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Part 11: Chapter Two, Part Six: Plot Summary: Cliché

Part 11: Plot Summary: Cliché

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden. This is going to be a long update, since I'm going to finish chapter 2 and that means two battles and some story. So let's start.

According to the vote, Jenny survived her encounter with a Dragon, so I don't have to replay the Sea Shrine. That's good. As for the penance essay, I'll write it at work, so it should be up about tomorrow.

The first battle is not against pirates, but mercenaries. Who sent them and why are they sailing around one spot and never moving is something we'll never know, but it doesn't matter.

Celica, 8 Units, Power 268
Mercn, 10 Units, Power 202

This battle is not going to be anything special. Even if I didn't have Jenny, it would have been easy as I have enough characters to block the chokepoint.

Turn 1

I move everyone useful to the chokepoint. Celica's going to block it and I keep Valbo as backup, in case she gets hurt too much (Unlikely, since she's got the Holy Sword.).

Turn 2

The enemy did quite a big mistake, as you can see. The archer is useless on the front line and could have used some cover.

I chose a more aggressive approach. It helps that the enemies here are level 1.

May - Level 4, Defence +1
Leo - Level 5, Speed +1, HP +1

Again, I'm going to cut the battle short, as we've seen almost the same battle before.

Boey - Level 3, Skill +1, HP +1, learned Lightning (Okay, so he's got bigger attack range. He still sucks.)
Valbo - Level 2, Skill +1, Speed +1
Jenny - Level 6, Skill +1

Hopefully, the next battle will be more interesting.

Celica, 8 Units, Power 274
Wizard, 7 Units, Power 144

Probably not.

Okay, maybe a little. Battles with large groups of enemy spellcasters are fairly rare, but for Celica they are easier than for Alm. It's because spellcasters generally have more Magic Defence while Magic Defence of other units is usually abysmal.

Turn 1

I use my range advantage to attack the wizards. Hopefully, they will spend some time healing.

Turn 2

This screenshot is important, because we can see our very first instance of healing chain. Basically, The wizard that attacked May got hurt, so the wizard behind him healed him, but lost some HP for casting Recovery, so he had to be healed by another wizard and so on. This is occasionally useful, but since not even Celica's army has that many healers, I won't be using it much.

Again, the battle is practically won, so I'll be cutting it short. Sorry for chapter 2 being a little boring, but I promise there are some interesting battles in Chapter 3.

Celica - Level 8, Skill +1, HP +1, learned Lightning
May - Level 6 (+2), Speed +1, Magic +1, Skill +1

And with this, we have combat portions of chapter 2 finished, so let's advance the story. First we're going to visit Sofia Port.

There are only two people here, but both are pretty important.

a continent to the east.

We gave chase, but lost them around here.

These two are Palla and Catria (or Paola and Kachua, if you use different translation), two pegasus knights from Akaneia, the continent where FE1, FE3 and FE11 take place. They are playable characters in this game which means that they're the most frequently recurring characters in the entire Fire Emblem series. (Playable in FE1,FE2, both books of FE3 and FE11. Not even Marth can claim so many appearances.)

Also, when they join, they bring an item, which may be slightly better than Holsety, believe or not.

But since they're not going to join right now, we leave them behind and leave through the south gate that is just visible on the screenshot.

We can now visit all locations from chapter 1 and if we wanted, we could even grind a little in the Thief Shrine. But our destination is the Sofia Castle.

There's a lot of talking to be done, but some conversations have not changed since chapter 1, so we'll skip those. Regretfully, all the treasure chests were already opened by Alm.

Sure, I'm happy... But I'm worried that the Kingdom of Rigel might invade...

Hurrah! Sofia Castle is liberated! Dozer fled to his own lands!

A hero has arrived in Sofia! We're saved!

You'd better not go to Mila's Temple. That area's crawling with Geyse's bandits.

Dozer's gone, but crops are wilting and weird demons emerged... What's happened to the Earth Goddess Mila?

Also, we meet someone familiar.

Celica: ...? Grandfather! Why are you here?!
Mycen: Well, for many reasons... I see you've arrived safely.
Celica: Yes, thanks to my allies. We're all going to Mila's Temple.
Mycen: I see... Well, you might want to head upstairs first. You should find someone you've been wishing to meet.
Celica: It... it can't be! ...Alm? Sofia's liberator couldn't be Alm... could it?
Mycen: Well, why don't you go see?

So we head upstairs.

Celica: Alm... So it really was you. I haven't seen you since I left the village...
Alm: Yeah. We always used to play together. I held a serious grudge against Gramps the day you were sent away.
Celica: I was sad too, but Grandfather told me why he did it: "If you stay in Ram, Dozer will come to kill you."
Alm: But why? Why would Dozer want to kill you, Celica?
Celica: That... I'm sorry. I'd rather not say right now. In any case, Alm, I have a request. Can war be avoided with the Kingdom of Rigel?
Alm: That's impossible. King Rudolf of Rigel decided to attack while Sofia is weak. At this rate, Sofia will be destroyed.
Celica: But aren't we all the same? We should be able to coexist.
Alm: There's no way. Sofians won't tolerate Rigel's barbaric rule. We must retaliate!
Celica: How sad... I'm sure if we talked, we could come to an understanding... Unless, Alm, now that the Sofians call you their hero, you want to become their king as well?
Alm: What! That's mean, Celica. I just want to protect the people of Sofia, that's all. Besides, Sofia's only remaining princess is still alive. I'm planning to search for her. After I find her, I'm returning to Ram.
Celica: That's not true! Sofia's royal family is gone! But I get it, Alm. You go ahead to Rigel. My companions are going to Mila's Temple.

Celica walks away.

Alm: Celica!?
Celica: Goodbye, Alm...

You have reached Chapter 2's end. Save your game?

And with this, we end both chapter 2 and this update. We've gained several new pieces of information. Alm is quite possibly the densest main character in history of the series and in the end, Alm and Celica are going to marry.

Next time, we're starting chapter 3. In chapter 3, we control both Celica and Alm at the same time and when they both reach their goal, the chapter ends. I'm going to do Celica's part first, since doing that way the story would make a little more sense, especially in chapter 4.