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Part 26: Chapter Four, Part Five: Dungeon crawling

Glazius posted:

Was she low-level promoted or low-level unpromoted?

Unpromoted. Though I'm going to start promoting units soon, since I want to show all unit types and promoting units from level 20 would mean tons of grinding.

Part 25: Dungeon Crawling

This installment of Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden is centered about one of the three proper dungeons in the entire game.

But first, we have to clear one group of enemies.

Fear Mountains
Mara, 15 units, 572 power
Alm, 12 units, 551 power

Again, not a very challenging map, but the terrain makes it kind of interesting.

Mara's special ability is to summon more witches. However, they are level 1 and the AI cannot use their teleportation ability properly.

Turn 2

In the south, my cavalry is positioned around Silk to defend against the enemy cavalry. Everyone else is attempting to form a defence line.

Claire managed to score a critical hit on one of the cavaliers. The next turn, I'm just sitting around in defensive position.

Turn 3

Turn 4

Since the enemy is unable to mount a concentrated attack, I am able to attack them without worrying much about any counterattack.

Turn 5

The southern knights are too slow, so I can move most of my army north.

Turn 6

The northern enemy does nothing, so I turn all my forces south.

Since the enemy is completely failing to do anything interesting, I'm ending the battle here.

Now that the way's clear, we can now visit the Fear Shrine. It is the only bigger side dungeon in the entire game. The battles there are again not very challenging, but the loot is decent.

Nothing very interesting here. The shaman can summon some gargoyles, but they are not much of a threat at this point, even for Alm's party, which is weaker than Celica's.

The reward for finishing is another shrine (Left is speed, right is luck.), but as you can see, we can continue deeper into the dungeon.

This is a bit harder, but magic users without proper cover are not very threatening.

The reward is another shrine. It is a resurrection one, so it is not going to see much use, though I can see a way to use it later in the game.

Just another pack of gargoyles.

Some mummies accompany the zombies. They are a slightly stronger version of the zombies, though with the defence my units have, they both do only a single point of damage. The game considers them promoted units though, so they give about ten times more experience than the zombies.

Only some skeletons. These battle could be soloed by some of our characters, so there is not much point to them.

And now they're not even trying.

The spot directly in front of the chest is a teleport. The Quick ring increases speed to 40, and gives +5 to movement and a regeneration effect. It goes to Claire, while Claire's Holy Lance is given to Matilda who has been unusually useful in the last few battles.

The second floor of the dungeon is the closest Fire Emblem Gaiden has to a sewer level. Since there are no enemies, but only treasure, I declare it the best sewer level ever made.

Holy Bow gives range, double damage to monsters and regeneration. It is also stronger, faster and more accurate than the Steel Bow Python has been using until now.

Holy shield does not protect against regular attacks, but against monster attacks it gives +13 to defence. As all Holy items, it gives its wielder HP regeneration, so it goes to Silk, who needs the HP to cast Recover.

And this is the final treasure in the dungeon. Unlike other shields, it does not increase defence, but it reduces enemy magical accuracy to 10%. I give it to Cliff in exchange for a Bolt sword, since the Bolt Sword is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Before I leave the cave, I promote Cliff to Myrmidon and Python to Sniper.

And with that, we're finished with this part of the game.

Ryuto - Level 8 (+1) - Skill +1, HP +1
Python - Level 12 (+2) - Speed +2
Matilda - Level 5 (+2) - Speed +1, Luck +1, Power +1, Defence +1, HP +1
Cliff - Level 12 (+1) - Skill +1, HP +1
Dyute - Level 10 (+2) - Magic +2, Skill +1, HP +1
Alm - Level 14 (+2) - Power +1, Skill +1, Luck +1, HP +1
Claire - Level 15 (+3) - Power +1, Luck +2, Defence +1, Skill +1
Cleive - Level 10 (+1) - Speed +1
Silk - Level 6 (+3) - Speed +3, Luck +1
Gray - Level 9 (+1) - Skill +1, HP +1

Python Archer -> Sniper - Skill +2, Defence +1, HP +1
Cliff Mercenary -> Myrmidon - Power +1, Speed +1

Next time: Even more witches.