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Part 22: Chapter Four, Part One: Mostly Concerns Loot

Part 21: Mostly Concerns Loot

So, welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden. Last time, we finished chapter 3, so in this update, we're going to take a look at the updated world map, take some new items.

See, we're in chapter 4 now.

There are fewer encounters in this part of the game, but every single one of them is annoying in a way.
Then, there is the Lost Wood, which deserves a chapter of its own. On the bright side, we're near a great spot for level grinding.

If you go north, look for a hamlet in the Lost Woods. The Great Sage Hark who lives there ought to help you somehow.

This is just a refresher on our current objective.

Now that both floodgates are open, we can access the underground parts of the temple.

Celica: Bishop Noma! Why in the world are you here?
Noma: I got worried and followed you. Then I accidentally fell down here. Haha, what a folly! Well, from now on, I'm coming along with you. That'll ease my mind.
Sage Noma joined you!

I think this is one of the most hilarious recruiting conversations in all Fire Emblem games.

Had Noma joined us earlier in the game, he would be considered Celica's Jeigan, but right now, he's just a decent prepromoted character. In comparison to May and Sonia, our other mages, he's got worse power, speed and luck, but is better in other stats. However, he's at a high level, so he's not going to improve much.

His spell selection is pretty good. He is able to use the Recover spell, but once promoted, May and Sonia, will be able to use it as well.

South of Noma, there is a secret passage. Aside from seeing that there's still an unopened chest in the temple, there's no way of even suspecting it's there.

Going through the secret passage leads to chest in the main temple area.

As you can see, the chest hides a magic ring. It is not as overpowered as the Angel Ring, but it is still pretty good. According to all the guides I have read, it gives the usual regeneration effect of 5HP/turn and is supposed to increase magic range by 5. However, I noticed it increasing the range by two squares at most. Still, it is a great item for an attack mage, so I'm giving it to May, while Sonia gets May's old Holy ring.

This is all we're going to do today, since the upcoming battle is a very annoying one. So, thanks for reading.