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Part 14: Chapter Three I, Part Three: Loose Ends

Part 14: Loose Ends

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden. Since most of you want MORE MAGES, we will be fighting Dean. I'll probably do Sonia's battle later as a bonus update, since it can showcase the one of the biggest bullshit moments in the game, so you won't be missing anything. However, there is one thing we should do first.

I just want to get both remaining minor battles left in Celica's part of the chapter out of the way, before facing the two final battles. Also, I think there is loot in the shrine, though I'm not sure about it.

Mila Valley
Bly, 5 units, Power 191
Celica, 11 units, Power 436

I'm just showing the enemy positions here, since you can easily see that the enemies are at horrible disadvantage. The battle map is exactly the same as Ram Valley in update three, so if you really need to see the complete battle map, just head there.

The only interesting moment?

Jenny almost dies again. I swear I'm not doing it intentionally.

Palla - Level 9 (+1), HP +1

The loot from this battle is the Dark Sword, which is the equivalent of the Devil Axe in other Fire Emblem games. It is slow, inaccurate and may damage the user when you use it. However, it is the strongest sword in the game and if you have good luck and skill, you don't have to worry about its drawbacks. Once I promote Saber into his final promotion, I may actually use it.

And now for the shrine. It is called Dragon Temple, a strangely ominous name.

Yes, these are three dragon zombies. This is actually the toughest shrine battle in the game. However, it is not very interesting, since it comes down on how tough your characters are, as there is no terrain here.

Now that I've mentioned random drops, I should also mention that Dragon Zombies have a chance of dropping Dragon Shield. Again only 1 in 256, but if you have time to grind here, it can be very useful.

And this is the shrine. There is no treasure, but these Lion Heads have five uses, instead of the usual three. The problem? These heads revive dead characters, making them almost useless. And yes, Alm gets his own set of five revivals, so death is not as big deal in Gaiden as it is in other Fire Emblem games. Had Jenny died to that Dragon Zombie back in Chapter 2, I would have gone here as soon as possible to get her back.

And now, let's finally go kill Dean.

Okay, I lied. See, the Speedbump Association saw fit to have some more bonewalkers attack me in the graveyard and there were some levels.

Celica - Level 11 (+1), Speed +1, Luck +1
May - Level 8 (+1), Magic +1, Skill +1
Kamui - Level 5 (+1), Defence +1
Jenny - Level 8 (+1), Luck +1, learned Physic spell

The Physic spell, sometimes titled Reblow, is just an upgraded version of the Recover spell. It costs 3 HP, but has unlimited range. Given that most regenerative items in the game give 5 HP in a single turn, I can safely say that it is slightly overpowered.

And now, we can go kill Dean.

Okay, I lied again. The wandering thieves had caught me at the Desert Fort, so I can show you that the deployment areas are switched, since it is the thieves that are attacking Celica. They also got the first turn. This is nothing much, but I think it is kind of neat.

Catria - Level 9 (+1), Skill +2
Leo - Level 7 (+1), Skill +1, HP +1, can be promoted to Sniper

And now, we can REALLY go kill Dean.

North Desert
Dean, 10 units, Power 393
Celica, 11 units, Power 445

The gimmick of these two battles is that Dean has got army composed entirely of mercenaries, while Sonia's got witches. They're both pretty straightforward; again it is just a frontal clash, only this time it is impeded by the desert.

Turn 1

The slow foot characters move forward, except for Kamui and Jesse. Palla and Catria move to attack the smaller mercenary group. Catria did not attack, since I need her to have as much HP left as possible.

Turn 2

Palla scores a kill while I debate whether or not continue moving the slow characters through the desert.

Turn 3

From now on, this battle is for archers and pegasus knights only.

Turn 4

From now on, this battle is just healing Catria and using her to shield Palla and Leo.

And Dean is so kind that he shows us his silly haircut.

After we beat Dean, Sonia retreats to Geyse's Fort and disappears.

Catria - Level 10 (+1), Power +2

The loot from Dean is the Hero Sword. Sadly, it is not the later version that allows for multiple attacks, but it is still pretty good. It is stronger and more accurate than the Steel Sword plus it has a nice bonus to chance of scoring a critical attack. I'm giving it to Saber, since he is the only one of the mercenaries I am actively using. Jenny gets the Leather Shield Saber was using, so maybe she won't have so many narrow escapes in the next battle.

Next time, we get to attack Geyse's Fort in one of the longest battles in the game.