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Part 5: Chapter One, Part Five: Storming the castle

Part 5: Storming the castle

Hello and welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden. This time, we're going to finish chapter one and capture a castle.

Sofia Gate
Slayder, Units: 7, Power: 165
Dozer, Units: 10, Power: 215
Alm, Units: 10, Power: 338

Given that, on average, our units are about 50% stronger than the enemy, this might seem like an easy battle, but we meet our first actual bosses in this battle.

Think you can defeat me? Slayder, use my army to scatter those swines!

This is Dozer. You can tell he's evil, since he's got funny hair.

Now, for the battle itself.

Just as befits the final battle of the first chapter, it is pretty big. Actually, it's probably the first really difficult battle in the game.

The Dragon shield is, along with the Magic Shield, the best shield in the entire game. It gives its bearer +13 to both Defence and M.Defence, making them very hard to kill. This will be fun.

Turn 3

Again, the action actually starts after some unit movement. (The screenshot is actually from beginning of Turn 4, but enemy did not do anything during their turn.)

Python is already in attack position and he scored a single hit. Alm is leading the melee attackers since he's got the highest defence.

Turn 4

Again, only general movement to positions, along with Python attacking.

Turn 5

The enemy again did not do anything except for retreating.

The first enemy archer is out of the fight for some time.

Turn 6

Since this is still mostly ranged battle, all the arrows fit into one screenshot. Anyway, enemy archers are incompetent and miss while Python got two hits and the archer he attacked is going to retreat. I also slightly miscalculated with Claire and had to move her in order to lure Slayder out.

Turn 7

And it worked. The downside is that Claire is now almost dead.

I originally planned to move Claire onto the wall and have her attacked by Slayder from one side while Silk would heal her from the other. Unfortunately, Silk can heal 12 HP while Slayder can do 14 points of damage.

Turn 8

Again, enemy did not do much. Next turn, I'll be ready to lure Slayder out.

Turn 9

The trap is ready.

Turn 10

I hope everyone knows where this is leading.

Moments like this are why I play strategy games.

Turn 11

Enemy did nothing on their turn, except for attacking Alm with pitiful results.

Everything goes according to plan.

Shit! I'll remember this. I'm leaving this to you, men!
Dozer flees

And the enemy leader runs away with a vague threat of vengeance. Oh, and Python got a level. (Level 4, Power +1, HP +1)

Turn 12

Again, the enemy did nothing.

Only some moving around, nothing special.

Turn 13

Nothing much happening. Just an ordinary attack. Note that the archer is an idiot.

Silk is now both low on HP and a long way away. I hope I won't need any healing. Also, Gray got a level. (3, Power +1, Skill +1, HP +1)

Turn 14

Yes, the picture is a complete mess. Still, it perfectly conveys that the enemy attacked Alm with everything that could reach him. Apart from the wizard that did 7 points of damage, it wasn't very threatening.

Alm should survive, but Claire is badly wounded. However, she gained a level. (3, Power +1, Luck +1, HP +1)

Turn 15

Alm is almost dead and others don't look too good either.

Alm should be safe now. On the other hand, Gray is not very healthy. Let's just hope the archers don't notice him.

Turn 16

Enemy is in full retreat mode. Let's exploit it.

An archer and cavalier dead. The remaining healthy archer is unimportant and Luka, my only healthy unit is blocking the doorway.

Turn 17

As I said: full retreat. The only bad thing is that the enemy is using recovery spots and slowly healing.

The only healthy enemy left is dead, thanks to Robin's lucky critical. Since this battle has been long enough, I'm going to skip the cleanup. It's unexciting.

Robin (Level 4, Skill +1, HP +1)
Alm (Level 6, Defence +1)

After battle, we get to explore Sofia Castle. As you can see, there are plenty of NPCs and even a treasure chest.

The guard(?) to left:
Dozer escaped with the valuable "Royal Sword". It was a gift of friendship from the Kingdom of Rigel long ago. No normal person can use it.

The woman(?) in brown clothes: Thanks to you all, Dozer's army fled to their own fort in the western forest.

The woman(?) in blue clothes: The entire royal family was murdered by Dozer. Well, except the princess whom Lord Mycen was entrusted with.

This raises a lot of questions. Is Alm the princess?

The guard(?) next to the closed chest: Take this Knight Killer. Those who can use it can easily dispatch enemy knights.

This time, we loot with permission! The Knight Killer lance gives its wielder an attack bonus against mounted opponents from the Cavalier->Paladin->Gold Knight line. It is pretty useful, since it also gives a small bonus to regular attack. I gave it Luka.

These were not the only NPCs in Sofia Castle. Let's talk to the others.

Brown haired person(?) to the left: It seems that Dozer has requested aid from Rigel. If he's not stopped before the Rigelian army comes, there'll be big trouble.

And here's the plot for chapter three, ladies and gentlemen.

The other brown haired person(?): Dozer secretly had every child born to the royal family killed. Sir Mycen tried to stop him but was charged with the crime instead and driven away.

It's not much of a secret if everybody knows it. Also, a punishment for what amounts to treason is only an exile? That's not very effective and especially Japan should know it. There is a reason why Japan did not have a proper government for half its history.

The blue haired person(?): You're General Mycen's grandson? But he shouldn't have any kin... N-no way, that rumor was true?

What rumour? That Mycen's grandson is the lost princess? Seriously, what rumour are you talking about?

Laying this aside, let's take a look upstairs.

Alm: Gramps! Why are you at Sofia Castle?
Mycen: I can't seem to escape destiny. Alm, it's best if you follow your own path. Free this land of Valencia from its cursed fate. You and the red-haired girl who will visit this castle soon... Perhaps that is what fate has in store for you...

You have reached Chapter 1's end. Save your game?