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Part 53: Episode XLV: Fix My Hair

Well then… Summoner Yuna has now received her third aeon – Ixion a dog a horse Thorse. We’ve got a handful of cutscenes to attend to prior to getting a chance to break this fella in. But let’s skip ahead and give our new toy a test run.

Normal Battle

Thorse has a slightly less impressive summoning animation than McGruff. Yuna ‘s staff becomes a lightning/fishing rod which she casts into an electrical glyph portal.

Said lightning/fishing rod hooks onto our non-OSHA compliant friend…

…and Yuna nets herself a whopper of a fish horse.

So Thorse… If you cannot guess its elemental affiliation by that summoning animation and its new pun name then I do not know what to tell you. Thorse comes factory stock with Thunder and Thundara on the Black Magic front with NulShock and NulTide on the White magic side. I am uncertain why you’d want to use NulShock when lightning spells heal our shocking new pet. But there you go.

Thorse’s unique ability is Aerospark. Despite the name, this produces a pair of non-elemental discs which Thorse hurls at single enemy. Aerospark has the secondary ability of negating an enemy’s magic buffs such as Reflect, Shell, Protect, and Haste. So that can be handy in a pinch for the occasional jerk enemy that actually utilizes a bit of self-improvement.

The Thorse’s Overdrive is, appropriately enough, Thor’s Hammer. This is… kind of underwhelming after how ridiculously over the top McGruff’s fireball bonanza and rock tossing pyrotechnics.

This Overdrive just sort of features the aeon zapping all enemies with an electric beam which levitates them all into a large ball of energy in the air.

After a bit of flickering and lightning cracking, the electric ball explodes.

And then all foes fall back to the earth and break their necks. The end.

And that is Thorse in a nutshell. Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

Good Night

Tidus starts the day early with his first of fifteen stretches before noon. I am still waiting for him to pull a muscle.

The rest of the party is loitering outside waiting for Yuna before resuming the journey. Yuna will of course never come on her own accord. So it is up to Tidus to poke around in the temple and see what the hold-up is with her.

Song of Prayer

Yuna is nowhere to be found in the central lobby of the temple. Instead, Gatta is hanging out looking somewhat less shell-shocked than yesterday. Let’s see what his deal is…

"Yeah. It'd be hard fighting alone, wouldn't it?"
”I… I just keep wondering what would have happened if I had ignored my orders and gone out and fought. Maybe I… I could have made a difference.”
“You would have died horribly and Luzzu would have somehow made it instead.”
“…What? Why would… That doesn’t make any sense! Why would say something like that?!”
“Sorry… Just this weird feeling I get…”

"Most of the other Crusaders have already left. I'll go soon. I heard you're leaving, too. Good luck. I hope we meet again someday."

And now Gatta fucks off to Besaid, never to be seen again. Well unless we travel back to Besaid during the end game. Which we will in a couple months… But have good luck even remembering who the heck Gatta was by then.

In any case, Yuna can be found in the northeastern room of the temple to the side of the stairs leading toward the Cloister of Trials.

“Healing the wounded, sending the fallen."
"Okay... I guess I'll just let her sleep for now, then."
”…Though now I kinda feel bad for hitting the hay at like 7 o’clock.” *cough*

Yuna rolls over and sits up out of bed…

"What? Morning?"
"Don't worry!"
"But it's morning!”
”It’s more like noon than morning and everyone is waiting outside to leave. But hey… no rush! Really!”
*jumps up* “I’m so sorry!”

Yuna hops out of bed and starts running around the room frantically…

"Don't worry! It's okay!"
”I’ve been up all of like three minutes and I wasn’t busy last night. The other guys are probably all early birds. Except Auron. Auron doesn’t sleep. He just waits…. It kinda creeps me out.”

Tidus heads back outside. Yuna comes hauling ass not far behind him…

Yuna’s Theme

*bows repeatedly* "Sorry! I'm so sorry!”

"Really, there's no rush... Here, your hair."

This scene would probably work better if they had a few polygons askew to… you know… actually make Yuna’s hair looks slightly different. But meh…

"You could have woken me up!
"We called to you, but with all that snoring..."
*grunts* “Snore mightier than Ronso roar.”

"Oh! You, too, Sir Auron?"

To leave a summoner with bed hair… Is that, permissible…?

Everyone has a good laugh at Yuna’s expense and walks back toward the road…

“It was only later that I realized... The only one really laughing then...was me.”

Tidus flunked out of his high school Foreshadology course.

That is pretty much a wrap for Djose Temple. Here’s a quick look at the thing when it is not activated. It is… less than impressive.

Anyhow we can exploit the good will of the last few remaining Crusaders for a bit more free swag before hitting the road again. I believe this is one of the last times the game really does the free gifts from NPCs thing. So get ‘em while they’re hot.

The party heads back towards the main road and encounters…

*blitzball prayer* “Lady Yuna, you must be exhausted working so hard last night. Will you be okay?"
*blitzball prayer and nervous chuckle* "I feel that I have rested enough. But, thank you for your kindness! Will you be leaving, too?"
"Yes, first we cross the Moonflow, and then we head north in search of chocobos to replace those we have lost."
"Once we find chocobos, our Mounted Forces will ride again!"
”You know… once we find replacement recruits to actually ride them.”

“…Captain, aren’t we doing this kind of backwards…?”
"Huh? Aren't you missing someone?"
”Where’s the whiny, goony ki—“

“…There we go.”

"You expect me to keep up with a chocobo!?"
”What do you think I’m doing? Flying on my magic carpet? Tch. How have you not gotten fragged yet? I mean how did you even lose your chocobo to begin with…? You weren’t even on the frontlines!”
“It is… well the thing is… Well how did you only lose your chocobo and not get killed?”
“Not being an out of shape pasty goober helped.”

"Lady Yuna, I wish you good fortune. Elma! Clasko! Let's go!"
"Eh!? Can't I just rest a sec...?"
"No complaints!"

The trio takes off. Meanwhile, the party returns to the main road…

"We cross the Moonflow."
"Gotcha! Moonflow, baby, here we come!"

Right... The Moonflow... Will we be hitting up Yevon's Tampona Tower on the way there...?

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