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Original Thread: FF1: Technical Knock Out



Hello everyone, and welcome to my gimmick Let's Play of the original Final Fantasy 1

Who are you and what's going on here?

I'm a fan of the LP forums and long-time lurker who's suddenly got all kinds of time on his hands and wants to fill it. I've got a few ideas for LPs, but I figured I'd start out with something I know well and have a little bit of fun with it before trying something more difficult. I'm new at LPing, so I'm going for something simple.

Okay, but didn't somebody already LP this game?

Sure, Oyster and Petoux did a couple years ago, and I'd highly recommend reading it. It's one of my favorite LPs.
Oyster and Petoux's FF LP

So what's different about what you're going to do here?

Rather than going for a story based LP, I'm intending to do a more technical explanation of the game with a couple of parties that are a challenge to play with. I'll explain what's going on, strategies for these kinds of games, and how the game play changes with different groups. I'm also going to be using odd combinations of equipment, strategies, tricks of the game engine, sequence breaking, and possibly a few exploits. I'm going to avoid things like egregious abuse of savestates and manipulating the game's random encounter generation. Later on I'm considering letting readers pick a party and going through with that, and if the game requires that kind of micromanagement I'll probably choose something that doesn't. For the first playthrough it's going to be a single character gimmick with a fighter/knight. The first time I started to experiment with this game, this was what I attempted.

What's going on with the colors?

In my first couple of test posts a few people appeared to see a tint on the image and some difference in the colors as compared to what they expected. Others didn't see anything at all. I've done what I can to correct that, but I am doing my editing on a MacBook and there's only so much that I can do with the software I have. Also, I'm just a bit colorblind so it's difficult to even see the problems people are having. If you're having issues with the appearance of the images and it's a deal-breaker for you, I'm sorry to hear that.

Table of Contents

Solo's Journey

Chapter 1: In the Beginning
Chapter 2: Transport and Preparation
Chapter 3: Caves, Fetching, and Stubborn NPCs
Chapter 4: Removing Roadblocks
Chapter 5: Burn in Hell Forever Ice Cave
Chapter 6: Forging the Sword
Chapter 7: Götterdämmerung
Chapter 8: Temporal Abnormality

The Saga of Loq

The Saga of Loq: Chapter the First
The Saga of Loq: Chapter the Second
The Saga of Loq: Chapter the Third

Bonus Material: Dawn of Souls by Patter Song

Part 1: Earthgift
Part 2: Hellfire Chasm
Part 3: Lifespring Grotto (1/2)
Part 4: Lifespring Grotto (2/2)
Part 5: Whisperwind Cove (1/4)

NBN: Nothing But Ninjas

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I: The Canal Project
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Floater
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles in Time
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