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Part 99: Episode LXXXIX: Scale My Mountain

New Music: Servants of the Mountain
(One of the few Final Fantasy X HD Remaster remixes that is quite good.)

Now that we've had that lovely send-off by the Ronso clan, all that is left to do is just climb up Mt. Gagazet. I mean we've already cross plains... rolling hills... a coastline road... There was the one frozen lake we snowmobiled across. Oh and the river too. Let's not forget that. How much more taxing could climbing the biggest mountain in all of Spira be compared to that...?

Say... What's that rock pile over there?

...We're literally 30 yards from the foot of Mt. Gagazet. That's the place where Biran vomited out the Yevon song of prayer a minute ago over Lulu's shoulder. Did Summoner Dipshitand his crew of Rico Ronso and Poshul the Hypello immediately get ambushed at their first random battle and all ate it a single enemy attack round? Shameful.

While we're here, we may as well go over the random battles skulking around Mt. Gagazet as it is a fairly lengthy climb with a rather high encounter rate. Though... kind of an annoyingly limited and overly sturdy mob pool.

There are a lot of machina on Gagazet to the point one of Auron's combat intro sound bites is remarking not much has changed in ten years. Presumably they've wandered in from the ruins of Zanarkand. Likewise, machina tactics haven't changed since Bikanel. Rikku stealing will one-shot them. As will a decent Thunder spell from Lulu. Or heck, a good hit from Auron/Tidus/Wakka will do the job. Machina are the quickest mob to deal with on the road 'round these parts.

Mech Defenders occasionally hang out with a Bandersnatch – the dog enemies Tidus one shots, not the melted Stretch Armstrong mutants from Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Also Nidhogg – the dragon enemies Auron one-shots, not the indie fencing game.

Bandersnatches can inflict silence or sleep. Nidhoggs have a fairly damaging full party fire elemental attack that can really ruin our day if unprepared. Maybe I was just unlucky, but this pack of enemies Ambushed me a good four times and nearly managed to wipe me a couple of the encounters. Otherwise, they were dead within thirty seconds. Such is the way of Mt. Gagazet.

Bomb's cousins Grenades call Mt. Gagazet their home. They still possess the three attacks and Self-Destruct gimmick. Only this time around they've got 7,500 HP so it's a touch more likely they could succeed in exploding in one of our party member's faces. While still being a fire elemental enemy, Lulu has become useless against 'em here as they're very magical resistant.

Indeed, Lulu's magic attacks in general have been steadily tapering off in effectiveness since around Bevelle. But at Mt. Gagazet they really become kind of weak sauce compared to how useful she was early game. There may be a way to offset that a bit later on in this area.

Imps are also in this area. Wakka can still one shot them. I've yet to ever see a variation of the imp family attack in this game as (besides a special monster arena variety) none of them have more than 800 HP.

Lastly, we have the Wendigo/Ogre's mountain dwelling cousin, the Bashura. Still just copy and pasting that boss fight with a new skin palette and slightly higher stats. With them come the Grat, which likewise just got a new skin color and a numbers with an extra digit or two added.

And that's it for the monster variety of Mt. Gagazet. I hope you like seeing some variety of this line up repeated for the next forty-five minutes! As for the mountain itself, it's less a “climb” and more of a following a winding, geographically non-nonsensical series of rocky pathways looping around the side of the mountain.

That is not to say there isn't a couple side areas with some goodies. One not too far into the region holds a fairly important optional bit.

Braska's Sphere is discarded in an alcove just a bit off the beaten main path of Mt. Gagazet. Seems Jecht wasn't the only one making home movies. Tidus immediately plops down and pops in the tape to see what Yuna's old man was up to at his pilgrimage's end game.

Music: Daughter of the Great Summoner

“I wonder how... old you are, now that you're watching this sphere. You must be very beautiful, like your mother. I wish I could see you.”
*turns away and shakes his head*
“Oh, by the way... Jecht and Auron send their regards. So far, our journey has been very entertaining. Of course, it is a hard journey, but I have no regrets.”
*briefly gets a 100 yard stare* “Well... mostly no regrets. Yuna, if you ever find yourself in Bevelle know that Jecht could be a rowdy sort and any allegations of burning down an establishment of... ill-repute are overblown.”
*rubs neck* “And if you ever find yourself in the Moonflow, please tip the Hypello riders well on your crossing.”
*gazes at naval* “And if you ever pay your respects at the Farplane please just... Well... Guadosalam offers several lovely inns providing any number of amenities. But I am getting off topic.”

