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Part 21: Episode XVII: Talk About My Dad

New Music: Sprouting

So we say goodbye to Besaid and embark on a journey to the next island north, Kilika. We cannot see much of the map of Spira yet and Final Fantasy X is sadly the point in time where RPGs decided they were too cool for overworld maps. But Spira is a fucking TINY planet. Like even by general JRPG standards. We actually saw a full map of the world in the background somewhere. Did YOU spot it...?

It is next to Tidus' bed when he wakes up from the dream where Jecht trolls the shit out of him.

Anyway, we will be spending the next couple of updates aboard the S.S. Liki. Apparently, it takes the better part of a day to sail from Besaid to Kilika island.

Fortunately, the game has taken it upon itself to skip the better part of the day as well and Kilika is already within sight of our ferry.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, Tidus apparently goes bugnuts stir crazy whenever he gets even the slightest bit bored.

Granted, I suppose humping the back of a stranger’s head, doing a handstand off their shoulders, than flipping on a railing could be perfectly normal behavior back in Zanarkand. I’m not expert. Moreover, if anyone asks what the FUCK he's doing, that whole Sin toxin thing can still let him skate.

Tidus decides to steal the fellow's binoculars and have a look-see around for himself. Not like the guy needed them to keep watch for... oh, I don't know... the massive sea monster that regularly annihilates large swaths of the countryside...

"Hmm... What have we got here...? An island...? Boring..."



"Yeesh. Butterface!"


"...Yeah. You know you got it going on. You don't care who's wa--"


"Hey! Hi! Was just like umm... on lookout for those fiend dudes!"

"Do you have ANY idea how expensive it is to replace this if you had broken it? I had to get this special ordered from a craftsman in Bev--"
"Yeah, yeah. It's like 30 gil over at a Wall Market. Bill me if it doesn't work."

Alright. We're now free to explore the S.S. Liki a bit and there are a sizable number of things to do on board. Tidus' ultimate goal for this section is to go gab with Yuna. However, that can wait a moment. Let's see what's shakin' with Wakka first.

"First to Kilika Island, then we change boats and head for Luca. 'Fore that, though, Yuna's gotta pray at the temple. I'll be guarding. We'll be praying for the Aurochs victory, too, so you come along, ya?"

"Great plan."
"Hey, it is a great plan!"
*looks to Tidus for support*
"Don't look at me!"
"I-I've never been to this Kilika place. For all I know it's a birthday clown training academy!"

Oh well. At least we know now why we are heading to this Kilika joint instead of straight to Luca. Now then, let's go chat up Yuna at the front of the ship.

"I heard she's Lord Braska's daughter!"
"Ya don't say?"
"Lord Braska's...daughter?"

Unfortunately, a flock of admirers surrounds Yuna and Tidus cannot muscle his way in for a one-on-one talk just yet. We could just go talk to Wakka again in order to set the flag to make the crowd disperse waste a bit of time while everyone else gets to talk with her. But let’s explore a bit, shall we?

Towards the back of the boat, we find a door leading into an inner cabin as well as some stairs going below deck.

There is nothing much going on with the captain and his first mate. Speaking with them a few times reveals that the Yevon church seems to fund this ferry.

Tidus heads below deck...

“Yewh! Filthy, filthy! These won’t sell or me name’s not O’aka!”
*looks Tidus over* “Don’t look like you got much money, either. I’ve no business with ye. Outta me way!”
“Who do you think YOU are?”
"And have you LOOKED at yourself in a mirror lately? Man, I've seen hobos that look dapper compared to you."
*stands at attention* “O’aka XXIII, merchant extraordinaire!”
“O’aka the who?”
*walks away dejected* “Don’t know me...? Well, not many do, not yet.”

So this jerk is O’aka the 23rd. The only man in all of Spira with a Cockney accent. We’ll be seeing O’aka a few times throughout the game. So let’s chat him up again...

“Say, lad, you wouldn’t have bit o’ Gil to lend?”

Despite having more or less told Tidus he looks like a penniless bum, O’aka peddles for free gil. Why would we give anyone with a Cockney accent a dime? Well, there is a reason later on to finance O’aka. Frankly, I never found it to be a particularly good reason O‘aka opens a store later on in the game and prices/stock are based on how much we‘ve donated. I’ll elaborate on it further down the road.

For now, we’ll hook him up with 101 Gil. We’ll be given multiple chances to donate to O’aka’s funding. The bare minimum amount (to not just piss money down your leg) is 101 fantasy bucks.

“Fine seed money for the O’aka merchant empire!”

Well, now that’s done with we are free to explore the rest of the area below deck. Running to the back of the hall and we’ll find Luzzu and Gatta are also on the ship with super secret cargo. I’m sure that will never come up again...

Heading into the side cabin will lead to a couple of seasick Aurochs and a few supplies to pilfer like a chest holding a Remedy. However, the most noteworthy item in this room is a bag on the right-hand side.

