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Part 23: Chapter Four, Part Two: Not dead yet

Part 22: Not dead yet

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden, where I'm too lazy to update at regular intervals, but too stubborn to let it die. Last time we did some little exploring at Mila's temple and now it's time to face an extremely annoying battle.

This is today's main opponent. As you can see, he has only few units, but they're fairly strong. He is also a shaman, which means he can summon a lot of monsters.

Let's go!

The main problem in this battle is that the enemy shamans are going to summon a lot of monsters, while our pegasus knights can't really attack them, since the snipers would kill the flyers very quickly. Another problem is that our pegasus knights are still not promoted. Their promotion, Falco Knights do double damage to enemies from the monster category, which covers all enemy summons.

I've moved all units to the swamp's edge and had Jenny summon some illusions as a cover. The summoned soldiers are almost worthless at this stage of the game, but I hope they will draw some attack to themselves. The pegasus knights head north to counter the enemy summons.

The enemies have summoned quite a lot of gargoyles, who are very annoying in this battle. They have good mobility and they fly, so the swamp doesn't bother them. They also moved most of their units north, so my pegasus knights can't attempt to kill the snipers.

Turn 2

The swamps don't only hurt any unit that steps on them, but they also slow down movement.

I don't really get these movements. At least I can get on the other side of the swamp with no enemy resistance. The gargoyles have now attacked the pegasus knights, but Catria managed to kill one.

Turn 3

Nothing exciting on my side. I hope that the pegasus knights can defend against the gargoyles. Other than that, there's nothing notable.

The gargoyle attack fails miserably, since most of them went against Catria, who is the strongest of the three. I lost two illusions against the enemy slayer (the highest promotion on the mercenary line), but they managed to do two points of damage, which is more than I have expected of them.

Turn 4

At the end of her last battle, Celica learned the Ragnarok spell. Here you can see it in action. While the cost of 10 hit points is pretty steep, the results are usually worth it. This enemy slayer has a M.Def of 15, so heavy spells like the Ragnarok are needed to do some meaningful damage to him.

The slayer survives, but thanks to Jenny's Physic spell, he is unable to kill Celica this round and everyone else should be out of his range. The pegasus knights have cleared out the gargoyles, but will probably need some healing.

Except for the skeleton summons in the north, the enemy is retreating.

Turn 5

Everything is going well. The only notable thing is May using the increased range provided by the magic ring.

This complicates matters a lot. A fresh batch of gargoyles can easily turn the battle around, especially with the swamp preventing me from bringing my more durable units to the main battlefield/

Turn 6

I shift the pegasus knights south to help against the gargoyles, since the bonewalkers in the north are too slow to be a credible threat. Except for Celica, who uses the Angel spell to kill one of the gargoyles, everybody stays put, outside the gargoyles' move range.

Half of the gargoyles commit suicide by attacking Celica whose Holy Sword does double damage against monsters. The others manage to kill one illusion, but that is hardly a loss for me, especially since the illusion managed to damage the attacker.

Turn 7

This is pretty much the final push. Garcie, the shaman who was able to summon gargoyles, has been killed and that means the battle is as good as won.

Actually, the real reason I'm cutting the battle short is that I need to promote Catria before the next major battle, since that one is going to be pretty much Catria against the entire enemy army. Five levels, with 100 experience points needed for each, one bonewalker giving 4 or 5 experience points on average... I can't remember if Gaiden gives you statistics on how many enemies an unit killed, but if it does, Catria's are going to be ridiculous.

Est - Level 7 (+1) - Luck +1, Defence +1
Celica - Level 7 (+5) - Speed +1, Luck +4, Defence +1, Power +1, HP +1
May - Level 11 (+1) - Magic +1, HP +1
Catria - Level 20 (+5) - Speed +4, Luck +2, Defence +4, Power +2, Skill +2, HP +2
Boey - Level 7 (+1) - Luck +1

Promotion to Falco Knight gives Catria three more Defence and six more HP.

And now, a small preview of what is to come in the next battle:

Next time: Catria against all