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Part 13: Chapter Three I, Part Two: Entering the Desert

Part 13: Entering the Desert

Last time, we've acquired the overpowered Angel Ring. This time, we're going to start on taking down a group of bandits.

This is the plan for today. Unfortunately, the graveyard in the way is a guaranteed random encounter.

This is the first random battle. I'll just give you the results.

Jenny - Level +1 (7), Luck +1
Valbo - Level +1 (3), Skill +1, Speed +1

After the battle, we first visit the village.

The brown-haired person: The bandit king Geyse rules the eastern desert. He attacked and took all of our children as slaves. What should we do...?

The completely blue person: Some say the dead can be revived in the nearby shrine. Dragons have settled there, though. Anything that draws near gets devoured.

The blue-haired person: I'm a trader. Would you like me to deliver an item to a friend?

The trader serves an obvious purpose, to switch items between the two parties. There's never any real need to do so, but it can be useful for trading Angel Rings. There's one last person in the village.

If so, let me help out. My siblings got captured by him, but I don't know here they're at...
Villager Atlas joined you!

Atlas is the only villager Celica's army gets, but that isn't enough to redeem his stats. I guess with a lot of training and the Angel Ring, he could become great, but it's too much effort. Since the army is rapidly filling up, he won't see much action, if any.

And now, let's get to some actual fighting.

See, I moved to screenshot to show you that Atlas has joined. However, this is a random encounter, so I'm skipping it.

Except for one thing.

I didn't want to kill him, but the bonewalkers can be dangerous to weak characters. He also has the greatest death quote I've ever seen in a Fire Emblem game.

Leo - Level +1 (6), Defence +1
Celica - Level +1 (10), Luck +1
Saber - Level +1 (4), Power +1, Defence +1, HP +1
Boey - Level +1 (4), Defence +1
May - Level +1 (7), HP +1

Here we see a new wandering enemy group assembling. They move every turn, just as Celica's and Alm's groups do and if we meet any of them, we have to fight.

This particular group is Thief, 10 units, 221 power. Nothing much, if we fight them together with some other enemy group, they can be kind of dangerous.

And now, for the last part of this update.

Desert Fort
Wolf, 16 units, 329 power
Celica, 10 units, 383 power

This should be easy.

Every Fire Emblem game needs a supremely annoying desert battle. Since Gaiden is special, it has several of them. This fort here would be very vulnerable to attacks by Pegasus Knights, but as it is full of archers, aerial attack could be very risky. Instead, I'll use a frontal assault through heavily guarded chokepoint.

Turn 1

I'm only moving everyone forward, but I've already started producing expendable soldiers.

Turn 2

The same continues on the second turn.

Turn 3

I bet on the archer being unable to reach Palla and Catria. Meanwhile, Jenny uses the hitpoints she gained from Celica's Recover spell to produce more cannon fodder.

Turn 4

The archers stayed inside, so I can safely murder everyone outside.

Catria gets the first kill of the battle. At the same time, my units on the left are completely blocked by mass of soldier that can only move one square a turn. I'll just fast forward a little bit.

Turn 10

I found out that the archers do only 4 damage to Catria, if they manage to hit her at all. However, Wolf can do heavy damage to almost everyone, so it seems that this battle is going to be Catria's solo.

Catria - Level 6 (+1), Skill +2, HP +2

Again, fast forwarding some more.

Turn 13

The situation did not change much. All the archers are attacking the illusions while Wolf sometimes attacks Catria. He can do 17 damage to her, but has only about 50% chance of hitting and can attack only once. As long as Jenny keeps producing illusions, I can win. And since Celica can completely heal Jenny every single turn, my source of illusions is endless.

Catria - Level 7 (+1), Speed +2

Turn 20

The illusions have managed to clear out the entire fort with only Wolf remaining. Right now, the plan is to take Valbo, Saber and Catria to take him out.

Turn 27

The illusion have forced Wolf to retreat into a corner, leaving a recovery spot.

On turn 29 he finally falls. He leaves behind his Steel Bow, which will be of great use to Leo.

Catria - Level +1 (8), Power +2, HP +2

With the defenders dead, we can now explore the inside of the Desert Fort.

There is only a treasure chest and a prisoner inside. Let's do the important stuff first. Also, can you spot my mistake in screenshotting?

The Steel Lance is not exactly great treasure, but I'm sure valbo will find it useful.

Name's Jesse. Just some merc. I got caught helping out a girl jailed in Geyse's fort. Cute kid from a foreign land.

Celica:That has to be Est... Hey, Jesse. Is there a way we can save her?
Jesse:Nope. There's no way the few of us can do anything.
Celica:But there must be a way...
Jesse:Well, I guess... Geyse has these two underlings: Sonia and Dean. They guard the north and south desert regions, respectively. Both of them seem to hate Geyse. However, neither will betray him while the other's alive. If you defeat one, the other may become your ally. Oh, and of course I'll lend you a hand, too.
Mercn Jesse joined you!

Jesse is yet another mercenary. He is not bad, but since I do not actually need more melee fighters than the pegasus knights, Saber and Valbo, he's not going to be used. Though he is a less blatant palette swap of Saber than Kamui is.

Anyway, we're at the end of this update and I'm in need of your help. Do we kill Sonia and let Dean join or kill Dean and let Sonia join? Sonia is one of the better mages in the game, with good spell selection while Dean is yet another mercenary, albeit upgraded. If we get Sonia, she may replace Boey while if we get Dean, he'll stay behind in most battles, but he's got funny hair.