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Part 4: Chapter One, Part Four: Liberation HQ

Part 4: Liberation HQ

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden. This time, we're doing another two battles and get some more characters.

But first, let's take a short look at Claire, our newest recruit:

She is going to be very, very useful.

And now, without further ado, let's battle.

Soldier, Units: 9, Power: 170
Alm, Units: 7, Power 231

This is going to be a one-sided battle.

No complicated plans this time. They usually do not go as expected.

Turn 1

All units are positioned just outside the enemy movement range.

Turn 2

Just as planned. Alm got scratched, but it is not important.

Cliff, Robin and Claire each got a kill. Cliff did not even needed help, demonstrating the power of Bolt sword. Robin even got a level. (Level 2, skill +1, Speed +1)

Turn 3

I'm going to have to retreat Gray, since I do not want to waste Silk's turn on healing him.

The rest of the enemies is almost dead. Cliff and Luka gained a level in the process. (Cliff; Level 2, Skill +1, Speed +1, HP +1) (Luka 6; HP +1)

I'm going to skip the cleanup and skip straight into the next battle.

Cavalier, Units: 6, Power: 132
Alm, Units: 7, Power: 235

This is going to be another unexciting battle.

Let's get through this quick, there's no actual challenge here.

Turn 3

After some movement, we're in position to attack the enemy.

I'm trying a new way to show melee combat in the screenshots. Please, tell me if it's working. In other new, Silk had gained a level. (Level 8, Speed +1, Luck +1)

Turn 4

Nothing happened during the enemy turn. The only difference is that the northern cavalry group is now in position to attack Gray.

More moving into new positions.
Gray is still blocking the chokepoint and I healed Claire in preparation to cross the river.

Turn 5

And here is our chokepoint action.

Everyone on our side is far superior, so the ranged attackers clear out the bridge and Alm crosses onto the other side. Also: Cliff. (Level 3, Skill +1, HP +1)

Turn 6

Enemy tries in vain, but Alm is a hero character. The last cavalier is mobbed and killed.

And now, it's time to finally visit the Liberation HQ.

The entrance is exactly same as in the Thief cave. It is only different in that in Liberation HQ, there is a guard.

Eh? You're new recruits? In that case, go on inside, but be careful! Demons may be around...

Python wasn't lying; the Liberation HQ is infested by zombies and skeletons. Those of you who had played Fire Emblem Sacred Stones probably remember that in that game, there was a lot of undead enemies.

Anyway, even though the skeletons (or bonewalkers) may be almost challenging, the zombies are the weakest enemies in the game. This battle is completely straightforward, so I'm going to skip it.

Robin (Level 3, Skill +1, HP +1)
Claire (Level 2, Power +1, Luck +1)
Alm (Level 5, Defence +1)

After this little speedbump, we enter the shrine at the bottom of the cave.
We're going to talk.

If Rigel complies, we won't stand a chance!

Alm: But the 'Gods' Pact' upheld by Sofia and Rigel... It means we won't war, right? Our guardian, Lady Mila, would never allow it.
Force: Yeah, well... There's a rumor that Lady Mila has disappeared. Hey, hey! Don't look so surprised! After all, it's been strange lately, hasn't it? Crops failing, odd demons emerging... Only Mila's Temple knows what's going on, I guess.
Soldier Force joined you!

"Save the world" plot detected! Also, today I learned that "war" is apparently also a verb. Video games are educational.

Well, I've got a favor to ask of you. Starting today, will you lead our forces? That's why we sought Sir Mycen, Sofia's hero, but for some reason, he's refused us. Therefore, I'd like you to command our units in his place. So, Alm. I'm counting on you to save Sofia.

Cavalr Cleive joined you!

This is the great thing about technical limitations. The plot in FE2 is much more honest than in any modern game, simply because there's no room for a lot of text.

The Lion heads in this shrine give Power and Defence. Again there are 3 increases to be had, so I gave Claire +2 Power and +1 Defence.

Now it's time to leave, but there's one more thing to do.

I'm coming too! Be wary of Slayder, the guards' captain. He's a pretty strong fighter.

Archer Python joined you!

So, we finally got our archer and he's going to be pretty useful in the next battle, since I'm going to give him the steel bow captured last update.

And now, the stats.

Cleive had a Steel Lance, but I had taken it from him and gave it to Claire. She got some more attack power from this which means that apart from Cliff and Robin, she's the strongest attacker in the army. Python should be also decent, but he's limited by his low skill.

This is all for now, but next time, we're going to finish chapter one.