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Part 18: Chapter Three II, Part One: Filler

Part 17: Filler

We're going to rejoin Alm's army and take care of some filler battles in this update. I tried some grinding with Alm in order to get a second Angel Ring, but I got tired after about a hundred battles with thieves in the Thief Cave. However, here are the results, along with a short recapitulation of who is who in Alm's army.

Silk (Cleric) - Level +12 (20), Luck +5, HP +4, Speed +3, Magic +3, Defence +3, Skill +1, learned Dear and Illusion spells, can be promoted to Saint
Force (Soldier) - Level +1 (5), HP +1
Robin (Mage) - Level +1 (5), Skill +1, HP +1
Alm (Main character) - Level +1 (7), Skill +1, HP +1
Python (Archer) - Level +1 (5), Luck +1
Gray (Cavalier) - Level +1 (4), Power +1, HP +1
Luka (Soldier) - Level +1 (7), Skill +1, Speed +1, can be promoted to Knight
Cliff (Mercenary) - Level +1 (4), Skill +1, Defence +1, HP +1
Claire (Pegasus knight) - Level +1 (4), Power +1, Luck +1
Cleive (Cavalier) - Level +1 (7), Power +1, Defence +1, can be promoted to Paladin

Dear is a spell that attempts to destroy monster units on the map for 14 HP. It's expensive, unreliable and doesn't give experience. Silk's version of the Illusion spell costs 12 HP, just as Jenny's version, but it creates different units. Until we get a second healer, we probably won't be seeing it much, but it's arguably the most useful version of the spell.

As for promotion, I'm going to wait some time with Silk's promotion, while Luka and Cleive are probably going to get theirs around level 10.

This update is here mainly to clear out all the filler battles before Dozer's Fort, so I'll probably just shortly describe them, as they're not terribly interesting. What's interesting is what happened to the World Map during Celica's part of the chapter.

As you can a see, a lot of bow knights has spawned in the floodgate and advanced all the way down to Sofia Castle. It just makes the advance to Dozer's castle a little harder, but it shouldn't be anything especially hard.

So let's start getting the filler battles out of the way.

North Gate

Bow Knight, 6 units, power 216
Alm, 10 units, power 372

Since we're the attacker, we appear on the north side of the screen, even though we have approached from the south. There's only one notable thing about this map. It is a map that's only used in this area, so if you don't fight any wandering encounters in the North Gate, you'll never see it. Other than that, it's pretty unremarkable. The enemies are two groups of one bow knight and two paladins, which is kind of unexpected. In my previous playthrough this particular group of enemies used to be three bow knights, which is a much more annoying encounter.

With all that said, let's skip the battle.

Python - Level +1 (6), Power +1, HP +1
Claire - Level +1 (5), Skill +1, Speed +1, Luck +1
Force - Level +1 (6), Power +1, HP +1
Cliff - Level +2 (6), Skill +2, Speed +1, HP +1
Luka - Level +1 (8), Luck +1
Gray - Level +1 (5), Skill +1, HP +1
Alm - Level +1 (8), Power +1, Defence +1

And immediately after, one group of bow knights moves into the North Gate, so we fight another battle, only this time we're the defenders.

Robin - Level +1 (6), skill +1, HP +1, learned Excalibur spell
Claire - Level +1 (6), Power +1, Luck +1, HP +1

Okay, onwards to the next battle.

North Sofia
Zack, 15 units, power 352
Alm, 10 units, power 387

A brigade from Rigel is closing in. Fortify our defenses! Scatter our foes and pick them off one by one!

No, the battle is in no way significant enough to warrant text at the beginning.

Again, nothing really interesting here, so I'm skipping this battle as well.

Python - Level +1 (7), Speed +1, can be promoted to Sniper
Cleive - Level +1

(8), Skill +1, HP +1
Cliff - Level +1 (7), Power +1, Defence +1, HP +1, can be promoted to Myrmidon

After that, we fought yet another group of bow knights.

Claire - Level +1 (7), Skill +1, Speed +1
Cliff - Level +1 (8), Power +1, Defence +1

Next battle.

Sofia Woods
Wizard, 7 units, power 144
Alm, 10 units, power 395

Again, this is pure filler. Wizards are slightly more dangerous to Alm's group, but not by much.

Gray - Level +1 (6), Power +1, HP +1
Robin - Level +1 (7), skill +1, HP +1
Luka - Level +1 (9), Skill +1, Speed +1

And again, more bow knights.

Claire - Level +1 (8), Power +1, HP +1

And finally, the last of the filler battles.

Grove Town
Paladin, 3 units, power 99
Alm, 10 units, power 400

The only gimmick of this map is that the defending side starts surrounded by the attackers. Otherwise, it's just unremarkable filler.

Python - Level +1 (8), Power +1, Skill +1, HP +1
Cliff - Level +1 (9), Defence +1

And another random encounter to finish things off.

Force - Level +1 (7), Speed +1, can be promoted to Knight
Alm - Level +1 (9), Speed +1

And to actually have some content in this update, let's visit the nearby village.

The person at the door: Some Gargoyles flew off to the shrine in the west with my child. If you save her, I'll give you my treasure.

Blue person to the left: Valencia is split by a deep gorge. The floodgate exists to store water in the gorge, but... if it isn't opened periodically the water overflows. The Rigelian army has occupied the gate and is keeping it closed. Please, Lord Alm. You must somehow open the gate before Sofia floods!

I have no idea how would that work.

The brown-haired person: A liberation soldier is imprisoned in Dozer's fort. Rumors say she'll be executed soon. You guys better hurry if you want to save her!

The purple haired person is a trader, so that leaves us with the blue guy by the pond.

She's being manipulated by the shaman Tatara at Rigel's sluice. If Tatara is defeated, the spell on Dyute should break...

Mage Ryuto joined you!

He also knows the Fire and Excalibur spells. Had we not made Robin into a mage, Ryuto would have been moderately useful. However, as Robin has more HP than Ryuto, he is actually more useful, even though he has less attack power. Ryuto's sister, however, is the second-best spellcaster after Celica.

And that's all for today's update. Next time, we'll take on Dozer's fort.