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Part 16: Chapter Three I, Part Four: This Will Take A Long Time

Part 15: This Will Take A Long Time

This time at Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden, we're going to do one of the two final battles in Celica's part of Chapter 3. This one is going to be exceptionally long and annoying, since apart from having to kill quite a lot of enemies, there is the boss and enemy summoners. So expect lots of Illusion abuse.

Geyse's Fort
Geyse, 20 units, Power 763, Average 38.15
Celica, 11 units, Power 447, Average 40.63

I, Lord Geyse, will show you my power. Get'em, boys! Kill them all!

This is another very big map. It is pretty straightforward, but the enemies have pretty good defences and with hordes of zombies slowing down our advance, the enemy snipers are in good position to attack our regular characters.

Turn 1

Not much is going on, yet. Jenny summoned a decent number of soldiers and Palla and Catria are heading to the single myrmidon, but nothing else.

Turn 2

I can't move my units right next to the wall, as they would be in range of that sniper, but Leo can use his Steel Bow to attack.

Turn 3

Again, the AI is unable to use witches properly, though it did cost me two illusions.

I get some kills and Jenny summons some more soldiers to replace the losses.

Turn 4

The illusions have managed to lure out the central sniper and overwhelmed one witch, despite taking some losses.

I'm still playing it safe in the centre, though on right, I'm taking a risk with Catria moving into sniper range. Still, she should survive a single hit and she's faster than the sniper.

Turn 5

Catria is unharmed, but I'm starting to run out of unharmed illusions.

The solution to that is to create more illusions. I now have enough for the time being. With Palla and Catria attacking the enemy from the side, I have enough attack power to actually do something.

Turn 6

This was a pretty uneventful turn. At this moment, the illusions are more a burden than benefit, since they get in my way. Right now, the only thing I can do is wait and attack the snipers.

Turn 7

The enemy summons have prevented Catria from finishing the sniper, but I've more or less broken the enemy defences, so I can advance into the fortress proper.

Turn 8

Okay, part one of this map is finally done. Catria is in a risky position, but I'm sure she'll manage.

Turn 9

Then I'll drag you all down with me to hell!


Damn, Catria, you're awesome. Almost dead, but still awesome. (7/28 HP, after being healed by Angel Ring.)

Okay, I messed up, change of plans. I'll just have to swamp Geyse with illusions and take him down with ranged attacks.

A bit of regrouping, but I should be safe for this turn.

Turn 10

I missed a few things, but nothing much important. The important thing is that Geyse does 4 damage/turn to Valbo, instead of 20 damage/turn to Catria. Also note that illusion can create creatures behind a wall.

Turn 11

Fun fact: Geyse is unable to kill an illusionary level 1 soldier in one turn.

Turn 12

Geyse got wounded a lot, so he's retreating while the bonewalkers and sniper cover him.

Turn 13

I am still advancing, but the enemy is summoning a lot of bonewalkers to slow me down. I can't use too many illusions, since they would block the passage completely.

Turn 14

I already moved Valbo before taking the screenshot, but he did not do anything very important. I can't move my mages forward, since the sniper would massacre them, so I'll just have to bait him with the pegasus knights and heal them as necessary with Physic.

Leo is just bothering Geyse, though he does not have any real chance of hitting him.

Turn 15

I need to kill those two mages, before I can attack Geyse, but before that, I have to kill that sniper. I think it's time for another retreat, so that I am in better position to fight against those bonewalkers.

Again, I retreated and healed. If I put both Valbo and Celica to the frontlines, I should be able to defend against the bonewalkers, even without illusion, so I'm going to do just that.

Turn 16

Nothing to really talk about. The entire corridor is blocked by bonewalkers and I can't get to the sniper. Palla and Catria are doing well, so I hope that they'll be able to flank the enemy and kill the mages in the back.

Turn 17

This is getting tedious. I'll be back once something exciting happens.

Turn 18

Okay, I managed to do something much sooner than I had anticipated. With May's help, Valbo managed to break through and attack the sniper. Geyse is still very close, but Valbo is very hard to kill right now.

Turn 19

The sniper is almost dead and Catria has managed to attack the enemy mages. Victory is near.

In other news, the enemy wizard in the back has a new attack spell. This actually marks the point, where the enemies start to get better attack spells than you. Slime has got attack power of 10 for price of 2 HP per casting, much better than any spell player characters can get for any reasonable HP price.

