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Part 77: Von Muir p. 78-84: "Chapter 10: Edward and the Song of Power" (Development)

Von Muir p. 78-84: "Chapter 10: Edward and the Song of Power" (Development)

Zodiark is the Esper of Dark, associated with the sign of Ophiuchus. Unique among the Espers, Zodiark never joined in Ultima's rebellion, acting instead always as the gods' hand of retribution. Strong enough even as a child to twist space, his potential frightened the gods, and, following the Esper uprising, they sealed his growth and hid him away in the deepest cavern of the world. Free of the burdens of sin the other Espers carry, he retains a childlike innocence despite his powers. His future is unwritten, and, if allowed to grow into his full potential, he may yet go on to do great and/or terrible things.

Appropriate to Zodiark's powerful nature, the boons he grants to the party all revolve around making them more beefy. Vaan can learn to wear Heavy Armor up to the Magepower Shishak and Maximillian, Balthier can equip the Ragnarok, Fran can gain an extra 390 HP, Basch can learn to wield the Durandal and Durandal A, and Ashe can gain the use of the Claymore.

Writing Assignment 16

This is the final Esper assignment, after which the characters will never be able to obtain any additional Licenses. Choose a summoner for Zodiark and, in 100 words or less, explain why that character is the most appropriate choice. Tag spoilers and show your work. Remember that this is an essay contest, not a popular vote!

Writing Assignment 16 due!

I admit to dropping in a couple of hooks into the source material for this one, since the description given by the game is a tad sparse, and KazigluBey bit down on one. If you compare and contrast Vaan with Zodiark, the former was accepted and tolerated primarily on the basis of his potential for greatness, while the latter was feared and shackled for the same. Perhaps it's too early to declare that the kids are gonna turn out all right, but Vaan has certainly grown into himself well so far through the help of the party, and hopefully young Zodiark will have the same opportunity.

KazigluBey posted:

Zodiark was created as part of the Espers yet remained removed from them, untainted by their rebellion and subsequent fall from grace. A child in form yet bequeathed with immense potential, it would only be fitting that its counterpart amongst the protagonists should be the one it partners with. Vaan remained largely separate from the proceedings of the story, yet through his struggles he gained in power and maturity. Now he stands at the cusp of his own story, and perhaps alongside this boy Zodiark can grow as well.