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Part 24: Chapter Four, Part Three: It's Not Genocide If They're Already Dead

Part 23: It's Not Genocide If They're Already Dead

Today's battle is again going to be one of the most annoying ones in the entire game. So without further ado, let's get to it.

Of course, the graveyard contains a random battle. It is a new map, but for the sake of brevity, I'm going to skip it. It's just a bunch of islands in the swamp and there are gargoyles everywhere. Nothing exciting.

However, after killing the gargoyles, the group of dragon zombies from the fort attack us. As attackers, they get first turn with predictable results.

Dick move, game, dick move. As a bonus, all of our units start in the swamp that slowly kills them, while the dragon zombies can fly around at kill them one by one. (Dragon Zombies killed in the update: 3)

After the battle, we have to go back into a dragon zombie infested shrine and get May resurrected. Luckily, the game is not so evil, as to make May's Magic ring lost forever. It simply gets sent back to storage. (Dragon Zombies: 6)

Apparently, resurrection is a way to swap characters between the two group.

The game is not finished with being an asshole towards its players. (And of course, we have to fight the graveyard battle again.)

No, this is not the same screenshot as before. I just messed up. (Dragon Zombies: 9) And after this, there's another trip to revive May. (Dragon Zombies: 12)

And here we are again.

However, this time, I'm prepared. (Dragon Zombies: 15)

Just to show how much fighting did this take.

Jesse - Level 7 (+1) - Power +1, Defence +1
Saber - Level 9 (+1) - Defence +1
Sonia - Level 7 (+1) - Defence +1
Jenny - Level 12 (+1) - Luck +1, learned Dear spell, can be promoted to Saint
Celica - Level 9 (+2) - Power +1, HP +1, Speed +1, Luck +1
Leo - Level 2 (+1) - Skill +1, HP +1
Palla - Level 12 (+1) - Speed +1, can be promoted to Falco Knight
Kamui - Level 6 (+1) - Power +1
Boey - Level 7 (+1) - Magic +1, Defence +1, HP +1
Catria - Level 2 (+1) - Defence +2

Dear is an expensive (14 HP) spell that tries to kill all enemy monster type units on the entire battlefield. I think summoned monsters are more susceptible, but the spell is too unreliable and expensive for use.

And now, for the main attraction.

Oh, defiled beings, who rule this foul swamp, repel these men as Master Judah ordered! May they fall to the zombie dragons that I, the Great Shaman Dolk, summon from the dark realm!

It looks pretty non-threatening so far. However, as the boss of the fight kindly told us, there is shortly going to be a lot of dragon zombies around. Fighting an endless supply of flying monsters in swamp is not exactly easy.

Turn 1

I'm moving Catria forward and everyone else to the small island. The plan is to have Catria take care of everything, while Jenny heals her with Physic.
The enemies did not do anything on their turn.

Turn 2

Est finished off the wizard and Catria is just outside of enemy sniper's range.

The enemy still did not do anything. Not that I'm complaining.

Turn 3

Even though flying units are vulnerable to archers, the enemy sniper did only one point of damage to Catria.

And the enemy finally summoned six zombie dragons in one turn. They are going to swarm Catria immediately and the leftover ones are going to continue towards the other characters.

Turn 4

Catria kills one of the wizards, since they have the Fortify spell that heals all units on the map. I don't want the zombie dragons to live longer than necessary.

Falco knight double damage against monsters is extremely handy.

The dragon zombies are not very good against Catria.

Turns 5-8

I slowly attack the enemies, who can't do anything to me.

Dolk finally summons another batch of dragon zombies. Note that the summoning spell costs six HP and he has regeneration, so the pauses in summoning are probably the game being a little merciful.

Turn 9

Catria kills another sniper in preparation to being attacked by the zombies.

And the dragons are once again killed in a single turn. This is going much better than before, when I actually had to be careful, since the dragons and snipers could actually hurt Catria.

Anyway, I'm ending the battle here, since it is as good as won.

I can't say the enemy does not at least try.

Dolk also show us the new enemy attack spell. Sadly, with Catria's maxed luck, it cannot hit her.

And that's it. Catria gained a bunch of levels in this fight, so let's take a look.

Est - Level 8 (+1) - Skill +1, Speed +1
Catria - Level 6 (+1) - Skill +2, Speed +6, Luck +4, Defence +2

Number of Dragon Zombies killed during the update: 51

We can now also enter Dolk's fort to take a look around. It's... disappointing.

When we step on the dark blue tile, we're teleported. But that is for another time.

In the next update, we're going to follow Alm again, at least for a little while until he gains level 20. Yes, Alm's promotion is coming closer and I want to be ready.

Next time: A sidequest?