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Part 9: Chapter Two, Part Four: The Wonders of Illusion

Part 9: The wonders of Illusion

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden. This is again a shorter update, covering only one battle, but it is a battle that shows one of the more fun aspects of Gaiden gameplay. With that, let's begin.

Celica, 8 units, 257 power
Shaman, 1 unit, 133 power

As you can see, there is only one enemy, but his stats are very impressive.

This battle is going to be done mostly by Jenny and Celica, since I still need Celica to get a level in order to properly finish a sidequest.

Turn 1

It's time to show the Illusion spell.

See those soldiers? They were created by the Illusion spell. At the cost of 12 HP, Jenny summoned five completely disposable minions. And the best thing? She can summon every turn. Right now, only Jenny has access to Recovery spell, but after we get one more healer, there's almost no stopping us.

Again, summoning monsters has been brought back in Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. However, it is impossible to summon more than one monster in single turn, so you can't really use it to rush enemy lines and bring them down through sheer numbers.

Turn 2

And this is why this battle is so good for introducing monster summoning. Yes, enemies get to summon monsters as well and since they're the enemy, they get much better summon spells. The enemy summon spell is called Messiah and the version that summons Zombies costs only 1 HP to cast.

The only thing I did is moving Celica forward. Jenny did not summon more soldiers, since the recovery spot gives her only 5 HP in a single turn.

Turn 3

The phantom army and the zombie army meet for the first time. The zombie did one point of damage and the soldier did 18 points of damage. Jenny could solo this battle without any real problems.

I move Celica to attack, but she did worse than the illusionary soldier.

I'm going to skip some of the battle, since I'm grinding Celica to level 5.

Celica - Level +1 (5), Power +1, HP +1, Luck +1, Defence +1, learned Angel

Turn 16

This is the Angel spell. Apart from Fire and Lighting, it is the most useful black magic spell. It costs 4 HP to cast, but it does 8 points of damage, has 90% accuracy and, most importantly, is effective against monsters, doing double damage to them.

The shaman is left with 1 HP after that, so his death is nothing surprising. He managed to summon another batch of zombies with the help of recovery spot, but as the summoned monsters die when you kill their summoner, the battle is easily won.

Well, this update ends here. Next time, we're doing a sidequest and I'm going to use that Angel spell.