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Part 29: Chapter Four, Part Eight: The Lost Woods

Part 28: The Lost Woods

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden. My exams are finally finished, so my conscience is clear in taking the time to finally do another update. Anyway, this update will cover a very annoying part of the game and probably my most hated part of the game.

This is where we have ended the last update, after Alm got stuck in a volcano full of zombie dragons. So, what is so horrible about this part of the game?

It is a maze. Not a very big one, but still very annoying, especially when you want to find all the hidden treasures. I'm not going to lie, between the time I last played the game and now, Serenes Forest updated their FE2 section with a map of this location. I'm going to use it, because it makes this part almost fun.

There are also enemy encounters in the forest. This one in particular is not very dangerous, since Celica's party has got an Angel Ring which, apart from its general overpoweredness, also boosts Luck to 40 and magic evade is based on Luck.

To make getting lost in the forest worthwhile, there are also some treasures. As in other Fire Emblem games, the Silver weapons are the most powerful generic weapons available. Unlike other Fire Emblem games, they do not break.

This is the best encounter in the game. All of these enemies are considered promoted, so they give a lot of experience and the encounter can be repeated very often. I would abuse it horribly, but repeating the encounter would mean leaving the woods, which would mean another dragon attack on Alm.

This is the hidden village hidden deep in the woods. Apart from some mentions previously in the game, it is never made completely clear that you have to visit here, but with space limitations on the NES, I guess that's forgivable.

The people in the hidden village are unusually chatty for this game.

However, he lost a dispute with the Shaman Judah and fled here. Judah is a vile man. If you wish to fight him, there is only one way. On turn 4, 8, 12... Ugh... I... Judah's spell has...

After saying these words, this helpful fellow flickers and disappears. Personally, I blame less Judah's spell and more the fourth wall breaking.

I give this upgrade to Catria, because after this point, I'm not planning on using anyone else from Celica's party more than necessary. This upgrade is notable in that it can give you up to five points of defence, turning Catria into a complete tank.

And now for the main attraction:

Hmm... You have come here seeking the missing Mila? The sword that sealed Mila lies under the Tower of Doma. However... Judah will not allow you to draw near. If there is anything I can do, I will lend you my power.
Celica: I have nothing to ask of you. Although, Alm... I'd like to help him...
Hark: I understand. I shall bless him with newly awakened powers.

The screen flashes a bit and Alm is now promoted. Apart from learning how to battle Judah, this was the main purpose of visiting the village. There is no message about that, but since leaving the Lost Woods triggers another battle for Alm, we can look at how much he's improved.



Not that much, but he's gained a ranged attack which is better than nothing.

And now, with Lost Woods behind her, Celica can finally advance on Doma's tower.

Catria - Level 8 (+2) - Defence +2, Skill +2, Luck +2
Claire - Level 2 (+1) - Power +1, Skill +1, HP +1

Alm promoted to Hero - Speed +1, can use bows

Next time: Judah