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Part 17: Chapter Three I, Part Five: Looting the Temple

Part 16: Looting the Temple

This time, we're going to take a look at the finale of Celica's part of Chapter 3. I think Geyse's fort was the most challenging battle in Celica's chapter 3, so this update should be more story focused.

Mila's Temple
Mikhail, 10 Units, Power 341
Celica, 13 Units, Power 575

The enemy has got some summoners and I suspect we won't be able to use all characters, so the battle should be a little more balanced.

Stay alert-- Mikhail, one of Doma's shamans, is ahead. Everyone, protect our frailer allies!

Valbo won't be of much use here, since he's pretty slow and has abysmal magic defence. I won't be making much use of the mercenaries, either, since I do not really need any tanks in this battle. The pegasus knights should be enough to cover physical combat, even though Est is only level 3.

Again, I'm skipping some initial movement.

Turn 3

It seems I had pretty good luck with summoning, since Mikhail only managed to summon a single gargoyle. I also had Jenny summon some soldiers, so I suppose my defence is good enough for the moment.

Here's something I discovered by complete accident. It turns out it is possible to open the door present in the map, but only from one side. (Palla has just blinked out when I was taking the screenshot, so you can't see her.)

I'm taking a risk with Est here, but I'm hoping she'll be okay.

Turn 4

Both the Gargoyle and the Wizard did one point of damage, so my fears were unfounded. By the way, enemy summons give experience, just like regular enemies.

Like in other Fire Emblem games, when you have three pegasus knights surround an enemy, they can do a special triangle attack. It is a guaranteed critical hit, so it can be great for levelling up weaker characters like Est. I had to sacrifice Catria's attack to make it happen, but it was no great loss. As an added bonus, in case of double attack, the guaranteed critical applies to both attacks, unlike later games in the series.

My fragile spellcasters are protected from possible attacks from the gargoyle.

Turn 5

It seems that Mikhail is going to be dead soon.

Another triangle attack and this time, Catria gets the kill. I was really luck with Mikhail summons or this could have gone far worse.

Turn 6

The enemy wizards are attacking, but they can't do anything to the pegasus knights. Since I'm too lazy to move my other units, I'll just use the pegasus knights to wipe out the rest of the enemies. I'm going to skip it, since there wouldn't be much to see.

Before going into the temple, I also made a little detour and promoted Leo to Sniper, since he was level 10. Usually, level 10 promotions are not the best idea in Fire Emblem games, but since Snipers can still be promoted, it does not have too many drawbacks.

The fighting part of this update is done, so let's take a look at our stat gains.

Est - Level 5 (+2), Skill +2, Speed +2
Catria - Level 14 (+1), Speed +2, Luck +2
Jenny - Level 11 (+1), Defence +1
Leo - Level 10 (+1), Power +1, Defence +1, Promotion: HP+3
Celica - Level 2 (+1), Defence +1, Luck +1, learned Ragnarok spell
Sonia - Level 6 (+1), Magic +1, HP +1

Ragnarok is the most powerful attack magic in the game. It does 24 points of damage with 100% accuracy, but its cost is insane at 10 HP and it is very slow. There really is not much point in using it, unless the caster can be healed right away.

And now, let's finally push the story a little bit forward.

I'm only taking this screenshot, because that green door will disappear once we pass through them. In a most dastardly move, the game does not allow us to loot the place until chapter 4. Since the only thing to do is to talk with everyone, let's do it.

The person in blue: Thanks to you all, our healer returned safely. If you go north, look for a hamlet in the Lost Woods. The Great Sage Hark who lives there ought to help you somehow.

Had we moved into Mila's Temple before doing Geyse's fort, we would be just sent there.

The person on top: The evil god Doma gave Rudolf the sword that sealed Lady Mila. If you go to the Tower of Doma, you could rescue her. Just beware of the life-draining swamps on the way...

The person in middle: Great Shaman Dolk rules the land north of here. Trespass, and he'll summon zombie dragons to devour you.

Enemies get the best summons.

The person on bottom: The Earth Goddess Mila was sealed by Rudolf of Rigel. That's why the land is barren. As things stand, we'll al starve...

Fishing was evidently never invented in Valencia.

Person not on screenshot: Travelling north is impossible with the gorge full of water. If you don't open the western floodgate, the water won't drain. There's a reserve gate in this temple's basement, but...

In other words, Celica can't progress north, until Alm finishes his part of the chapter.

This is the basement. The left lion head gives Power; the right one gives experience. Since the experience gain is negligible, I went with one Power to Celica and two to Est.

The single person here: I'm the guard of this floodgate. What? You want me to open it? No can do. Only the Sofian royal family can order this gate opened. I ain't listening to you!

This is another safeguard to make sure you went to Geyse's fort. And really, the Sofian royal family is presumed to have died out. Does this mean that had Celica not survived, this floodgate would be never opened?

Hmm? Wait a sec... That crown...! That's the royal family's crest! Then you must be the long-lost Princess Anteze! F-forgive my rudeness. I'll open the floodgate straightaway.

Your Highness, the western floodgate must also be open to drain the water.

As you can see, the floodgate is open.

With this update, we have ended Celica's part of Chapter 3. Next time, we rejoin Alm and his more physically inclined army.