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Part 10: Chapter Two, Part Five: Tragedy strikes. Or does it?

Part 10: Tragedy strikes. Or does it?

Hello and welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden.

It might seem that Celica's army should completely steamroll this enemy, but this is a Zombie Dragon. In Sacred Stones, there was Zombie Dragon as boss of the penultimate battle. This is basically the same unit.

The dragon is very strong. Our weaker units would die in a single turn; our tanks should survive for a bit longer. However, since the AI likes to attack the weakest units in range, we have to kill the dragon in a single turn.

Turn 4

Valbo takes position to lure the Dragon out and Jenny summons some dragon fodder.

Before I forget, here are the stats of the summoned soldiers. They suck terribly, but their purpose is to do a 1 point of damage to the Dragon and then die, hopefully preventing the Dragon from attacking anyone useful.

Turn 5

Dragon is down to 35 HP. I think I may have a chance.

Or not. The Dragon is down to 8 HP, since Celica's Angel spell hits for 23 damage.

By the way: Celica, Level +1 (6), Skill +1, Speed +1

Celica, sorry I can't help you anymore...

This is not good.

Yes, Jenny died because I'm an idiot and did not move her properly. However, the RNG in Gaiden is different from other Fire Emblem games, so if I reload a savestate, she may dodge the attack and survive. For purposes of this update, let's assume Jenny lived.

The next turn, the Dragon Zombie falls and we loot the Holy Ring from its corpse. This item grants its user regeneration rate of 5 HP/turn. It is great for mages, but gets easily outclassed. I gave it to May, until I get her something better.

Our next goal is the Sea Shrine. Surely, there cannot be anything worse than the Zombie Dragon inside.

We've seen this before. I don't remember if I mentioned them before, but those skeletons are Bonewalkers. They are like Zombies, only a bit tougher. I'm going to skip this, since this is more or less a random encounter.

Going forward after the brief skirmish, we find another shrine. On the left, we can gain Skill and on the right, we can gain HP. Celica and May got HP while Leo got skill.

As you can see in the screenshot, we can actually go even further into the shrine. That means only one thing: loot.

And random encounters. The new monsters are the Gargoyles. They fly and are quite fast. I'm going to skip this battle as well, but we're going to see more gargoyles in story battles, so you can look forward to them.

Celica, Level +1 (7), Skill +1, Speed +1
Jenny, Level +1 (5), Magic +1, Skill +1
Saber, Level +1 (3), Skill +1, HP +1

Inside the chest is our reward. It is a Holy Sword and it is going to be Celica's weapon until the end of the game. Why? It gives +3 to power, less than the steel sword she is currently using, but it is more accurate, has 15% critical chance, give regeneration of 5 HP/turn and is effective against monster type enemies. It is tied for the position of second best sword in the game and the only better sword is found near the end of the game.

This is the end of the update, but there's something for you to do. Does Jenny get to live or die? If she lives, I'll be grateful. If she dies, I'll hate you for a few updates until I get to resurrect her or until Celica gets level 9.