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Part 8: Chapter Two, Part Three: Pirates! ...Arrr.

Part 8: Pirates! ...Arrr.

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden. This time, we're going to see some naval battles and clean a pirate hideout. Usually, when there are naval battles in Fire Emblem, there is not a whole lot of them. There are one or two battles, just to throw in something unusual and that's all. Again, Gaiden is different.

Before I forget, here are Saber's stats. Actually I did forget and took this screenshot after the first battle, but there is nothing changed about them, except for the experience. He did not do anything in the battle, but he gained 14 exp for just participating.

Overall, Saber is pretty decent. He is fast and strong, though his defence could be better.

And with this, we board the ship and set sail for the pirate island.

The battle map is a little larger than this, but I'm not going to bother with such a trivial battle for long.

The results:

Jenny - Level +1, Skill +1, Magic +1
Celica - Level +1, Power +1, Defence +1

And now, let's get to the first big battle of this update.

Celica, 5 Units, 150 Power
Thief, 10 Units, 149 Power

Even with Saber, we do not have enough meatshields to protect everyone. Thankfully, the mast can't be crossed and the AI is too stupid to move around it. Actually, it seems to be because the enemies always try to move to the nearest allied character and does not take into account whether the path is blocked or not.

Turn 1

We are almost in position, but nothing had actually happened yet.

Turn 2

Okay, this did not work as I thought it would. Still, there's no problem.

Let's just do a mass retreat.

Turn 3

I did not count on that archer shooting me, but as an archer, he's more or less useless.

A lot of ranged attacks make a mess, but I think the point is clear.

Turn 4

The double line indicates that the mercenary managed to double attack Celica. That's why mercenaries are annoying.

I'm going to skip the rest of the battle, because there is not much to it. I'm just sitting in defensive positons and enemies are attacking and dying.


May - Level +1 (2), Magic +1, Skill +1, HP +1
Jenny - Level +1 (3), Skill +1, Speed +1
Celica - Level +1 (3), Luck +1, Defence +1


Leather Shield (Taken from mercenary, given to Saber.)

And with this, let's see if the last battle is going to be exciting.

Battle of Pirate Fort
Celica, 5 Units, Power 156
Dahha, 13 Units, Power 212

But first, a cutscene!

If Dahha is defeated, his goons should flee. Bring down Dahha!

The main challenge of this battle is killing Dahna quickly enough that he doesn't kill any of our allies without leaving the pirates alive. Grinding can make up for any experience lost here, but I try to grind as little as possible.

Again, I skip a bit at the beginning.

Turn 2

The allies move after the enemies.
There is not much more to say.

I retreat a little bit, since I don't want to expose May and Jenny.

Turn 3

Saber - Level +1 (2), Luck +1
The allies killed two thieves up there, but I'm going to concentrate on the main army.

Boey had somehow managed to do a critical hit, so now he sucks marginally less.

Boey - Level +1 (2), Speed +1

Turn 4

The enemy is retreating. Some of thieves are still holding out in the north, but the allies are taking care of them.

Since May had missed, Jenny had to kill the thief blocking the way.

Turn 5

Leo the archer and Celica are badly wounded. Other than that, the enemies are incompetent.

Celica is now healed and only one of the thieves is healthy enough to try attacking Leo.

Turn 6

Leo barely survived, but from now on, the battle is simple. Even though Dahha is level 10, he falls easily enough, so let's just skip that.

Dahha is one of the bosses that have unique dialog before combat. It's not much.


Jenny - Level +1 (4), Defence +1, Learned Illusion
May - Level +1 (3), Magic +1, Skill +1

I'll leave explaining the Illusion spell for the next update. For now, let me just tell you, it's awesome.

We have conquered the Pirate Fort, so let's loot it.

It's kind of empty. These couldn't have been very successful pirates. But they have got a chest, so we're going to take a look.

There is a steel sword inside. It gives +4 to power at the cost of 10% penalty to accuracy. I gave it to Celica, since it also gives her bonus to spell power.

With this, let's talk to the people inside.

Wherever ya go, I'll follow!
Knight Valbo joined you!

...Unless you're gonna fight the Dragon Zombie. There's no way to defeat that thing without Angel magic.
Mercn Kamui joined you!

Kamui is not only a gutless coward, but also a blatant palette swap of Saber. I can't think of any other game where there are palette swaps of party members, so Gaiden is maybe unique in that.

I'll show you my marksmanship!
Archr Leo joined you!

With these three joining us, we now have enough meatshields for everyone. Now it's time to check their stats, before I forget.

Since Valbo is already promoted, his stats are pretty high. Well, the stats important for knights. He could use more skill, but other than that, he's going to be a good tank.

Kamui is worse than Saber since his Skill, Speed and Luck are worse and his slightly higher Power and Defence do not make up for that.

Leo is also pretty good. His power and skill are decent and if we keep him in cover, he won't need any of the other stats.

I'm going to end the update here. Next update will be a short update again, but the battle is one of the more interesting battles in the game.