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Part 90: Module 8 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 8 Summary

- At the temple on Mt. Bur-Omisace, Larsa and Ashe meet with Al-Cid Margrave, a minor Rozarrian noble who has been conspiring with Larsa in an attempt to prevent the coming war. He delivers the news that their plan, which hinged on Ashe negotiating peace with Emperor Gramis, has already failed, as the Emperor has been killed.
- Vayne has blamed the death on a coalition of Senators and had them arrested, effectively dissolving the Senate. Despite some division within the Judges, Vayne successfully seizes sole authority over the Archadian Empire.
- The Gran Kiltias sends Ashe south to the Stilshrine of Miriam to retrieve the Sword of Kings, a secret relic of Raithwall that can cut through nethicite. Ashe nearly destroys the spent Dawn Shard to test its power, but stays her hand at the sight of another apparition of Rasler.
- While the party is gone, an Imperial fleet attacks Mt. Bur-Omisace, recapturing Larsa and killing the Gran Kiltias and many refugees. Judge Bergan remains behind to attack Ashe, and appears to be possessed by the same spirit as Mjrn, but retains his conscious will and demonstrates superhuman strength.
- Once Bergan is slain, Balthier determines that manufacted nethicite had been grafted into his skeleton. He volunteers to lead Ashe to the Draklor Laboratory in Archadia, where she can use the Sword of Kings to destroy the Dusk Shard.

Bazaar Packages
Cursed Necklace (3x Blood-stained Necklace, 2x Death's-Head, 3x Leo Gem)
Huntsman's Crossbow (1x Bundle of Needles, 2x Festering Flesh, 5x Ice Magicite)
Iron-forged Pole (3x Demon Eyeball, 4x Fire Magicite, 5x Sturdy Bone)
War Axe (4x Malboro Fruit, 2x Pointed Horn, 6x Wind Magicite)
Burnished Protectives (4x Earth Stone, 2x Quality Hide, 2x Wyrm Carapace)
Alluring Finery (3x Fine Wool, 4x Ice Magicite, 1x Tyrant Hide)
Monk's Garb (4x Coeurl Pelt, 4x Ice Magicite, 2x Tyrant Hide)
Sipping Wine (2x Tyrant Hide)
Survival Set (4x Malboro Fruit)
Magick Shards (4x Festering Flesh)

Bestiary Entries
021 - Baritine Croc
087 - White Wolf
091 - Garuda-Egi
092 - Dark Skeleton
094 - Skull Knight
096 - Ice Elemental
100 - Zombie Warrior
101 - Blood Gigas
104 - Ghoul
106 - Facer
107 - Balloon
108 - Miriam Guardian
109 - Oiling
110 - Miriam Facer
196 - Shambling Corpse
273 - Mateus, the Corrupt
287 - Vinuskar
381 - Judge Bergan

Rare Game
51 - Matriarch Bomb
76 - Anchag

World Map