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Part 30: Chapter Four, Part Nine: Judah, or I am starting to run out of chapter titles

Part 29: Judah, or I am starting to run out of chapter titles

Glazius posted:

Hmm. Swords and bows? Can you carry around different weapons and pick which one you use when you attack, or do you have to equip a single weapon before battle?

An unit can carry only one item at a time, but the items provide bonuses to stats, so a sword can actually make Celica's spells stronger. I don't know for sure, but I think this is not the case for Alm and his ranged attack. The basic attack is always available for selection, so even with a sword equipped, Alm can still attack at range.

Now that the question is answered and the adorable pony distraction is temporarily out of the way, welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem Gaiden.

These are the two battles that will be covered in this update. Jamil is fairly straightforward, while Judah is a mostly gimmick battle as mentioned in the hidden village.

Despite the enemy has clear numerical superiority, this is not an excessively hard battle. After killing the witches, it is pretty easy to kill the other enemies with ranged attack, especially with Catria acting as a tank.

Turn 1

I'm trying to keep the melee units in a single bunch, so that they can gang up on any witch that would try to teleport near them. The fliers and the capable ranged attackers are already doing very well.

The witches attacked all around the place, but since they did not concentrate their attacks properly, everyone is still in decent shape.

Turn 2

Still killing the witches, but they're not really a threat at this point.

Turn 4

The witches are dead and I've already started moving everyone towards the fort. Catria is in lead, since she already fought some of the summoned gargoyles.

The slayers that have attacked Catria managed to do only 1 point of damage each. Catria regenerates 5 hit points in a single turn. Is there any point in continuing this battle? No, there isn't.

In the meantime, the attacks on Alm become more and more ridiculous. (Two of the dragons are not in the screenshot.) Thankfully, one casting of Dear can remove almost all of the enemies.

There is nothing to explore in the fort Celica just conquered, so we're going right ahead to confront Judah.

Sorry about the little mistake in one of the captions in the screenshot. Unlike the previous one, this is a tough battle, even with the advice from the hidden village. Let's see what would have happened, if we tried to attack Judah now.

Yeah, Judah completely nullifies any attack made at him. And he's not the last enemy in the game to pull out this trick. He can still waste some HP on counterattacking, so I'm going to abuse that with Catria.

Turn 1

I killed one of the enemy knights with magic, so this side of the swamp is more or less safe. Nothing happened on the other side, except that I attacked Judah with Catria. With Catria's boosted Luck, he cannot hit her with his counterattacks.

I was mistaken. The main Bigle can summon other Bigles. Still, the rule that summoned creatures disappear when the summoner is killed still applies. I'll just move Catria as a bait and retreat with everyone else.

Turn 2

Oh, Judah can also do some summonning of his own. Still, the enemy has no healing at their disposal, so they're going to run out of HP sooner or later. Except that the Bigle can summon other Bigles for free and Judah regenerates. You know, I just realized. If you're not overleveled, this battle is bullshit.

Turn 3

Catria tries to get to the big Bigle, while I move the other pegasus knights to support Celica.

And then the big Bigle commited suicide by attacking Catria. (As a Falcon knight, Catria does automatical criticals on monsters.)

I didn't expect you to kill it this soon. That brat was named Alm, yes? If you do not wish to lose him, girl... climb the Tower of Doma.

And then he teleports away.

The problem is... all the Bigles can actually summon new ones. This is going to be a long and boring battle.

Turn 7

Catria managed to control the west side, since when there is a player unit in enemy range, they prioritize attacking over summoning. Celica still has some problems. As an aside, I don't remember, but I hope that Gaiden's epilogue displays killcount, because Catria's will be something crazy.

Turn 9

And we're slowly getting closer to the end.

This is after the enemy turn. Catria kills the Bigles in one hit.

There's not much more to this battle after this moment.

And so, this battle is finally finished. The only thing in Celica's way now is the Tower of Doma.

Leo - Level 4 (+2) - HP +1, Luck +1
Kamui - Level 7 (+1) - Power +1, Defence +1
Celica - Level 11 (+2) - Speed +1, Skill +1
Est - Level 9 (+1) - Skill +1, Speed +1
Palla - Level 13 (+1) - Power +1, Defence +1, HP +1
Valbo - Level 8 (+1) - Skill +1, Speed +1, HP +1
Sonia - Level 9 (+2) - Luck +2, Defence +1
Catria - Level 10 (+2) - Skill +2, Power +2, Defence +2
May - Level 12 (+1) - Defence +1

Next time: Celica's last update