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Part 85: Episode LXXVI: Receive My Judgment

Welp. The thread came to a consensus and it appears that Trogdor will be burninating all the peasants. As if they didn't have enough issues with Sin. Disrespectful.

“To those on trial: Believe in Yevon, and speak only the truth."

”Didn't ask... But thanks for the info.”
“Shh. I just got it out of the way so you wouldn't interrupt.”
*thumbs up*

“You have sworn to protect the people of Yevon, true?"
"Then, consider:”

“...Conspired with the Al Bhed and joined in their insurrection.”
”It says here your guardians used an Al Bhed flying machine to storm into your wedding, damaging hallowed ground in the process. They then proceed to take the lives of over a dozen loyal warrior monks guarding the ceremony. A ceremony I am told you fled from by abusing your summoning privileges to RIDE an aeon to safety... Must I even go into detail how much Yevon frowns upon the riding of aeons?”
”Oh what?! Nobody told me that. Lame!”

“These are traitorous and unforgivable crimes that disturb the order of Yevon. Tell this court what possessed you to participate in such violence."
"Your Grace...”

“He killed his father Jyscal with his own hands!"

“There was a memo. Did you fail to receive it?”
“Ugh... Why do I even bother with the Monthly Maester Memos if no one even reads them?”
“You knew of this?!”
“Of course. I read the memo.”
“There you have it.”

“Maester Seymour is already dead!"

“Yuna was only doing her job as a summoner!"
”And how is it you know of Maester Seymour's mortal status?”
“Ergh... Well... That is...”
*shakes head and makes cut motion*

"Send the unsent to where they belong?"
*strokes beard* “Send the dead... hmm?”

New Music: Time of Judgment

"You would have to send me, too."

”Oh don't make such a fuss. The average life expectancy of a human in Spira is their mid-20s. I am older than all of you combined.”
“Hey! I told you all that geezer should have been retired by now and you told me to shut up!”
“Quiet. Now is not the time.”
“Why the heck not!? Are they all freaking ghosts?! Whatabout this maester Ronso dude? Is he a ghost?! Are you a ghostcat dude?!”

"Grand Maester Mika is a wise leader. Even in death, he is invaluable to Spira."
"Enlightened rule by the dead is preferable to the misguided failures of the living."
"Life is but a passing dream, but the death that follows is eternal."

“Only the power of death truly commands in Spira. Resisting its power is futile."

“I am on a pilgrimage to stop the death that Sin brings. Are you... Are you telling me that, too, is futile? Grand Maester Mika, I am not alone! All the people who have opposed Sin... Their battles, their sacrifices -- were they all in vain?"

“No matter how many summoners give their lives, Sin cannot be truly defeated. The rebirth cannot be stopped. Yet the courage of those who fight gives the people hope. There is nothing futile in the life and death of a summoner."

"Lord Mika!"
"Yevon is embodied by eternal, unchanging continuity, summoner."
"No...that can't be right!"

"Lord Mika!"
”Not even getting into the questioning of Yevon's dogma... You and your guardians slew a Maester of Yevon and his entire security detail. Interfered with a purge of the vile Al Bhed while utilizing forbidden machina to kill dozens of Yevon's faithful. And attacked a lovely wedding ceremony attended by three of the four Maesters of Yevon. Executions across the board! This is not even a discussion up for debate.”

Music ends...

And with that, the trial of the century is over. That could of gone better. Someone in this party really needs to hit up a Lawyer Dressphere.

Some time later...

“Orrrrauuuuaaaggghhhhaaaa! You hear me?!”
“You waste your breath.”
*kicks the cage and sits down*

"She's strong. She'll make it."
"She'll make it? What, so she can die? Why is it... everything in Spira seems to revolve around people dying?"
“Sin is always around killing people. Summoners go on a journey to go kill Sin and die. People die and they turn into freaky monsters. Or they just decide not to die and turn into like... What are the unsent? Are they ghosts? Zombies?”
“...Ghost zombies? This place is weird, man. A big weird bummer.”

