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Part 82: Module 0 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 0 Summary

- Dalmasca and Nabradia are two small countries caught between the larger empires of Archadia and Rozarria. Prince Rasler of Nabradia and Princess Ashelia of Dalmasca are wed in 704 OV, a move with both romantic and political motivations.
- Shortly after, Archadia invades Nabradia and destroys the capital, Nabudis, with unprecedented speed. Rasler and the Dalmascan military are wiped out defending the border fortress of Nalbina.
- Lord Raminas, King of Dalmasca, travels to Nalbina for peace negotiations with Archadia, where he is killed. Dalmascan Knight Captain Basch fon Ronsenberg is arrested and sentenced to death for killing Raminas, based partly on the eyewitness account of one of his soldiers, Reks.
- Marquis Ondore of the independent city of Bhujerba announces the suicide of Ashelia, leaving Dalmasca with no clear line of succession. Dalmasca is annexed by Archadia.