“No. That's my friend, Paine. You haven't met.”
“I... Okay...”
”How long was I frikkin' gone...?”

”So is that... him? The guy Yuna was so hung up on?”
“...I thought he like died or something?”
*shrug* “He got better?”
“...So is he unsent?”
“No. He was... uhh... He was like a ghost maybe? I uhh... or an aeon maybe? I dunno! He's not unsent... I think... Pretty sure... Like 50/50.”
“That's not pretty sure. That's 50% That's half sure...”
“...50 is a pretty big number.”
“So how did we know he'd be here?”
*shrug* “Like umm... I dunno. Brother just said it said Hotspot: Besaid Island and welp!”
“...What did you say this guy's name was again?”
“It is... him. You know...?”
“No... I know *who* it is. What was his name?”
*rubs neck* “Umm... we should like... go greet him!”
“You don't remember.”
“It was like... Uhh... Tea... Rust... Umm... Err...”
“Just say you don't remember his name.”
“Hey it was two years ago, alright! A whole LOT happened! Gimme a break! Sheesh!”

“Heeeeey! Get a room, you two!”

Oh, by the way the entirety of Besaid Island's population sneaked onto the beach as Tidus and Yuna were having a tender moment. For context, this scene doesn't have any build-up. No summoning rite or incantation is set to rebirth the dream boy Tidus in the waters outside Besaid Island. This kinda just happens out of nowhere!

The trigger is after defeating the final boss in the heart of the Farplane (long story), assuming Yuna and her gang, the Gullwings, have completed a decent amount of side quest content (Final Fantasy X-2 is 90% side quests.) Yuna and friends will be walking through a field of flowers in the Farplane on their way back to the airship. If the player presses X during this sequence, they'll hear a whistle. At which point Ghost Kid shows up, thanks Yuna for sorting out the final boss, and asks if she wants to see her dream boyfriend again.

If she says yes, Ghost Kid says “ehh... you did us a solid. Maybe we'll dream a LITTLE bit more and bringing him back. But no promises.” And then this happens! Anyway, back to it...


“Who asked you to watch, Wakka?”

*shrugs* “Hmph.”


“Wait... WAIT! Hold right up! Lulu is that a baby...? Is that your...?”


”I have SO many questions... I am SO confused right now... Holy hell! What is this?!”

*waves frantically* “Hehe. Hiya!”

”Holy what... C'mon. I... we need to... let's get on shore. I need to sit down for a minute here...”

*giggles happily*

Yuna speeds up in front of Tidus and starts pulling him from ahead...

“Huh? Hey! Whoa... You know, you've changed.”
”And I'm not gonna lie... All for the pretty awesome!”

“Well, you've missed a few things.”

“I wanna hear everything!”
”I dunno... It's a REALLY stupid story... Are you sure...?”
“I am.”
“Don't say I didn't warn you...”

“Well... It all began when I saw this sphere of you...”

Five hours later...

“...Wow, Yuna. Wow... I am sorry I asked...”
“Hey. I did warn you.”

Video: Final Fantasy Xs Epilogue
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