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Part 6: Chapter Two, Part One: And now for something completely different

Part 6: And Now For Something Completely Different

Last time, on Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden, we finished Chapter 1 and liberated a castle. This time, we're forgetting about all of this. I don't have as much time as I would want to do this update, so no battle. But there is a lot of story development.

The road to Mila's Temple is long. Between Geyse's pirates and the evil fiends rising, you'll surely be attacked. It's too risky...
Celica:But Father, it's been three years since we last grew crops. What in the world befell the Earth Goddess Mila? I want to find out for myself.
Noma:I see... If you insist, then I shall not stop you, Celica. You know why Sir Mycen placed you in my care, right? You are the last of the Sofian royal family. Sofia's people depend on you. Don't try to do the impossible.

Now let's pick up our new friends.

I'll come along too, so please relax.
Mage Boey joined you!

If you get hurt, I can heal you with my Recover spell.
Cleric Jenny joined you!

I can also use Thunder, so please rely on me, 'kay?
Mage May joined you!

This is everyone we've got, so let's see how are we doing.

Celica's the second main hero of the game and much better than Alm. So much that Alm's got to more or less cheat to be as good as her. Why is she so good? Apart from being able to use magic of both healing and attack types, she can also attack physically. And thanks to magic and physical attack power using the same attribute, she can equip swords and the like to power up her spells. She also gets her promotion much earlier than Alm.

Right now, she only knows the Fire spell, but that's going to change pretty fast.

Boey sucks. His problem is that not only he's got low speed, meaning he can't double attack, but his spell selection is also inferior to May's.

Jenny is a cleric and our first healer. Since Celica will soon be able to cast Recover, Jenny is not as important as Silk, but she's still pretty useful. Especially from level 4. As all clerics, she starts the game with Recover and Nosferatu spell.

May is the strongest attacker we've got right now. Sure, she lacks skill, but since spells are not dependent on it, it's no problem. In all other aspects, she's great. And she's got the Lightning and Fire spells. Yes, there's an error in the translation. The spell is supposed to be Thunder, just as was said in the conversation, but the game menus show it as Lightning. Who cares, it is great.

It does one more point of damage than Fire and its hit chance is only 70% instead of eighty. It also costs 2hp to cast instead of one. However, it's got a range of three squares. And that is really, really useful. It's like longbows in later FE games, but with decent damage.

There are also Lion heads in the temple, so we get a boost right at the beginning.

Left one is power, right one is speed. Celica gets one speed and power, Jenny gets one speed.

Leaving the screen gets us directly into a battle, so I'm going to end here. Expect new update sometime this weekend, as I still have two exams before me.