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Part 21: Chapter Three II, Part Four: Now where were we again?

Part 20: Now where were we again?

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden. This time, we're going to finish chapter 3 and that means we have two battles to fight.

The first battle against Gazel is nothing special, just filler. In fact I'm going to skip it and just give you the screenshot of enemy formation.

The battle takes place on a recycled map, this time the bridge crossing we have first seen in chapter 1. As you can see, the enemies are mostly archers or snipers, but none of the enemies pose any serious threat.

With the speedbump out of the way, we can begin our main attraction for today.

11 units
474 power
10 units
234 power

It may seem that the enemy is outmatched, but this battle contains a very annoying gimmick.

Dyute! Kill those idiots with your Aura!

Dyute, as you can see, is a witch, able to teleport and attack us right in the first turn. If we want her to join us, we have to kill Tatara without killing her. She has a strong magical attack, so I'm going to warp Alm next to Tatara and kill him as soon as possible.

Turn 1

Since Alm started the battle too far from Silk to let her warp him in the first round, I had to warp Claire, who is weaker than Alm, but at least has a health recovering item equipped.

However, she got a lucky critical, so the battle started out much better than I had expected.


With Tatara defeated, Dyute disappears from the battle, ready to be recruited when the battle ends.

Now that Dyute's out of the way, the rest of the battle holds no tension at all. The enemies are too scattered to be dangerous and since they are mages, they are unable to endure a few hits.

So, I'm ending the battle here. (Seriously, the remaining enemies hit me exactly once, during the rest of the fight.) It was way too short, but we've still got some story before us, so this update shouldn't be too short.

The floodgate is a small area and there's not much to do. Had we killed Dyute, there would be even less to do.

Eh? I was under Tatara's control? So that's what it was... I'm sorry if I've been a bother.
Mage Dyute joined you!

Apart from HP, Dyute's stats are better than those of Robin and Ryuto, our other mages. She has a great Magic Defence, probably the best of all characters so far and a high luck, so she is very good at killing enemy mages.

She joins knowing Fire and Aura spells and her spell selection becomes even better as she levels up. The Prayer ring she has equipped provides the customary 5 HP/turn regeneration and if the wearer has less than half HP gives a 100% critical chance. The special effect is pretty useless, but the HP regeneration is always good for a spellcaster.

I'll open this gate right away!

And with this, chapter 3 is finally ended. Next time, we're going to go back to Celica's party and do some looting.