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Part 25: Chapter Four, Part Four: Who are these people?

Part 24: Who are these people?

Today, in Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden, we're going to revisit Alm's party, at least until he reaches level 20.

Since we're in chapter four, let's promote one of Alm's companions. Silk is not the only one who can be promoted at the moment, but she's the only one I'm going to promote at the moment, since I've grinded her to level 20 in a futile attempt to get an Angel Ring as a random drop.

Silk Saint, Defence +4, HP +5, Angel spell

Silk's new class has also one very useful special ability. At the beginning of each turn, the Saint heals all units adjacent to her for five hit points, just as if they were wearing a regenerative item.

Now that the floodgate is closed, we can cross the border from Sofia to Rigel.

Shizas, 20 units, 672 power
Alm, 12 units, 536 power

I'm not showing the entire battlefield, just the relevant parts.

Turn 1

I've sent the strongest characters north, while the weaker ones head west. Silk is with the weaker group, since it will probably need more healing. Alm's weakness is that he has access to only one healer for a long time, so battles like this one which force him to split the forces are pretty dangerous.

Luckily, the northern cavalry group did not do much on this turn. The other enemies are still out of range, so I have more time to position the units.

Turn 2

Claire, who is fairly resistant to magical attacks, attacks the mages and Pytho supports her, since why not? The others attempt to form some sort of defensive formation, but with these numbers and in open terrain, it's difficult,

Since the only mage who attacked Claire in physical combat knows the Slime spell, she is currently rather wounded. Other than that, the enemies are moving together which is quite unwelcome.

Turn 3

The situation is not very good. While on the left, the situation is decent, on right, I'm badly outnumbered.

This is... bad. Alm's badly hurt, Cleive's hurt, Python's hurt and Cliff's cut off.

Turn 4

I managed to kill the strongest enemy wizard and build a cohesive defence. Robin is still open at the right, but the Knight in range is slow and he should survive. If not, with Dyute on the team, he's not exactly needed.

I'm still attacked on all sides and Claire is hurt again, but Cliff stationed in the forest with the Bolt sword is holding his own.

Turn 5

The danger is mostly over. The enemy strongest hitters are dead and only the not significant units are exposed.

The only thing of note that happened this turn is that Gray (the lower cavalier, attacked by knight) is down to 1 HP.

Turn 6

Well, the enemy is as good as gone. Only the northern cavalry group remains, but they are not much of a threat.

I'm skipping the next battle along the detour we're taking, since again, there's nothing much interesting, just a lot of fighting in the forest against an outmatched enemy.

And with that, we're finished for today.

Claire - Level 12 (+2) - Luck +1, Defence +1, Skill +1, Speed +1
Alm - Level 12 (+2) - Skill +1, Speed +2, Luck +1, HP +1
Matilda - Level 3 (+1) - Speed +1
Robin - Level 9 (+1) - Luck +1, Defence +1
Dyute - Level 8 (+5) - Magic +4, Skill +3, Speed +2, HP +1, Luck +1, Defence +1
Silk - Level 3 (+2) - HP +1, Magic +1
Gray - Level 8 (+1) - Power +1, HP +1

As you can see, not only does Dyute gain levels insanely quickly, since she joined with high stats at low level, but her level ups are also great.

Next time: Dungeon crawling