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Part 12: Chapter Three I, Part One: The Ultimate Power

Part 12: The Ultimate Power

Now that we have finished chapter 2, we once again take control of Alm. So, with nothing else to do, we go down the stairs and see the screen shake a little bit.

The priestesses who just left are safe, but...

And with this little explanation for our two armies not being able to help each other, we go to the world map.

As you can see, chapter 3 is a bit longer than chapters 1 and 2. We also control both Alm's and Celica's group at the same time. However, the movement on the world map is turn based and on one turn, we can move only one army. Since enemies will soon start sending wandering armies after us, I have hidden Alm to the south, because enemy units can't cross any castles and villages.

Anyway, we're doing Celica's part first, since in chapter 4, it makes a little more sense from storyline perspective.

8 units, 278 power (34.75)
18 units, 407 power (22.61)

Finally, a complicated battle. Palla and Catria are good allies and our units are, on average, stronger than the enemy ones, but this battle should still be a little challenging. Also, I forgot to mention it, in the picture, but May and Saber are standing on desert tiles. No Fire Emblem game would be complete without supremely annoying desert mission. These tiles are just the prelude, but they slow down any movement a lot.

Turn 1

Again, superiority in ranged attacks proves to be extremely useful.

Turn 2

I did another stupid move and got Jenny hurt. On the other hand, Celica had gained a level and learned a very important spell.

Celica - Level 9 (+1), Skill +1, Speed +1, learned Recover Spell

The circumstances forced me to alter the plan a little, but there's no problem.

Turn 3

Everything goes pretty well. (Kamui - Level 4 (+1), Power +1, Defence +1)

I'm still a little worried about Catria, but she's equipped with an item, that should keep her alive.

Turn 4

Jenny seems to attract misfortune. Or maybe I'm just careless.

These five thieves are the last enemies on the map. So to spare you the cleaning up, I'm ending the battle here.

After winning the battle, we move to Sofia Port, as Palla and Catria had retreated there.

Our sister, Est, is still missing, and I was thinking... Your journey will be tough like ours. May we travel together? We can help each other out.

PegKn Palla joined you!

This is a secret, but if the three of us surround a foe, there's a really cool move we can use.

PegKn Catria joined you!

Catria is, of course, speaking about the Triangle Attack, a special move which gives a guaranteed critical hit against any enemy. It is sometimes useful, but I'm never using it that much.

But first, let's take a look at our newest recruits.

Palla's got a pretty high power, except for Valbo, we do not have anybody stronger. Her other stats are not stellar, but they're still decent.

Her equipped item is Javelin, here called a Hand Spear, probably because it is like the Hand Axe, a ranged axe in later Fire Emblem games, and it takes less space to write than Javelin. It gives only +3 to power and carries a 20% penalty to accuracy, but it also gives a ranged attack, so it is actually quite good.

However, the real prize here is Catria's item.

Catria is actually a little better than Palla. She is also only level 5 compared to Palla's level 8. Her luck is capped at 40, which is the highest value any attribute can have. The reason for that is the ring she has equipped.

The Angel Ring is, as I have said before, one of the best magic items in any Fire Emblem game, and comparable to Holsety in Fire Emblem 4. Here are its abilities:

1) Gives regeneration rate of 5 HP/turn
2) Sets luck to 40
3) Doubles all attribute gains from levelling up

It is awesome.