“It is the path I have chosen. Yuna, when you have grown, you will have to find your own path.”

”Hey Samurai Shamwow, you seen my recorder dealie anywhere?”
“Doors will always open themselves to those who do. Listen close, Yuna. Your future is yours to make. Live the way you want to. Whatever way that may be, you have your father's full support.”

“Hey, Braska! Nice Dutch angle shot. If you're done filming Battlefield Earth over there, can I have my camera back so we go already? I'm freezing my dick off here!”
“Ah... right. Forgive me.””

Listening to Braska's Sphere (and picking up all the Jecht Spheres along the way thus far) will unlock a new overdrive for Auron. So that was worth the detour at least. No comment from Yuna on the final message her father leaves to her before getting stepped on by Jecht-Sin or however the Final Aeon thing works. But eh... details.

Music: Servants of the Mountain

A bit further and 20 random battles up the path, we find another grave marker. At least this summoner made it a third of the way through Mt. Gagazet Part 1 of 2. So more like 10% of the way.

“...aren't sent to the Farplane."
"Why not?"
"Who would send them? They die alone."
”So who buried them here?”
“Ergh... Well...”
“.Yes. Sure.. I mean... of course. The Ronso. Thank you, Kimahri.”
*thumbs up*

"So that means..."
"Many have become fiends, and they may want Yuna's company."
"Well, Yuna will be fine."
”We've got like 60 Phoenix Downs. It'll be fine.”
"You're right."

”And I was right! Lulu was a real Debbie Downer for this climb. She didn't have to bring everyone else down just because the only thing holding her dress up where nipples hard enough to cut ice.”

The endless snow covered paths continue on and on. The Gagazet climb is only one map. But it twists and folds over itself so many times it's about as long as the Mi'ihen or Mushroom Rock roads. Just with twice the random encounters to pad it out even further. Not much else of interest along the way bes—

...Err. You lost buddy? I mean, it's not like our party is one to talk. But sandals cannot be the best of mountain climbing gear. What's your deal?

"We have met several times before, right?"
”...We did?”
"Not running today?"
“Yeah... just taking a wild guess. Yuna, you've got way better memory for nameless dudes than me. I got no idea who you are, guy.”

"I have to carry on my brother's business. You've met him, I think. O'aka XXIII, merchant extraordinaire?"
"Wait, you're that guy's brother?"
”Huh... I knew that accent was fake. And you don't seem like. Well... a dirtbag.”
“I'm sure there's a nicer way to put it but it's cold and I wanna get to the point.”

"My brother wanted to come help Lady Yuna. But the temple imprisoned him for helping traitors."
"They imprisoned him because of us?"
”We didn't even buy anything from him. I believe I said something to the effect of 'you are really charging us for this shit now, you dirtbag?' ...No offense to your brother.”
"He doesn't regret it, though. In fact, he told me before they took him... 'Don't worry about me, just go help Lady Yuna.'"
"But, why would your brother do this for us?"
"Well... Hey, this isn't the time for talking! There's dealing to be done! Welcome to O'aka's!"
”You are... still going to charge us for your wares, huh?”
“Of course. Top quality merchandise from O'aka's!”
”So much for the not seeming like a dirtbag thing...”

Unlike his war profiteering shithog brother most of the time, Wantz actually does have some fairly nice, if expensive, gear. Particularly, the Booster Cactuar is a decent remedy to Lulu's ailing magic attack power by nearly doubly its effectiveness. It's a decent chunk of change. But it's not like Final Fantasy X has many cases for money spending. Other than cheesing bosses with our most recent aeon.

Also of particular note, Wantz is carrying a new item of note: Holy Water. This cures the Zombie status effect. Now, we've not seen any Zombie status come into play beyond that Via Purifico boss being afflicted with it. Not to spoil anything, but it MIGHT be a decent idea to invest in a couple dozen of these before hitting the road. Just as a precaution...

"He's doing the same for you, Lady Yuna."

