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Part 7: Chapter Two, Part Two: Magical Journey

Part 7: Magical Journey

Last time, on Fire Emblem Gaiden we met a completely new group to lead. This time, we're going to test them in battle.

We ended the last update at Mila's Temple. I said that leaving it would start a battle and that is exactly what we're going to do.

I normally wouldn't show this battle at this point, since it is not that interesting, but we have a new army to show off.

Turn 1

General moving towards the enemy. Still, this map is small, so the action should start pretty soon.

Turn 2

Enemy is now in range. One zombie managed to occupy a grave, but since cover does not work against magic, it is futile effort.

Turn 3

The enemies never do what I want them to, do they?

Boey misses again. Can I get him replaced by Sain?

Turn 4

The zombies are the weakest enemy in the game, so even though this mage army is pretty flimsy, they can't do a lot of damage. Celica takes 1 point of damage from a successful attack, so she can act as a tank.

Boey did not attack, since I do not want to remove him from cover. May is low on hit points, so I'm going to try and move her closer to Jenny.

Turn 5

Celica draws a lot of enemy attacks. This is actually the first turn Jenny did not manage to do any damage, despite her 50% hit rate.

I took a risk with May, but the zombies only have 4 movement points, so the forest covers her. She also got the kill, since Boey proved himself to be completely useless. Seriously, he did not hit even once in this battle.

Turn 6

The enemies are running out of options, so they're just attacking aimlessly.

And Boey's first hit is a kill. Jenny is doing well, thanks to Nosferatu draining HP from the zombies, but I'm still sending Celica up there.

Still, I'm going to end the battle here, since there are even less events of note happening.

And with our victory, we get an updated world map.

As you can see, there will be a lot of naval battles in this chapter. It'll probably take about four updates to finish this chapter, since while I'm going to gloss over some battles, the Shaman and Dragon Zombie battles deserve their own updates.

What is not immediately obvious is that Celica's army actually begins stronger on the average than Alm's army. Not by much and Alm can promote the villagers quickly to make up for the difference. Still, I think Celica's army is stronger overall.

We're nearing the end of the update, but first, we're going to visit Nova Port.

The woman outside: It's said a powerful sword is hidden at the Sea Shrine.

The barperson: Don't go near the Sea Shrine, 'kay? A scary Dragon Zombie lives on that island and eats all trespassers.

Kill the dragon, get the sword. Got it.

Don't gooo... Y'all can't cross the sea by yerselves, can ya?
Celica:Aren't you a mercenary? Could you protect us?
Saber:What? You wanna hire me? Hmm... Alright, it might be interestin'.
Mercn Saber joined you!

And here we have our meatshield. It is actually kind of sad, since playing with an all mage group for longer could be interesting. Actually, I find all mage heavy playthroughs of Fire Emblem games to be more entertaining than balanced armies. Sadly, we have to recruit Saber, or the game wouldn't let us leave the port.

The last person we did not speak to: If you want to sail to Valencia, take that docked ship. However, lots of pirates trawl the waters. Their boss, Dahha, has killed many people. Earlier, some men left to avenge their families. They probably won't return alive.

Unlike most other Fire Emblem games, the "fighting bandits" stage at the beginning lasts a whole lot longer, simply because there are two leaders. It is like in Fire Emblem 7, where you finish Lyn's story by fighting regular army and then you start Eliwood's story by fighting more bandits.

Well, we're ending here, since using the boat would get us into another battle. Tune in next week, for hopefully longer update.