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Part 68: Episode LIX-2: Show My Affection

Music: Fantasy

As I said earlier, the snowmobile scene is dictated by the unseen Affection Level with party members up to this point. The scales are stacked heavily in Lulu's favor both due to her being squishy in battles and needing healing (which raises her disposition toward Tidus if he performs said heal) and most “okay talk to everyone” scenes having Lulu close to the starting position. Also the fact she's a party member from nearly the beginning and seldom sits out of battles. Also coupled with the fact Kimahri and Auron apparently start out with lower default scores than Yuna, Rikku, or Lulu. You really need to work to get the latter two's scenes.

I've honestly never gotten anyone but Lulu up until now and I'm not sure what tipped the scales. Other than possibly Lulu getting her shit kicked in during the most recent battle as I remembered how the hell to play this game after several years away.

Anyway, thanks to the magic of LP editing we can just go ahead and see the alternate versions of this scene. The following is ripped from a video of the HD Version of the game in which everyone has weird faces and fucked up hair. So bare with it for a bit.


"Hey, not at all."
"Thank you."
”I hate to have seen how he reacted when he found out Santa wasn't real.”
"Santa Claus."
*shakes head and looks confused*
*grits teeth* ”Ughhh... Spira is the worst...”

"Say, what do you think of Rikku?"
"Me? She's... fun to be with."
"Heh. That all?"
"Hmph. Well, I can tell she's not a bad person."
”As long as we try to avoid any more thunderstorms.”
“Oh, UGH! What the HELL was up with that? Did she eat a bad mushroom back at that Guadosalami joint? I didn't want to be mean but MAN. Tone it down a notch with the theatrics, ya know?”
“Hmph. Really? Ha. Ha ha. Haaa.”
“Yeah. ...Okay I deserve that.”

“Wakka's head is as hard as a rock. I bet it's because of Yevon. Or, you know, something like that."
”I follow Yevon as well. Let's not hurry to conclusions we're all as... dedicated as Wakka.”
”Yeah it's cool. I know you're not racist and got an Al Bhed friend to prove it.”

"Well, there's more to it than that."
"Wakka doesn't like the Al Bhed because of his brother Chappu."
”Hmm? Was he hooking up with an Al Bhed chick or something?”
*death glare*
“OH! Right... You and Chappu were... Forgot! Sorry! Don't do anything crazy, I'm driving. So...”

"Oh...he used a machina weapon, right? And got killed by Sin.”

“Damn you, Jecht."
"Oh, nothing!”

“I was just... thinking about this other time with my old man. Don't know what brought that up! Ahahahahaha! Haha! Haaaa...”

"I can't say that I know, but why?"
"Just a thought."
"Hmm... Sin is the punishment for, and the incarnation of, crimes we have committed."
"So, no one really knows what it is?"
"There's no need to know, so no one asks. You run or you fight. That is really all you can do. There's no sense brooding over it."
"What, that's all? I mean, you don't even wonder?"
*chuckle* "You really do come from a world where there is no Sin, like you say."
”And somehow this world is not rubbing off at all thus far...”

And that about does it for Lulu's ride. These snowmobiles are actually going about three miles per hour. You can walk through the area this cutscene takes place. Without random battles it takes less than two minutes on foot. Maybe there is a tiny bit to be said about machines leading to laziness...


If both Lulu and Rikku's affection levels are too low, the two ladies will decide to ride a snowmobile together and ditch Tidus in their dust. The star player of the Zanarkand Abes is having a rough season.

Instead, we'll just have to ride alongside Auron and bug him for a spell. I'm sure he's thrilled to have the company.

"I'll take Kimahri over you any day!"
"Hmph. Just don't do anything rash."
"What's that mean?"
”Oh man. Don't tell me you're gonna come out as racist against those Ronso dudes now...”

"I'm saying you should not complicate matters. Or you'll find yourself trapped, understand?"
"I don't need you to tell me that!”
”Look, I get it. This Yuna thing is a bummer. But I still know how to play the field here.”
“Mmm-hmm. And that's why you're riding alongside me?”

“I guess there's some sense in what you're saying."
"Make mistakes. That's what youth is for after all. Do not waste it."
"So which is it!?"

Sorry, no time for more wise elder advice. Gotta make this sick jump, nerd! And with it end Auron's version of events. Really not worth the effort of grinding an useless gimmick stat. At least the Barret Date in Final Fantasy VII was amusing.


If things go really weird during Tidus' journey with Yuna and the gang then Rikku and Lulu will once more take off. Though this time Auron will also speed off to get bigger air on his sick jump at the end of the course to get a better score. Meanwhile, it seems Kimahri crashed into a snow drift and nobody helped him out until Tidus comes along. So they'll chat for a bit instead.

"Say... What do you think about Rikku being an Al Bhed?"
"Ronso are followers of Yevon. Ronso dislike Al Bhed."
*disappointed nod* "Oh, I get it."
”So besides the whole religion thing, do you Ronso dudes get any... you know... Wakka sort of types for being... You know... Big blue cat dudes...?
“Sometimes people not like Ronso. You see man with no arms? Probably used to hate Ronso.”

"Not Kimahri.”

“Rikku swore to protect Yuna. And Rikku is not a liar. Kimahri can tell. So, she is a friend."
”Yeah. Right on. So... Are we friends too, big guy?”
“You nancy boy idiot that talks too much for Kimahri. But Yuna likes you. And nancy boy protect Yuna. So... close enough to friend for Kimahri. Like Rikku.”
“I... see...”

"You know, you might want to tell her that later. I think she needs to know that we still want her with us."

"Kimahri think you are kind.”
“Uh, don't tell anyone, okay?"
*grunts* “Only if you watch Kimahri's sick jump?”
“...'Sick jump'?”

And that is it for the third and final alternate take on the snowmobile scene. Yep. Totally not worth the effort to see!

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