"Ahh, the spiral of death."
"Summoners challenge the bringer of death, Sin, and die doing so. Guardians give their lives to protect their summoner. The fayth are the souls of the dead. Even the maesters of Yevon are unsent. Spira is full of death. Only Sin is reborn, and then only to bring more death. It is a cycle of death, spiraling endlessly."
”Little bit on the nose for a place called Spira, huh?”
“Spira doesn't do subtlety much.”

Kinoc waddles over to the Bevelle hanging dungeon to see what's crackin' with his old buddy and his weird grouchy nameless kid.

"Sentence? Don't you mean execution?"
"Really, now, what person would execute a dear friend?"
"You would."
”That's harsh, old friend.”
"Are you denying it?”
“Oh I mean... of course you are to be executed. I'm just not doing it myself. If I have to walk down another flight of stairs they'll add me to the unsent Maesters of Yevon club too. Heh... Anyway, you two enjoy yourselves.”

Some time later...

"Next for what?"
”Just going to shoot me in the back? Can't even face me, huh? Pfft. Typical.”
“Well then... One of those flamethrower guys going to come in and roast me so I get enough burns that I can't swim and drown in the water?”
“What...? No. That barely makes sense.”
“Whatever, man. Just ge—“

"Where's everybody else?"
"Floating down there somewhere, maybe."
”I mean the others we pushed in are right there... Just look to your right. What is this guy blind or something? Meh... Who cares? We've carried out our orders. Let's go.”

Team Suffering Capital Punishment! Hell yeah!

”Like are those guys going to come back and shoot us? What kind of execution is this?”
”Hey guys, I'm here too.”

"Think they expect us to give up and die down here."
“Do I get a five...?”
"Well, that's a lame way to kill someone."
“Okay guys...”
“Where's Yunie?”
"I don't know."
”Did they not toss anyone else in? Man Kimahri is gonna be PISSED if he ends up in here.”
“Just you and Wakka.”
“So they dumped the two blitzball players and the Al Bhed deep sea salvager in a pool and expects us to drown. Do they... not know we can all hold our breaths for a least a few hours...?”
*shrug* “Ya got me. All this wacky Yevon stuff is new to me. But Yuna...”

"Wonder if we should wait for her..."
"Hmm... Let's wait at the exit."

Spoiler: There is. But we'll worry about the most ineffective of executions later.


New Music: My Father's Murder

"It seems my father's murder troubles him."
"Ever the Ronso. Hard-headed, hardly useful."
”Ronso pride. The Maester Monthly Memo goes out for a reason. Next he'll be telling me how they don't get mail up on Mt. Gagazet. How typical.”
"However... The summoner Yuna, daughter to High Summoner Braska... She may be of some use to us alive."
"She has disturbed the order of Yevon. She cannot be allowed to live."

”I think when she tried to send you at your own wedding it was made perfectly clear you ain't getting down that Dressphere.”
“No one thrown into the Via Purifico has ever survived."

“Place guards at the exit. Kill any who emerge."
”Shouldn't we have just shot them to begin with...? It feels like we're doing this all wrong.”
*sigh* “Just because I am unsent doesn't mean I have ALL the answers. When is the last time you remember using the Via Purifico? The thing is down there. We're paying to keep it maintained. May as well get our gil's worth.”

*bows* “Sir. Leave that to me.”
"First your father, now your bride?"

”Hmph. This isn't some weird sex thing... Is it Maester Seymour? We Maesters may be a bit flexible with Yevon's tenants but...”
"Wait. I will go, too."
"You do not trust me?"
"Would you trust a man who murdered his father?"
”And it is some weird sex thing, I wanna watch. That alright with you?”
“Oh. Do what you want... Just don't let the Ronso hear about it. I'll never hear the end of it.”

And with that, Seymour and Kinoc shuffle off to go be a future boss fight. Tune in next time for a goddamn Xenogears caliber bland dungeon of corridors!

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