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Part 16: Whisperwind Cove (1/4)

Whisperwind Cove, first 10 Floors. Part 1/4

You're dividing this into four parts?

It'd be too many screenshots otherwise.

Fine. Let's get this over with.

I couldn't agree more. After these updates, I will never touch the original Final Fantasy again.

As you can see, it's right over by the Ice Cavern. The statue of Tiamat's gone, so let's just get to it.




Bor...wha? Where the fuck is this? It's pretty, but...

One of the things I love about this area is the complete abandonment of any sort of recognition to the idea that you're underground, or even in Final Fantasy. It's bizarre look helps break the monotony.

And we have our first gimmick floor. Here, some of the fairies will restore all your HP and MP, others will completely drain you. It's usually best to run into this floor towards the end, as your MP will more likely be tapped. As I have absolutely no further use for my MP recovery items, I'm not too worried.

This, however, shows that this is actually the most dangerous floor in the dungeon, especially since there are random encounters, and even Black Goblins still occasionally hit for one damage.

This exit doesn't show up unless you talk to that fairy, and by this point, you're terrified of the little devils. She actually says, "Hey! Listen!"

Moving on.


Another gimmick floor. Let's talk to a soldier!

So it's a zombie kingdom?

With a zombie king and queen?

He's actually fairly durable, though he doesn't hit very hard. He survives into a second turn, respectable considering I used Diaja on him.

How about that queen?

Also surprisingly durable. If I wasn't so absurdly leveled from doing Shinryu and Omega, these guys might be kind of tough.

I'm...not sure we should've done this. Let's leave and forget this ever happened, OK guys?



Hell yeah, boss time!


O...k, then?

I miss the FFVI boss music. You listen to it.

Like all the bosses here, he's weaker than Shinryu and Omega, and this guy in particular is no threat at all. His Snort attack has become an Instant Death spell, which three of my four party members are immune to (Instant Death Immunity completely screws up the final boss of this dungeon).

He also only has 10k HP, as opposed to the 35k HP that Shinryu and Omega had. Also, I have Ragnarok.

What I suppose I'm trying to say is that he lasted three turns.

If only Warmech had actually shown up, Let's would be decked out in a complete set of Genji armor now.

Next time: an opera-loving octopus and more boring dungeon floors.