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Part 37: Episode XXXI: Resume My Game

Enemy Attack

“Jimma, I’m not sure how they celebrate victory down in Besaid Island but this is highly unusual.”
“Right you are, Bobba. It appears the blitzball sphere has been invaded by a swarm of aquatic fiends.”

“Those aren’t just any fiends, Jimma. Those are Sahagin Chiefs.”
“Now what is the difference between a standard Sahagin and their chieftain cousins?”
“I'm glad you asked. About 70 more HP, four times the strength, and a smidgen more agility.”
“And how would that differ to the untrained eye…?”
“Functionally no difference to be found, Jimma. Purely an academic distinction.”

“It’s a good thing that the new player from the Aurochs decided to venture onto the field with a sword in hand.”
“It must have been another part of this puzzling post-game display we’re seeing from the Besaid team.”
“You can bet none of this would have happened if our Luca Goers had taken the cup.”
“Undoubtedly so, Jimma. We should count our blessings this is the first Aurochs victory in nearly a generation.”

“Captain Wakka and Teedus…? Tyedus…? Did we get a confirmation on th—the new blood of the Aurochs seems to be cutting a path of destruction across the fiend spectators ranks.”
“There sure are a mess of them, Jimma.”
“I’ve counted about 17 in all. It’s a good thing the only combat capable blitzers on the field are able to take them out in one shot or they could be in trouble, Bobba.”
“With an arm capable of throwing a ball so hard it caves a fiend’s skull in, you would think Wakka would be a better passer, Jimma.”
“It is a bit puzzling.”

“And with that the last of the Sahagin Chiefs meets its end.”
“It seems as though the remaining Aurochs are fleeing the field before any more watery reinforcements arrive.”
“One would question how the aquatic fiend horde even managed to rush an indoor stadium. But perhaps it’s best not to sweat the detail at this point, sports fans.”

“Speaking of sports fans, the blitzball sphere is not the only part of the stadium under siege by some folks clearly not sporting tickets to the big game.”
“Too true, Jimma. Creatures of all shapes and sizes are just flooding into the arena. Who’d have known the Besaid Aurochs winning the cup really would freeze over hell and beckon forth the end of days.”

“While most spectators seem to be fleeing for their lives, I see one fellow in the crowd that clearly is not impressed with the fiends’ onslaught.”
“That is a man that has no fuuu--raks to give.”
“Nice save.”

“It seems the mysterious swordsman is challenging that Vouivre.”
“One would think there would be less swords smuggled into the stadium with the Grand Maester in attendance.”
“I don’t think any of Luca’s security staff are getting a bonus for their performance today, Bobba.”
“Heh. Too true.”

“Ooooh. That was just brutal!”
“It was like they were reenacting the game between the Luca Goers and the Besaid Aurochs from last season’s tournament.”
“And the brutality just continues.”

Wakka and Tidus rush out from somewhere or other…

*looks to Wakka* "So, you do know him."
"Yeah. Best guardian there ever was."
*raises eyebrow* “Wait… How do YOU know him…?”
“…Great question! Hey, Auron! What in the fu—“

“It looks like the Aurochs have linked up with the swordsman from earlier.”
“Is anyone even filming any of this, Bobba?”
“There is a fire breathing hellbeast lurking outside our announcer’s booth. You are welcome to find out, Jimma. I am content with staying right here and continuing our jobs.”
“…I find myself concurring…”

“It appears the trio has come under attack by a Garuda.”
“Garuda are bird like creatures commonly found around Besaid Island though occasionally found on the roads north of Luca.”

“They’ve got a nasty bite and a vicious set of wings capable of producing sonic booms with just a flap.”
“That still doesn’t explain how it manages to hover in place like it is menacing the trio on the stadium balcony above.”
“We’re in a blitzball stadium, Jimma. Questioning physics will do no one good in these hallowed halls.”
“Too true, Bobba.”

“Now while the Garuda can be a tough customer if left unchecked, kicking a bit of dust… or in this case a well-placed blitzball to the eye, can utterly neuter the beast’s ability to successfully attack.”

“Wise advice, Bobba. I’d have advised that Garuda to fly away once the battle turned against its favor. But it’s a bit late for that suggestion now.”

“The Aurochs and company may have bested a number of fiends but they are doing little to hold back the ever increasing flood into the stadium.”
“I don’t think anything shy of Sin showing up could make this situation any less dire.”
“I swear I will strangle you to death with this microphone if you jinx us and Sin attacks now, Jimma.”
“And you’d be well within your rights, Bobba. I won’t argue that.”

Music: Hymn of the Fayth

“What’s this? Up in the stands! It appears Maester Seymour has returned to the stadium to offer a prayer of encouragement.”
“A kind gesture. But I’m sure it’s a bit hollow to those currently being devoured alive by rampaging fiends.”
“Too true, Jimma.”

“It seems we’ve spoken too soon, folks. Maester Seymour appears to be summoning is that… yes! It appears to be some manner of anchor from the heavens straight into a hellish void beneath the floor of the Luca Stadium.”
“I’m not sure what to make of this…”
“I’m not sure what to make of ANY of this today, Bobba.”

“Huh?! Folks, it appears the anchor’s chain is pulling something out of the vortex… It seems to be… Whoa…!”

“I am not sure how to describe what I am seeing, folks. It is some manner of nightmarish three story tall shrieking skeletal…thing that looks as though it stepped right off the cover of a heavy metal album cover from back in the day.”
“I know what will be the star of my nightmares for weeks to come, Bobba.”

“The creature is now firing what I can only describe as some manner of death beams from its eye.”
“That’s right, folks. Heat seeking… or rather fiend seeking death rays are just massacring every uninvited fiend in attendance today! Un-be-lievable!”

“It’s a good thing fiends dissolve into a beautiful shower of pyreflies upon death.”
“I don’t want to even think about the mess that would be made if fiends exploded in a fountain of gore like normal torn asunder by whatever power we are seeing.”
“I don’t think there are enough drycleaners in all of Luca to sort out a mess like that.”

“Well folks that brings an explosive…”
“…Quite literally…”
“…end to this season’s opening tournament.”
“This is sure one I’ll never forget, Jimma.”
“Nor will I, Bobba.”
“Safe travels to everyone still alive after today’s games. This is Bobba signing off… and seeking out a replacement pair of pants for the ones I have soiled.”
“Right behind you, Jimma. Right behind you…”

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