Tidus can kick the shit out of this random bag. Moreover, every time he does so, a Potion will pop out. The bag will top off the party’s Potion inventory at 20. Which is to say, I had 16 potion is stock already so I gained four more by kicking the bag as many times. Hey, I’ll take it.

Heading back to where O’aka is idling about and continuing past him, Tidus finds the Power Room. That definitely sounds like somewhere the spaz ought to be poking around.

Tidus shuffles into the Power Room...

“Wh-What the heck is what?”
“What is this place?!”
“The power room, like it says on the door!”
“Yeah, but why the big birds?”
“What’s so strange about chocobo power?”
“Chocobos? Those are chocobos?”
“What? You’ve never seen a chocobo? What kind of backwater island did you come from, anyway?”

So if you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game, just do a complete replace of “horses” with “giant yellow chickens” and you’ll be up to date on chocobos’ niche in the games’ world. Chocobos have appeared in some form in every Final Fantasy game and spin-off since Final Fantasy II. A notable exception being Dirge of Cerberus. That game is the worst at everything.

Though unlike Moogles, which tend to be little more than cutesy fanservice mascot characters, Chocobos normally have a more active role in the games’ worlds. Often in the form of a mount for quick (random battle free) transportation. As well as the dark harbinger of awful mini-games and sidequests. Sadly, Final Fantasy X is no exception to that latter trend. But that is a story for another day...

The real reason we came down here was to snap up another Al Bhed Primer. This time Tidus learns that [L = C] Vyhdycdel. Anyway, that is a wrap for activities below deck. Let’s return to Wakka and ask what the deal with that Lord Braska joker is all about.

Tidus returns to the ship’s deck and speaks with Wakka...

"She's the daughter of High Summoner Braska! You saw his statue at the temple. Lord Braska defeated Sin ten years ago. Yuna's the heir to a great legacy!"

"Wakka's...a bit lacking in the imagination department."
"Hehe. Thanks, Lulu. I'll keep that in mind."

Now that we’ve spoken with Wakka, the crowd around Yuna has dispersed. Kimahri is chilling out over in the corner. I’m not sure if he was there earlier. Regardless, Tidus’ attempts to speak with him are greeted with the Ronso equivalent of a big ol’ “fuck off”. I get the feeling the giant blue dude might not like Tidus. I wonder why...?

”Yo! How’s it flyin’?”

Yuna makes some room for Tidus to stand...

<Alright. Just gotta play it nice and smo--oh wait. Crud! Is that blue dude still watching me...?>
*glances over shoulder*
“!!” <ABORT!>

For reasons I am entirely unclear on, the two start cracking up about... something. I’m just going to go ahead and assume Yuna farted and that’s the “wind” she was referring to.

"Uhh.. You hear that from Wakka?“
*sigh* “Wakka doesn't believe me at all."
”Or Lulu. Or Rikku. And most of the villagers I’ve met. I hadn’t asked the blue cat dude, but I’m gonna go ahead and file that one under a ‘no’ too...”

“I've heard, in Zanarkand... there is a great stadium, all lit up even at night!“
“Great blitzball tournaments are held there, and the stands are always full!"
”Well naturally. It isn’t every day you get to see the star player of the Zanarkand Abes in action! Err... Wait, what...?”
"How do you know that?"

“J... Jecht...?”

*gasp* “Amazing!”
”...Last word I’d ever used to describe him...”

Yuna does the blitzball prayer and runs over to Tidus’ side...

*grunts* "Sounds like him, but it can't be him."
"Why not?"

New Music: Someday the Dream Will End
(Recommended Listening!)

"I-I'm sorry."
"He went out to sea for training one day...and never came back. And no one's seen him since."
”End of story. He’s long gone.”

“It's true! I first met Jecht ten years and three months ago! I remember, that was the day my father left. The date fits, doesn't it?"
”...No. It’s three months off... Tch. This is dumb...”
"Yeah, but how would he get here?"
"You're here, are you not?"


<...Oh man. I’ve totally got this one in the bag. Whatever, old man. I can worry about you lat->

Music: Enemy Attack

Yuna and Tidus’ bonding moment about their dads hanging out is interrupted by the ocean suddenly turning extremely ornery.

Tidus attempts to hold onto Yuna so she doesn’t flop into the ocean due to her kite-like outfit sleeves.

Sadly, Tidus’ greasy ass gloves covered in ocean grime, food leftovers, monster blood, and man sweat are ill equipped for holding onto much anything at the moment.

Noooo! A 25-degree incline!

But fear not. Kimahri is always at the ready to come to Yuna’s aid and cop a quick feel in the process. Hey, it’s lonely being the only giant blue furry in the tri-state region.

So, what is causing all this sudden ruckus in the ocean today?

I’m starting to think this giant space whale has it out for poor Tidus...

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