Turn 20

One of the mages, the one with healing spells, is down. The bonewalkers have temporarily broken my lines, but all is well again.

Turn 21

Another batch of summons forced Catria to move into a more protected position. Leo got a lucky shot and finished off the wounded sniper. Geyse is blocked by Valbo. Now it's just a matter of killing that summoner.

Turn 22

Since the enemy has summoned another enormous batch of bonewalkers, I'm pausing until I kill the summoner.

Turn 26

Most of the bonewalkers are dead and Catria is attacking the summoner. Another update after the summoner dies.

Turn 27

It was quicker than expected. All the summons die with their summoner, so there are only three enemies left and Geyse is no longer a concern.

Turn 30

Geyse is wounded and in range of all my indirect attacks. Time to end this. However, since Geyse's got big magic defence, it took until turn 36, four turns before being forced to retreat by time limit.

He had only 1 HP left, so I let Jenny finish him.

And now that we've killed Geyse, it's time for level grinding. I want Celica at least at level 15 before I enter the fortress and everyone, who had played Fire Emblem before, knows what that means.

And here are the results of all level-ups during this update:

Palla - Level 11 (+2), Power +2, Defence +1, HP +2
Valbo - Level 7 (+4), Power +2, Defence +2, Skill +1, Luck +1, HP +1
Boey - Level 6 (+2), Magic +1, Defence +2, HP +1
Catria - Level 13 (+3), Speed +4, Skill +4, HP +2, can be promoted to Falcon Knight
Leo - Level 9 (+2), Skill +1, HP +2
May - Level 10 (+2), Speed +2, learned Aura spell
Jenny - Level (+2), Magic +1, Speed +1, Skill +2
Saber - Level 8 (+4), Speed +1, Luck +1, HP +3
Celica - Level 19 (+8), Power +4, Defence +4, Skill +4, Luck +6, Speed +2, HP +2, learned Excalibur spell

I took Celica to level 19, since I wanted at least two Power updates, since she was lacking a little. I'm not going to use it much, but the Aura spell has got 13 attack with 80% accuracy. It costs 6 HP to cast, so it's not really useful in most situations.

And now, let's finally see what's inside Geyse's fort.

Let's go from right to left, shall we?

Well, that vile man had it coming. Mmm... I owe you guys one, eh? I gotcha. I'll lend you a hand.
Mage Sonia joined you!

For being only level 5, Sonia has pretty good stats. Right now, she's better than Boey, so he should be grateful he's keeping his place in the main group. She also comes with the Fire, Lightning and Excalibur spells, which means she is ready for all situations. Sonia also brought a Steel Shield, but I'll be giving it our other new character.

I'm coming with you guys too!
Pegasus Knight Est joined you!

Est is pretty average as far as stats go, but since she's a pegasus knight, I'm going to use her. Falcon Knights, the promotion of Pegasus Knights, are one of the best classes in the endgame, so even if she doesn't catch up with others, she will still be useful.

I also took the opportunity to rearrange the combat line-up. Some battles in Gaiden are limited by maximum number of participants and the participating units are determined by the order in the Rank menu. As you can see, Celica's army is pretty light on heavy attackers. In most battles, Saber should be also present, but in some battles, I would be stuck with no defence units and then Jenny will have to cover the defence by using the Illusion spell.

Now I can return to my service at Mila's Temple. ...! Hold on... could it be?!
Celica: Hmm? what's the matter?
Girl: My apologies. You just bear a striking resemblance to Lady Liprica.
Celica: Liprica!? That was my mother's name!
Girl: Then... then you truly are Princess Anteze! This is wonderful!
Celica: You knew my mother? Please... Tell me about her...
Girl: Yes... Lady Liprica was originally priestess at Mila's Temple. The king, charmed by her beauty, forcibly made her his queen. It was hard for her to bear, and she soon caught a grave disease. Soon after she gave birth to you, she perished... She worried so about you... Oh, Lady Anteze, don't cry... I have something I must give you. This diadem proves you are the princess of Sofia. Please use your power to save the Kingdom.

Celica was promoted to the Royal class

Celica also got a new portrait, to go with her promoted class:

And with this, we're done with this update. Next time, there will be the conclusion of Celica's part of Chapter 3, so look forward to it.