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Part 59: Episode LI: Ghosts of My Past

Wandering Flame

So welcome to the Farplane. That FMV flyover was pretty impressive looking, huh? Well too bad. This one little brown platform is the entire extent of our visit into Spira’s spectral realm. But that’s not to say the area is lacking in activities. Going off and talking to Yuna will progress the plot and bump us out of here. So let’s see how Wakka and Lulu are doing first. Kimahri is a loser and has nobody to visit in the afterlife. Or perhaps Ronso come equipped with nine lives and are seldom perma-killed. Nope he’s just a loser.

"Meant to come see you earlier, ya? Sorry! I know you won't hold it against me. I gave up the game. I'm a guardian from here on, you know?”
”Oh yeah, we finally won the cup. Ya, we got seeded and took on the Al Bhed Psyches and they kidnapped Yuna to try and blackmail us and—do you remember Yuna? It’s weird only me and Lu talk about you when she’s been living in Besaid for so long, ya know… Well anyway we took them out then the Luca Goers and then fiends attacked and it was crazy. You always missed all the good stuff.”
“This guy – looks a lot like you -- showed up.”

“…you were still alive somewhere, ya? But, then again, here you are on the Farplane. Guess your place is here.”
”…Also I need my eyes checked 'cause I’m not sure where I was getting he looked a lot like you. Hah. One too many blitz tackles to the head, ya?”

“ So, how you been? Oh, that guy I just told you 'bout. I gave him your sword. He likes it!”
*holds up sword* “Huh? Whoa…”

Well that is Wakka’s scene. Let’s see Lulu’s take on the Farplane…

“Coming here really makes that clear. I should focus more on what I have to do now."

"I'm not even sure what I'm saying."
"Don't you mean that you should leave Chappu behind? I'm sure he was a great guy, but… there'll be others."
"Hmm... That's a possibility."
"How about mmm...Wakka?"
"What, me? With Wakka?!"
"Yeah, you two get along great!"
"Getting along isn't enough. Not even close."
"Oh, sorry. My mistake."
"You'd do well to remember that. Knowing a bit about women might come in handy someday."
"Yeah, I'll remember."
”Tch… honestly. Me and Wakka…”
“They totally eventually hooked up. ‘Knowing a thing or two about women might come in handy someday’? Yeah, gimme a break Grandma Beltsalot.”

"Goodbye, Chappu. You always said I looked grumpy. But those were the happiest days of my life."

And that’s a wrap with Lulu. Let’s get the plot back in gear by approaching Yuna…

"I've decided."
"Oh? Really? That's good…"

“My father had defeated Sin, and the whole town was out in the streets. Everyone was laughing. They all seemed so happy. If I defeated Sin, that would make everyone happy...wouldn't it? I must do what everyone wants, not just what I want."
"Let's go back! You gotta tell Seymour."
”Err… you are talking about going back on the pilgrimage and blowing off the whole marriage thing… right…?”
"Before that...

*shakes head* “Don't worry. He won't come."

”Who’s the best…? Jecht’s the best! Who’s a crybaby…? I couldn’t tell you! Nobody knows your name, kid!”
"See, told you!"
“He isn't here because he's not dead. He's Sin.”
”Who’s the best doom whale…? I’M the best doom whale! Did you see those Crusader punks? Not one of them stood up to my Sublimely Magnificent Sin Shot Mk.III! You’d never see that crappy old Sin that Braska and me ganked pulling off something like that!”
"That means he's alive, you know?"
“What if my old man really is Sin?”

“Wait, why should I have to apologize for him, anyway?”
"I'd rather never seen him again."
"What… makes you hate him so?"
"Everything he does just makes me mad. It was his fault that me and my mother..."

“Ahh… I-It's her!"
"She's very pretty."
"But... Wait. No one ever performed the sending for her."
”I think I would have remembered crazy summoner priest whatever water dancing and stuff… Oh. No offense.”
"She must have accepted death while she was still alive."
"Whoa there, uh that's my mother you're talking about."
"Oh, I'm sorry!"
“Mmm… It's okay… I think I just… figured something out."
"Why I hate my old man."


”He was all ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ and I was like ‘that’s cuz it IS butter’. I can tell the difference between that substitute crap and the real deal. I mean come on, who was he trying to fool?”
"I suppose, but..."
"Just a sec, dear."
"Whenever my old man was around, my mother wouldn't even look at me. Maybe that's when I started to resent him, even hate him. When he left us...Mom just lost her energy."


"Why should you care?"
"If she dies, I wouldn't know what to do."
"Don't say Mom is gonna die!"
"I apologize." *walks off*
"The old lady next door told me...when a lovebird dies, the one left behind... It just gives up on living so it can join its mate.”
”In retrospect… kind of an assholish thing to say to a seven year old about their sick mom…”

“I hated my old man even more. But really, my old man...”


"Just a sec, dear."
"Ah, go to him. He'll cry if you don't."


“I must sound so stupid."
"I don't think so."
”You just had parents that were… what is the best way to put it… Less than… optimal… at parenting…”
"How embarrassing!"

Lulu and Wakka wander over…

"No, I'm ready."
"Did I… miss something?"
”Not unless you want to hear about my parents being crappy.”
“So no.”

A short while later…

“I'll go give my answer to Maester Seymour."

Not so fast, Yuna! You’re not making it out of the Farplane without some drama to go along with that trip!

Seymour’s Dad is making an afterlife prison break! I guess that kind of shoots the Al Bhed’s theory on Farplane ghosts right in the foot, huh?

"Yuna, send him."

Auron seemingly gets swarmed by some pyreflies and nearly collapses but nobody notices since Ghost Guado Dad is holding everyone’s attention.

"He is Lord Jyscal no more. Send him now!"
”Uuuh! Question! Does this like… happen a lot?”
“So it’s normal to be a bit freaked out by the ghost zombie trying to escape from ghost town...?”
“A bit…”

Yuna performs the least elaborate sending ever and Lord Jyscal dissipates into pyreflies. But not before dropping a sphere at Yuna’s feet which she quickly scoops up and privately examines. I’m sure that will never come up again.

And that was the Farplane, folks. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Warning: Hitchhikers May Be Escaped Ghosts!

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