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Part 13: Hellfire Chasm

Let's Play Final Fantasy Bonus Dungeon II: Hellfire Chasm. You mean there's another set of elemental fiends?"

(I tried what people recommended and simply doubled the size of the screenshots rather than going for a fancy size. Tell me what you think.)

Welcome back to the long-delayed (fuck VBA and its freezing) second part of Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls bonus dungeons. Today, we'll be tackling the fire-themed dungeon.


As you can see, I also beat Kraken before coming in here so I could do this and Lifespring Grotto in a one-two punch.

Hellfire is a 10-story dungeon that you have to go through twice. Earthgift was a 5-story dungeon you had to go through four times. I found that much easier to do, partially because Earthgift contains two really quick nonsense floors that are easy to get through, partially because Hellfire has one of the worst floors yet.

As you can see, Hellfire is right by the Cardriff Caves and their apparently Welsh dragons (Harry Potter was right!). Inside, you can see this sight:

We know how to get rid of the Maralith (Kary) statue, right?

Before we go through the floors in order, I'd like to point out that three of the floors are just variants of Mt. Gulg and are completely hard to tell apart, so I'll be brushing over those now:

Is the next one different?

This one at least has a different gimmick:

It's like floor 2 of Mt. Gulg and has a maze.

That was room 8 on my run. These rooms are dull and interchangable and I won't be talking about any of them. On to the more exciting ones.

It's the overworld! The layout of this room changes drastically when you hit it on different runs. Sometimes, you need to use your canoe or even your boat to get around.

What's that? A person in the overworld?

Our friend here is jealous of our canoe and airship. You know, Thule, you are a pirate, stealing vehicles is kind of your thing. Take an airship.

That odd room aside, what else do we have?

This was my floor six. I call it Boring Cave Room. There's absolutely nothing to say about it. Next.

Wait, did I say three interchangeable volcano rooms? Silly me, I meant four.

This room is somewhat more interesting. The bats block your path and you take heat damage every few seconds. I find some cool stuff:

A decent helmet for Bonus? How generous.

Seven floors down, and two others are boss floors. This next one should be another boring-

I hate hate hate hate hate this room. The random encounter levels have been turned up to max: you face a random encounter almost every step. These idiot guards block your path everywhere. They find chokepoints where they give you a pixel opening every 30 seconds or so and cut it off in under a second. I found some chokepoints that tied me up over five minutes.

Due to some deeply-hidden masochistic streak, I go way out of my way to get a treasure chest. Rest assured, I didn't do that again:

A one-time boost of one stamina point for one character as a reward for spending 10 minutes of my life trying to walk around cockblocking NPCs? Screw you too, Squeenix.


I'm out. Now for four boss fights.

This part of the update is brought to you by my all-time favorite Final Fantasy fan product:

I don't care what you say, that video is awesome .

Who's first?

????: Oooohh...What a treat! What a treat to be the one to send you to your graves! Perish knowing that it was Scarmiglione who fed your corpses to the earth!

I remember you. Not back attacking this time, eh, Scarmy?

Using Bonus offensively against a boss? Not heretical in this case. Holy really fucks Scarmy up.

Well, that was easy, on to-

Scarmiglione: "You've given me a fine death! Indeed you have! And only in death can you know the true terror of Scarmiglione!"

You know why you're my least favorite Elemental Fiend, Scarmy? You pull shit like this.

Scarmiglione's second form can wreck you pretty badly if you're caught unawares, and even if you aren't. Poison Gas is way overpowered and he will spam it. As you can see, I depleted all my MP on Bonus in this fight and actually had to use a Dry Ether.

All that for a Lunar Curtain. Nearly worthless. Who's up next in the second boss room?

????: "I suppose I underestimated you. I didn't think you would make it this far. No matter. Barbariccia's winds shall cut you down!"

She doesn't like physical attacks.

Really, seriously, she doesn't like physical attacks.

The prize is the Braveheart Sword, a powerful and extremely accurate weapon that brings Let's to 255 accuracy. Not bad.

Who's up for my next runthrough of Hellfire?

????: "You're just in time, my little playmates...I get so lonely here...Won't you keep me company?"

Old penis-head here always creeped me out, and those introductory lines don't help his case.


Scarmy, remember when I said you were my least favorite Elemental Fiend? I take it back.

He's all washed up. Prize is a Light Curtain. Could you stop giving Curtains already?

We all know and love who will be last, right?

????: "I am Rubicante. Let us measure your worth, warriors, in the crucible of my flames."

Oh, dammit, I forgot to heal! No worries, it's Rubicante. He'll heal up my party. Right?


The cheating bastard used Firaga on me first turn and wiped out my party. It was admittedly y of me to forget to heal before a boss fight, but it's fucking Rubicante! He's supposed to completely heal your party. That's his gimmick.

Got the bastard back, though.

Rubicante's fire attacks hurt. I actually had to use NulBlaze to survive (yes, it's not broken in this version). Even that only caused Scorch to go from doing 400 HP damage to 200. Firaga can be a real problem for everyone but my surprisingly durable White Mage.

The K-sword is extremely good, and is now making Play outdamage Let's consistently.

Rubicante is courteous enough to give us a second gift, another Ribbon, which will obviously come in handy.

Out we go. Tune in next time for the greatest swordsman many worlds was it again? Exciting Excalipur action will occur.