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Part 135: Episode CXXIV: Our Final Fantasy

New Music: Yuna's Ballad
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“I got a theory. I think the fayth gathered up my thoughts and put 'em together to bring me back.”
*stretches* “Maybe. Something like that.”
”I'm just super stoked it's not a time loop. You have no idea how worried I was a first.”

”Maybe they just made me a dream with you and everyone in it. Maybe none of this is real...? Or I'm not real? Or... Maybe partying with Rikku and Brother wasn't so hot of a move. I think I might be kinda freaking out here...”
“Wait! So you'll disappear?”

“All right? We gotta stay together. That's what we have to do.”
”We gotta go steady, Yuna. Make it official. Not married though. I'm not ready for that... Like, did you ever officially divorce Seymour? I he's like triple dead now but there's got to be some pap—”
“I'm not married to Seymour anymore. Officially, unofficially, or otherwise. Okay?!”

Yuna runs over and hugs Tidus from behind...

“Is that what the fayth told you?”
*smiles* “Nah. But I like it.”
”Those guys didn't tell me JACK! Why do you think I had to have you tell me everything that happened while I was gone?”

“Hey! Ahhhh!”

“Are you alr—“

“Oh God! Ohnononono!”

“Hey! That's not cherishing!”


“Ah! Haha!”

*nods and smiles*

”Hey, Yuna?”
“Pool of water off the old pilgrimage trail. Sky filed with pyreflies. Remind you of anything?”
“Hehe. Maybe.”

Video: Final Fantasy X-2 100% Completion Ending

And that's it! It's over! Final Fantasy X and all I am ever going to cover about Final Fantasy X-2 is over and done with now!

Yes, they released an official fan-fiction lead-in audio drama and light novel leading to a potential Final Fantasy X-3 alongside the HD Remaster Collection of Final Fantasy X. I know it exists. I'm going to pretend it does not. It is a universally reviled piece of shit that undoes literally everything in both Final Fantasy X and X-2 up to and including Sin coming back, because fuck you! That shit didn't exist in 2012 and as far as I'm concerned, it may as well not exist in 2016 either. Go look it up if you're morbidly curious to see Scenario Writer Kazushige Nojima's hate boner for Final Fantasy X and X-2's conclusions, alongside his original character (do not steal!) of Auron's hidden bastard daughter. Since that sounds like a thing Auron would have had, right? Good stuff! Maybe he can borrow some notes on shitting on a previous game's conclusion from Masato Kato.

Anyway, that's Final Fantasy X! I did not think it would take nearly four years from when I started this LP for it to reach its conclusion. Life is strange like that. In the end... Final Fantasy X was a weird mess full of awkward design decisions, poor directing, questionable voice work, and a plot that buckles under the slightest scrutiny. But it's one that that I still kind of like. Bullshit tedious wasteland of the end game grind aside, at least... I hope you enjoyed the long ride. Thanks for sticking it out after the three year hibernation and countless stalling outs.

Me? I need to go get blitzed after this long mess. Sweet dreams, Final Fantasy X.