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Part 31: Chapter Four, Part Ten: Doma's Tower

Part 30: Doma's Tower

A short update today, because I need something to calm me down after dealing with bureaucratic machinery. (Even if everyone involved was actually rather nice.)

Last location Celica can ever visit. The very top of the map. Almost nothing happens there.

Yes, the first thing after entering the villain's stronghold is an unguarded powerup. The powerup paired with this one is speed. (Celica gets two points of speed and one point of luck.)

This is the first opposition Celica faces in Doma's tower. Even though all the enemies are of the top tier classes, they are not a threat. The brown thing under the cursor is a timed gate. It opens after a few turns, so the enemies are further disadvantaged by being divided.

The reward for the battle is three points of skill. Celica gets all of them.

This gimmick battle is actually kind of hard, depending on what units you choose. However, since pegasus knights can fly, it becomes very easy to concentrate forces against them.

Winning that battle opens way to another powerup, but this one shares uses with the skill one from below.

The next battle is a gimmick battle with the same gimmick we just saw. The same applies here. If you have flying units, especially Falcon Knights, this battle is very easy.

The final powerups are Power and Defence. Celica gets two defence and one power.

And now, Celica is once again face to face with Judah.

Follow me if you want to save him. If you sacrifice yourselves to Lord Doma, Alm's path shall again open up!

(Yes, the game actually doesn't let Celica enter Doma's Tower until Alm becomes trapped.)

We follow Judah and fall underground.

There is a locked door that Celica can't open.

And then there is a small cavern, right at the bottom of the map.

This is Doma's Altar, our site of human suffering. Thus, I shall kill you slowly and painfully. Your pain will be Lord Doma's magnificent feast...

And now Judah has turned into a Bond villain.

After this, we are kicked out to the world map.

But hey, Alm can move again.

Jenny - Level 13 (+1) - Skill +1, Speed +1
Celica - Level 12 (+1) - Skill +1, HP +1

Next time: Rigel Falls