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Part 58: Episode L: Enter My Afterlife


Welp that is enough of Seymour’s wacky holodeck equipped manor for one day. Let’s see where the rest of the party have wandered off to—oh wait they’re right there two steps away. Stop doing that, game! Just play the next goddamn cutscene if you want to play a cutscene! Pressing down for 1.35 seconds to trigger it will not immerse me in the narrative!

“Married in the name of Yevon, overcoming the barriers of race. It would give Spira something cheery to talk about, for a change."
"Sounds just like a passin' daydream, like Auron says."
”It’ll be like that one time that Hypello rescued that family of kittens from a tree after a Sin attack over by the Moonflow, ya know? Everyone talked about the Hero Hypello – for like a week. Then Sin came back around… There wasn’t much talk about that again…”

"Come on, let's just get on with the pilgrimage! I mean, marriage?"
"Hmmm. Jealous?"
"What? No way! We gotta defeat Sin. Romance can wait!"
”And c’mon… Jealous. Seymour? Pffffffffffffft. My ego hasn’t taken THAT much of a beating since I’ve gotten to Spira.”
"He sure picked a fine time to lay this one on us."
"Maybe it is… a fine time."
"You serious?"

“…if it would make people happy... If I could do that for people...maybe I should do what I can. I never imagined doing anything like this. But, I won't answer till I know what's right."
”I mean you’re seriously serious? Man I don’t know how things work in Spira but uhh… I’ve never heard of celebrity gossip actively making anyone happy. Like maaaaybe a really bored middle-aged housewife that has WAY too much time on her hands is gonna get all excited about a big celebrity wedding…but they typically didn’t have the constant threat of sea monster attack so I dunno…”
“You can always just quit your pilgrimage and get married.”
”I bet aeons would be pretty handy with like housework or… whatever people married to Guado do…”
"I will...go on. I'm sure that Lord Seymour will understand."
"Umm, I guess so..."
<Didn’t really strike me as the immediately giving up type but…>
"I am a summoner! I must fight and defeat Sin."
"Like Braska before you."
“I had to stop myself from shouting: What's there to think about?”
”I mean Seymour… Dude could NOT be any more clearly evil. I mean he hadn’t actually really done anything EVIL evil at that point but… I mean you all heard his theme music, right? That is not a guy on the up-and-up’s theme tune, man.”

“I'm going to see my father and think on this."
"Go on, we'll be right behind you."
“I wondered why none of the others ever asked Yuna. Do you love Seymour? Do you even like him?”
”Could you even look at him and not have to stop yourself from laughing? It has been a month or so since I first saw him and I still have trouble doing that.”

Welp, I guess we’re taking a trip over to Spira’s afterlife. It’s just a short walk to the third level of Guadosalam. Remember: No smoking or littering while visiting the great beyond.

You know I bet back in the day this road was awash with fast food and car advertisements all the way to the Farplane. Is there any more prime ad space than the literal stairway to heaven? I think not.

“About this Farplane... When somebody dies, a summoner sends them to the Farplane, right? So their souls, or whatever they are, they go to the Farplane, right? But that's the Farplane we're going to, right? And Yuna's old man's there, too? Do dead people live there or something?”

“You'll see once we get there."
”It’s like twenty feet away. Just calm down and wait a sec for once, ya know?”

Most of the party heads into the Farplane…

"I do not belong there."
"You're scared!
"Searching the past to find the future... This is all that is there. I need it not. You'd better get going."

Rikku strolls over…

“People think of their relatives, and the pyreflies react to them. They take on the form of the dead person -- an illusion, nothing else."
”Yeah that view isn’t really big with Yevon…”
"Well, have fun!"
"What, you're not going either, Rikku?"
"I keep my memories inside."
"Memories are nice, but that's all they are."

Welp, your loss guys. Have fun talking about… I’m not sure what Auron and Rikku would talk about together. Yevon sucking…?

What, it’s just Braska and Yuna’s unnamed mom (moms do NOT get names in Spira OR Zanarkand.) You’ve seen Bras—oh wait.

…You’re not talking about the pyreflies ghosts, ya?

The Guadosalam access to the Farplane has quite the scenic overlook.

Wandering Flame

“But it got me worried that maybe seeing them would make Yuna really consider Seymour's proposal.”
”And then it got me thinking how weird a half-human, one-quarter Guado and one-quarter Al Bhed kid would look. Would he get weird different color eyes? Creepy long arms? Regular hair or crazy…whatever you call Seymour’s hairstyle… And then I got to thinking about Seymour and Yuna porking an—waah! Bad mental image! Time out! TIME OUT!”

Episode 50 Highlight Reel
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Farplane Concept Art

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