One has to wonder how many days O'aka's brother has been staving off hypothermia in the off chance Yuna's party would cross his path on the mountain ascent. But meh... We'll just chalk it off to O'aka being a garbage person playing his little brother like that. Anyway, who is up for poking another grave marker?

”Yeah. That would suck. Guess it's lucky Lady Whatsherface ate it in that cave before going through all this, huh?”
“Yeah... Get all scowlly all you want. I'm not wrong.”
*nervous laugh* “Let us... continue onward...”

At long last we reach a save point marking the top of the mountain. Sort of... Many Final Fantasy X player's journey ended at this save station...

*stops walking* “I know.”
"Yunie is gonna get the Final Aeon, you know?"
"I know."
"I still haven't thought of anything."
"Me neither."
”If we're being honest... kinda been too cold to think straight.”

"What are we gonna do?"
"We'll do something! We just don't know enough yet. Until we do, we really can't help Yuna. Let's got to Zanarkand. We'll find something there. It'll all come together! I know it!”

“Just now you sounded like a leader, you know?"
”I mean one of those always winging it leaders that only gets by in stories because they're a main character with plot armor. But hey... small steps.”

”Blitzball is all about knowing how to wing it! Ya know... cuz it's underwater and you can't really talk. It'll all work out somehow! I know it!”


Tidus begins to walk towards the rest of the departed group...


”Hiya. Ha ha.”

New Music: Seymour's Ambition (HD Remaster Remix)
(Let's punch it up from the Seymour is probably a villain theme to Seymour is definitely a villain and opening for a '80s hair metal band.)

"Rikku, run ahead and tell Auron!"
"You are not fighting him alone!"
”Yeah. No shit... That's why I'm sending you to go get Auron!”
"Just go! Go!"

Rikku runs off...

"Not if I can help it!"
”And it's Tidus. Tidus! Son of Jecht? Tch... Howabout I start calling you 'Son of Jyscal'?”
“...That would be awkward. True.”
“Then knock it off, creep!”

*winces* ”Please tell me Rikku brought more than Kimahri...”

*exhales* “Thank god.”

"Lady Yuna, it is a pleasure."

Yuna begins the Sending motions. Not that I think there are actually any clear Sending rituals since it's a different thing every time. She stops as soon as Seymour begins talking again because... Look, Yuna isn't the brightest bulb in all of Spira...

"A sending, so soon? Allow me to say something to the last Ronso before I leave.”
”...That okay. Kimahri suddenly alright with all ignoring Kimahri before.”

“They threw themselves at me to bar my path.”
*raises arm* “One...”
*raises other arm* “...after another..."
”One would think they would stop after they began slipping over the bodies of their allies. But, I suppose there isn't a lot of sayings for teaching old cats new tricks for a reason... Haha.”

Yeah so the Seymour committed a little bit of the old genocide on the Ronso clan off-screen. ...Mass exterminations of fantasy people seems to be an uncomfortable running theme in games I LP...

Anyway, with that knowledge, important Ronso we've met like Maester Kelk? Biran? Yenke? All fucking dead! Guess Yuna won't be getting that horned statue now, huh?


"You could end the suffering of this poor Ronso."
"I don't understand you!"
"Allow Kimahri to die, and release him from his pain. Spira... is a land of suffering and sorrow caught in a spiral of death. To destroy -- to heal -- Spira, I will become Sin.”
“Kimahri vote to kill insane half-Guado man.”
“The motion passes.”

“Yes, with your help.”

Yuna with an appropriate “this bugfuck crazy prick is still trying to pick me up after murdering him twice” look.

”Yeah... No dawg. She's taken. Take a hint and go stick your undead dick in a tree or something more your speed.”

”Had to go there, huh. Low blow, dude. Not cool.”

Music: Challenge

Welp. Repeating his lunatic spiel about how becoming Sin and killing everyone is totally a A+ Plan that will fix all of Spira hasn't won over the party yet again. A shocking turn of events, I know. But worry not, Seymour had a Plan B if negotiations for everyone to just drop dead broke down.

You wouldn't believe the kind of legendary armor you can craft out of an entire litter of Ronso pyreflies.

I hoped you liked that cutscene. You're probably seeing it again... Tune in next time for the boss that probably stomped your ass while playing Final Fantasy X!

Video: Episode 89 Highlight Reel
(Recommended viewing the Seymour scene at least. Watching it three or four times for full effect. )