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Part 19: Chapter Three II, Part Two: Storming a less impressive castle than before

Part 18: Storming a less impressive castle than before

Last time, we've cleared out a lot of filler battles, in order to get closer to Dozer's Fort. We have briefly met Dozer at the end of chapter 1, but at that time, it didn't come to battle. This time he's cornered, so we'll get to kill him.

Dozer's Fort
Dozer, 10 units, power 384
Alm, 11 units, power 440

In that case... Archers! Kill that girl in her cell as a warning!

(There is a mistake in the picture: Gray and Cliff's names are switched.)

This is finally a proper battle after all that filler. It is still pretty straightforward, though. The goal is more or less breaking into the fort and then whittling down Dozer's health, while preventing him from occupying a recovery spot.

Turn 5

The forest has slowed my movement, but everyone's more or less ready to attack both the fort and the wizard. Dozer's group was not doing much, except for one archer shooting at Matilda, but not doing much.

Claire did well at attacking the wizard, while everyone else rushed the fort. Dozer's units have apparently given up on defending the long passage leading inside.

Turn 6

Dozer is leading the attack himself, because his soldiers can't be bothered to do so. Alm gets hurt, but Dozer is now in range of magic attackers.

Cliff is holding the defence line, while Robin has attacked Dozer with an Excalibur spell. Meanwhile, Claire managed to finish off the wizard and can now proceed towards the shaman.

Turn 7

The archers have concentrated their attacks on Robin, while Dozer severely hurt himself attacking Cliff equipped with a Bolt sword. With a little luck, Dozer should be dead this turn.

Damn traitor!

And he is, but Robin is in urgent need of healing, since it took two Excalibur spells to bring him down.

The movement this turn is a little confusing, but the result is that Robin is healed and Alm is now preventing enemies from attacking the magic users in close combat.

Turn 8

The shaman has summoned some more zombies and the enemy archers have proved to be completely ineffectual.

One more archer down and Claire is getting close to the Shaman.

Turn 9

The enemy had finally started to use their knights, but even though Alm does only one point of damage to them, they have abysmal magic defence and Robin is in range.

The enemy defence is broken, but the knights can still prove to be a threat, if they get lucky.

Turn 10

Knight attacks Alm, one zombie gets killed attacking Alm. Nothing much else had happened.

And this is pretty much the end. The shaman's death got all the zombies unsummoned, and I've got most of my units inside. The rest is just cleaning up. (This is pretty much the first battle that went according to a plan.)

Robin - Level 8 (+1), HP +1
Claire - Level 9 (+1), Skill +1, Speed +1

Right after winning, a new group of enemies assembles at the floodgate. They're the real final boss of this chapter and it is the Tatara mentioned when Ryuto joined us.

But that is not important right now, what's important is loot.

Dozer's Fort is pretty sparse in that regard, but we've still got a Regal Sword. It is a special sword just for Alm and it gives regeneration of 5 HP/turn and bonus of 7 to power with 100% hit chance and 20% bonus to critical chance. Of course, Alm is going to be use the sword.

The other thing to do here is to talk to the prisoner. We've met her during the battle, but now's the time to do it properly.

I just knew you'd come rescue me.

Paladin Matilda joined you!

Matilda is the strongest melee unit we have, apart from Alm. This means she's got Gray spot in the army, since she's stronger and the same unit class.

Next time, we'll be doing a shrine and some filler battles.